Lucy Bisset - Toronto Shemale Escort

I have recieved hundreds of positive reviews from reputable members of forums and review boards from around the world. If you would like to have a review of our time together posted here, please send it to me at and I would be honoured to post it on these pages.

Yours truly, Lucy Bisset


I have known Lucy for over a decade, (I must say this before I continue describing my latest experience with her, since I met Lucy the very first time, I would say sometime in 2000's, she still looks the same in fact she looks as young as then if it's not younger, gorgeous as ever and hornier with incredible stamina).

I decided to pay her a visit for some wonderful time, she knows that I have a submissive side, I had requested from her pee in the toilet bowl while I'm kneeling in front of her before we start the play.

After she welcomed me in, she ordered me to get undressed and kneel in front of her, I obeyed her command, while I'm on my knees knowing she always shoots her load deep in my throat, I asked her respectfully if she would cum on my face instead this time, she nodded with assertiveness then ordered me to crawl and follow her to the bathroom. I obeyed her command gazing with hungry eyes her beautiful dominate stature.

We got to the bathroom, she pulled her flawless shecock out started peeing in the toilet bowl, (I must say I was salivating like a hungry, thirsty little puppy in front of her), after she was done peeing, she looked at me down ordering me with unmatched dominance to suck her clean, (I didn't have that in mind), my hungry mouth obeyed her order, I wrapped my lips around her gorgeous shecock to suck her clean. I got lucky with couple of drops of majestic pee. She aggressively pulled my head towards her knowing I enjoy that, momentarily I felt her shecock getting bigger and hard reaching my throat. She pushed me aside walked to the bedroom  and sat on the bed.

I was trying clearing my throat, I heard she is ordering me not to spit out anything, otherwise I will regret the ramifications of that action, followed by an order to crawl to the bedroom to get the bed  and lie down on my belly.

like a good boy I obeyed her command, what happened next I will never forget rest of my life (in a good way), suddenly I felt her big hard shecock trying to penetrate my sorry ass, ( I enjoyed it tremendously), but I tried to paly as a victim begging for mercy, pleading to slow down, in my heart I wanted deeper in me, eventually after few gentle  pounding  I couldn't resist begging her to push deeper and deeper. While she was fucking me hard she was whispering with her sweet dominate voice "your ass is mine", kissing softly my back, neck and with love pinching my sensitive nipples.

I don't remember how long  this heavenly situation lasted, (it's never enough), she pulled her shecock ordering me to turn on my back, she sat on my chest ripped the condom and started stroking that commanding big shecock, few seconds later she splashed her delicious juice all over my face , with her hand took some and spread it over my sensitive thirsty nipples.

For a moment I thought that was it, now my turn to try to shoot my load, suddenly she ordered me to get to the edge of the bed , put my legs up on her shoulders, wrap up another condom and shove her still hard shecock back in my still hungry ass, pounding it harder this time, meanwhile she was stroking my hard cock and sucking on my nipples alternatively, momentarily I exploded like I never experienced before, while she continued fucking me until she came a second time, I felt the warmth of her juice inside me through the condom, what a feeling, I wished it inside my guts but we always play safe as it should be.

After that scene she pulled her semi hard shecock slowly out of me (I wished to keep it in forever), we sat for few minutes chatting about the wonderful time, such a unforgettable moments. Every time I see her is a different and unique experience.

Unfortunately I had to go to shower and put my cloths back and get ready to leave.

After the shower, with respect and humility I kneeled before her submitting my tribute in an envelope, kissed her beautiful sexy feet  thanking her for putting back in my place and left looking forwarded for the next time.

I don't believe there is any other provider out there can get even close to what she does, she's ahead of the pack by lightyears. I would never be interested even remotely to see anther Tgirl.

See you soon Lucy.


As a once straight-identifying man, I decided to finally explore my sexuality after noticing my arousal from a not-so-straight porn vid I accidentally clicked on one time.

It seemed perfectly logical for my first foray into pansexuality to seek the most beautiful woman possible, with a little extra of course.

I browsed online until I came across eros shemale page, and immediately I was struck by the flawless feminine beauty that was embodied in Miss Lucy Bisset.

Though I had never done this before, I decided to give it a shot. I called her up and was surprised to hear an exquisitely feminine and seductive voice on the other end who swiftly booked me in for an hour session that, unknowingly to me, would change my life forever.

An hour later, after easily finding street parking, I walked up to Lucy's townhouse door with my stomach full of butterflies.

I knocked.

The door opened with a gorgeous woman on the other side.


"No, but I will let her know you're here. Come in. Have a seat. Can I get you a glass of water?" She asked. Very accommodating I thought.

At this point my stomach was turning even more but I was relieved to be greeted by an even more beautiful woman soon after.

Petite, with curves in all the right places and a smile that could light the darkest of nights. She was a feast for my eyes.

She invited me upstairs, took her donation, and went to get changed while I was left on her ornate and very sensual bedroom. Trans porn was playing on her tv and by now I was fully aroused and nervous waiting for her to return. She came back with a leopard print thong and sat next to me. I explained it was my first time and she assured me that she would be gentle.

I told her I was fully in her control and that I wanted to submit. She told me to get naked and on my knees. I obeyed. She then pressed my face into her bulge that was hardening in her sexy panties. I took her beautiful cock in my mouth and proceeded to learn my role and how she wanted me to pleasure her. After 10-15 minutes she told me to lay on my stomach on the bed. Ever so gently she lubed me up and slid her very girthy and fairly long cock into my hole. I don't know how she was able to but she knew exactly by my movements or expressions how to work my ass and was able to fuck my ass hard and fast like the women on her tv. I was in heaven. She was my guardian angel at that point, giving me extreme pleasure while protecting me from the pain of being penetrated by such a large cock.

I think I literally turned into a wild animal, in love with the feeling she was giving me in the moment. I think we fucked for a good 25-30 minutes, first doggy, then missionary, then back to doggy. A true lady, she asked where she could release her hot load and I told her where ever she desired. I was so pleased that she came on my face because I was able to taste it and MY GOD it was sweet like she had eaten a crate of strawberries prior to cumming :P.

Afterwards we showered, hung out cuddling and conversing on her bed until I felt I had overstayed my welcome. Not once did she ask me to leave. Before leaving I thanked her for providing one of the best and most pleasurable moments of my life and she told me to come see her again when I can.

My rating is of course a 10/10 life changing experience. Every other sexual experience since has had me thinking back to Lucy's beauty, intelligence, wit, charm, and hospitality. She is the full and total package. I hope I will be lucky enough to serve my queen again in the future.


I have joined, the beautiful and talented, Lucy 5 or 6 times over the past three or so years. Her beauty astounds me each time l see her. I have had many excellent experiences worthy of writing reviews.

My last experience, is one, I must share with you. I had the desire to have a woman join us. I looked at Lucy's web page and found the amazing Lena. The anticipation of having Lucy and Lena in all their glory was unbearably exciting. My fantasies of cock and pussy were "erectifying". I have always enjoyed Lucy's gorgeous body and sweet cum. She has multiple cumshots every time we connect. Delicious! Equally erectifying for me is licking pussy. The luscious duo of Lucy and Lena was now set.

The day came and I made my way to Lucy''s place. She greeted me, looking as beautiful as ever, brought me to her bedroom. We embraced and kissed. Cuddling on the bed,I began to roam over her body. Lena was to arrive shortly. Lucy was so inviting, she looked like a goddess. I kissed and caressed her body. Her breasts demanding my attention. Laying on the bed I massaged and sucked her tits. I love her hair in my hands as I guide her lips to mine. I kiss her then I move down her tight perfect body. I arrive at her cock, wrap my lips around it and start sucking. I could feel it growing in my mouth. Engulfing every inch back and forth, up and down, it was moments later when I hear Lucy say "I'm going to cum". She pushed her cock to the back of my throat. It pulsates and she started to blast cum into my mouth. I wanted to savour every drop so I pulled off and let her shoot cum over her belly. I licked up every drop. Knowing Lucy could quickly get hard again, I began to stimulate her body again. I sucked her nipples, hard, like she wants it, stroked her cock and rubbed her exquisite ass. She sat on my face, as I rimmed her she, repositioning herself to, more thoroughly enjoy it.

Lena arrived and presented her beautiful self. She sucked my cock at the edge of the bed. It felt so good, I didn't want to cum yet but Lucy did. I hear "open your mouth" and I take a second load. After a little threeplay I was on my back, Lena was on top kissing me and massaging her tits across my chest. Lucy kneeled behind Lena and started fucking Her doggie style. What a beautiful sight. I watched Lucy pound Lena. As Lena looked at me, I could see the pleasure in Lucy's face with each pump. Lena and I would look at each other, her face wincing in pleasure as she felt each thrust. It was absolutely fantastic to watch them. Lucy had reached the moment of orgasm. She, for a third time, moaned "lm going to cum", this time I-said "on her tits" and within seconds, she was shooting a load across Lena's breasts. Not hesitating for a second, I licked Lena's breasts, cleaning each of them of cum. Lena loves body and cum shots. Feeling the cumshot plus me sucking clean her tits excited her.

Within seconds she had me fucking her. I was so pumped and primed to fuck. I licked her pussy, got so hard and drove my hard covered cock into her savoury pussy and eagerly fucked away. Lucy kneeling beside us was stroking her erect cock. It didn't take me long before II was ready to cum. I pushed deep and at the moment of orgasm I pulled my cock out, slide off the condom and shot my load across her belly and breasts. Lucy, to my astonishment, says I'm going to cum and strokes off across Lena's tits. It's incredible, Lucy came four times. Lena, loving it, is yelling how hot it was for her to get a double cumshot.

Committing to our get together was easy. As the time neared I became highly anxious. I had never been in a threesome before. My fantasies excited me, the unknown un-nerved me. These two professionals made it easy and comfortable. I was quick to settle in. I loved every moment of this experience. To say I hope to repeat is an understatement.


I had the privilege to meet a goddess that is Lucy today. I was a total beginner and today's experience was beyond my wildest dream. It still felt like a dream, just too good to be true, every second of it.

I am an East Asian immigrant and I was not sure about the things I was going to do with Lucy. I had the desire to have sex with a shemale for over 10 years, I did not act till today because It needs be perfect right? Is it safe? Is everything true on her profile?

The answer is yes, yes and yes! On the one hand I feel obligated to write a review to appropriate the professionalism and passion she provided for me, on the other hand, I feel that my English is not good enough to fully describe today's transformative experience. So I decided to write something for Asian immigrants who is still not decided whether or not to meet with Lucy or have never been with a TS before but curious enough to search around. You should also view other people's reviews carefully in order to know what exactly that you want from Lucy because after meeting with Lucy today I tend to believe those people's stories are very likely to be true.

I am not married and I do not have a girl friend at the moment but If you are single (or your partner is open-minded) there is Nothing wrong to have alternative experience with a professional entrepreneur like Lucy, absolutely.

Some rules and traditions that once created and helped us back home can be totally irrelevant here in Canada, be true with yourself consider how short life is. The thoughts that preventing you from meeting with Lucy Was merely a mask of imposter and you are so tired of wearing it for so long.

I was a church usher, a social worker and an educator. I lectured the necessity and beauty of duty, religion and tradition for so long, Yet I looked into the mirror from time to time as Lucy fucked me up my ass from one side of the room all the way down to the bench under the widow. Her tenderness and grace calmed my fear and pain. Every thrust she made was filled with passion and attentiveness. I don’t think that I am her type but She treated me as I was, I am very satisfied and grateful for her professionalism and diligence.

Her breasts taste like Japanese cheese cake, bouncy and delicate. Her cum teases like white fruit jelly, translucent and faintly sweet. She is the embodiment of beauty and fantasy, a true goddess among the mortals.

I felt relief and genuine happiness beyond my wildest imaginations today and I wish you will feel the same, if not more.


I had the splendid opportunity to see the delicious Lucy today. I've always had a fabulous time with Lucy, but this time was exceptional.

From the moment I walked in, and followed her upstairs, my eyes were affixed on her perfect figure, my hands already could not resist and I felt her sexy bum as she walked ahead of me.

Once the action started, I was instantly immersed in her sexuality. She lay back on the bed, and I slide on top of her, we kissed gently, feeling her nakedness beneath me. So hot, my cock was rock hard instantly. I moved to her neck, then breasts, then finally to her gorgeous cock. I licked her from her balls to the head of her cock, now and again putting the whole head in my mouth. I'm still not the best at the whole deep throat thing, so I have to ease my way into things.

Then from her balls I start licking lower, gently licking her ass to the top of her cock, over and over. Her moans are driving me to lick, and lick. And then Lucy flips over, sticks her perfect ass in the air doggy style, and I am in wonder at what is before me. That ass, all mine for the taking. So I plunge my tongue into her little ass hole, deeper and deeper, fucking her ass sooooo good with my tongue, her moans continue with more regularity. Then down to her balls and back to her ass repeatedly. a finger slides into her ass, as I'm fingering her ass my tongue is keeping it well lubed. I'm really enjoying the start of things, as there was much more to cum.

After eating her ass for a good length Lucy spins around and now we are in 69. C'mon, things are just getting better and better I'm thinking. We're enjoying some serious 69 licking when all of a sudden I get the one second warning, I'm Cumming, she says as she positions herself above my mouth and blows a huge load into it. She's sliding her cock in and out of my cum filled mouth as I enjoy every last drop. I don't know how she tastes so good, but she does. I get my fill of cum down my throat and on my face.

Can I fuck you? Can you? Why yes! And there I am as up, Lucy on top of me, and the fucking begins. Now I don't get to indulge like this often. In fact rarely would be more like it. So slow and steady wins the race when getting this party started. Lucy took her time when I needed her to. I felt it was time for a flip.

I flip over onto my back and Lucy positions missionary style. This is my favourite position. Now she's fucking me, and fucking me good. I'm broken in, she's rock hard, my cock is lubed up, she's jerking me and fucking me and I'm staring at her tits, her hair, her gorgeous body and face, holy fuck, this is heaven. I'm in bliss. Lucy's cock feels so good going in and out of my ass while she's playing with my cock that I can't take it any longer and blow a load all over, OMG OMG what a feeling! I'm cuming again she says, and blows a load while she is still in my ass.

And then it's like a calm after the storm. It's done, and I have to say goodbye to the wonderful Lucy again, and likely for some time until I find my way back to Toronto. And I hope that day comes soon. Thank you Lucy!


Lucy is a sex bomb. Beautiful, sexy, talented, and a sex drive that would make most people jealous.

She has a beautiful apartment downtown Toronto and she greeted me in sexy lingerie. Lucy is absolutely stunning. Beautiful face, sexy body, an ass to die for, and a nice candy that will drive you nuts. Her voice is very feminine too. Hygiene is perfect too.

It was the third time I met Lucy, and it was my best so far. In barely 30 minutes, I paid a lot of attention to her boobs, her ass, and had her cum twice in my mouth (apparently the second one was not planned ;-). Then she put me on my back, with my legs on her shoulders, and she topped and stroke me until I came. It was very sexy and intense. Making her cum in my mouth was so sexy and rewarding.

I would give a 10 out of 10, except the session was very short. But it was so intense and I got so much out of it that it does not matter that much.

If you are looking for a sweet girl that will let you experiment and give you her full attention, you can't go wrong with Lucy.

Next time I think I will ask to fuck me while I lay on my stomach. I can't wait to see her again.


Had one prior experience with a shemale that did not turn out how I would’ve liked so I decided I wouldn’t take any chances this time and decided to give Lucy a call. She was visiting Burlington last summer so I decided id try and set something up for the Friday night after a long week of work. I texted her in the morning and set up a time for the evening when I got off work. Ended up getting off a little earlier than I expected so I let her know and she was very accommodating as she told me to come whenever I was ready as she was expecting me. I showed up and WOW. Her pictures are extremely accurate as she is just as beautiful in person. I had requested she wear something leather or latex related and she did not disappoint! I was greeted at the door with her in a beautiful purple latex dress just like she promised.

We started with some kissing before she undressed me and we climbed into the bed. We continued to kiss deeply for some time before I moved down to those beautiful breasts. Spent some time sucking on those as she thoroughly enjoyed it before moving down to the main prize. I lifted up her latex dress and began to suck her beautiful present, feeling it slowly expand in your mouth is definitely something special. Spent some more time sucking and taking it all in my mouth as she was extremely impressed by this. Not before long she asked if she could fuck me and clearly excited I obliged. She told me to lie down on the bed and to relax. Having never really experienced something like this before I was extremely worried about the possibility of there being pain, however she was very gentle and professional and knew what she was doing. At first there was some discomfort but within minutes it turned into pleasure! She spent some time fucking me before she was ready to explode, she flipped me over and let loose all over my face, what a treat that was! She then proceeded to spread my legs and re-enter as she was more than ready for round two. She lubed up, and began to jerk while fucking my ass a second time. It wasn’t before long we were both ready to explode for a second time, it worked perfectly because we both began to orgasm at the EXACT same moment together, her inside me and while jerking me off, what an experience! We both took a minute to recover and began to kiss deeply again.

We both cleaned up, I had a quick shower, and had a small chat before a quick kiss and a hug before I was out the door. Could not have asked for a better experience especially after a rather poor first experience. Definitely recommend if you have the opportunity as it was an amazing experience. Will without a doubt visit her again if she ever comes back to Burlington!


Met Lucy again for a one on one last week. Every time I see her its like for the first time. She wore her heels, thong and corset as I requested. When I went upstairs, she looked like a total goddess, beautifully made up and smiling. As I was getting ready to upstairs with her, she introduced me to her genetic girl friend Heidi. Wow, what a stunner. She looks as good as her new pic on SMC. Beautiful curves, pretty, and a gorgeous smile. She came over to give me peck on the cheeck, and a hug.

Wow, I should have made it a duo.

Anyway, we went upstairs with Lucy to her love nest. Its always a treat to slowly disrobe her until I have a naked Lucy in the bed with me. She spreadherhelf on the bed, and I spent a long time eating that beautiful ass. Her moans and beathing were music to me. I moved onto her candy and throated her for a long while, until she began thrusting into my mouth and came. I licked her clean and went down on her again, until she came a second time. Lucy is amazing, she will come twice and still be rock hard after. She asked me if I wanted her to fuck me....I hesitated as I've never been the bottom....but her look I knew I was safe with her, so I consented.

She lubed me up and the condome, made me lie on my stomach on her sexy bed, and climbed on top op me. "I'm going to fuck your boy pussy" she whispered in my ear as she pushed into me. Ok, so I'm tight and it was a little uncomfortable, and could'nt take very much, but we tried a few times, and wow, she slid somewhat inside me.

After a few more tries, she told me to get onto the edge of the bed and do the "Lucy position" Again she pushed into me, although it was a little better this time. She slowly thrust in me, and then grabbed my cock and slowly pumped me as she slid in and out. OMG, what a feeling. As I began to cume my asshole clenched tight on her cock and I came "fountains of cum" as she put it, all over myself and her huge tits.

A lot of hugs and kisses for making her my first and I showered and more kisses goodbye.

On the way out, Heidi was coming upstairs and again she gave me a peck and a hug.

I called Lucy today and setting up a threesome next week with Heidi....I have no doubt it will be head-spinning inducing awesomeness


This review is long overdue, I've been a fan of TS providers for some time now, but only taken the plunge one other time. I finally made the decision to see Lucy whom I've fantasized about from the first time I saw her pics. I tend to do my homework when looking up an SP so I've read all the reviews and narrowed my search to 2 girls. Zara and Lucy. I decided to go with Lucy as her pics are incredible,AND she is beyond gorgeous in real life.

I emailed her a week before and set up an appointment. She responded within a day and appointment was easy to set. I called her the day of and she told me her location, unfortunately her home was being renovated so she was staying at a hotel, I was a little disappointed about that as I've read on other reviews that she plays TS porn in the background during her sessions. I got to the hotel and messaged her that I arrived...She finally messages me back and gives me her room number. Apparently there was a delay in her messages, and she was waiting for me to respond.

I rushed to the front went up the elevator and arrived at her room. When she opened on the door, I was blown away! She's fucking hot!

She greeted me with a hug and an amazing kiss. I'm big on gfe and she played it off perfectly. We made out for a bit and I got to finally suck on her gorgeous tits. We continued making out as she reached for my cock and started to rub me through my pants. She unbuckled my pants and slid her hand down and started to stroke me for a bit. After kissing a little more, she undressed and got into bed. I couldn't wait to get my clothes off... I got into bed with her and we kissed some more, but all I could think about was sucking her beautiful cock. I consider myself straight, but there's just something about a TS cock that drives me crazy and my fantasy is sucking on it and taking a load in my mouth. So I worked my way down and took her cock in my mouth and went to town. She moaned and told me how well I sucked cock ,she pushed my head back down to her cock. That's when she started to get hard and started forcing it deeper into my throat. It didn't take long before she told me she was about to cum so I began to suck harder and deeper until she thruster her cock to the back of my throat and blew her first load. She held my head down and forced it deep until I couldn't breath and moaned as I felt her load hit the back of my throat. I liked up every last drop as I finally lived out my first fantasy. She smiled and rested for a minute as she recovered.

At that point she asked me if she could fuck me. As I mentioned before, I consider myself straight, so I was hesitant but really didn't put up much of a fight. She proceeded to put me on my stomach and put on a condom then began to lube me up. She slowly slid her cock in my ass but it hurt like hell. She was very gentle and pulled out to add some more line, then slid her cock back in. She started at a slow pace but quickly began to fuck me harder until she was pumping full steam. She pulled out a couple of times only to thrust it back in full force while nibbling on my ear and telling me how fuckable my ass was. I found myself raising my ass into the air so I could take in every inch feeling the pressure inside me. She fucked me for a while until she told me she was about to cum for the second time so I asked her if she could cum in my mout again. The quickly pulled off the condom and jerked her cock until she came in my mouth dripping some onto my cheek. Then letting me suck every last drop off her cock.

Thinking that she was done and it'd be my turn to fuck her. She turned me onto my back and put on another condom and started to fuck me again with my legs on her shoulders. She fucked me while jerking me off until I blew a huge load that hit my shoulder which made her giggle a bit. At that point she told me that she came for a third time and proceeded to pull out to show me that she came in the condom. I got up with legs quivering as she offered me a shower to which I accepted. When I came out we chatted for a bit she gave me another kiss and I went on my way. The whole session amazing.I had a blast, she is very hot, very friendly and can cum like a champ.

Lucy is a wonderful girl and I would recommend.


This is a review that is long over due. Lucy is an amazing provider. I called and scheduled a meeting with her and opened the door to her room about an hour later and was memsmerized by her beauty. I've been a lurker on this form for a while and finally took the plunge with lucy when she was in my town. London. So glad I did. I was so nervous leading up to the initial call I had to have a few drinks to calm my nerves and work up enough courage just to call her. As I opened the door to this beauty I was mesmerized. The first thing she said to me was "you've been drinking". My heart sunk. I thought for sure she would end things right there and ask me to leave. Im so glad she didn't. I'm sure I smelled of alcohol. I felt bad. I guess I drank a little too much courage and I'm sure she had reservations about following through with the session. Im so glad she allowed things to continue. I'm not going to get into a lot of details but let me just say every good thing you've read about this beauty is true.

She was amazing. she did not kiss and I don't blame her. I'm sure I smelled of alcohol and who would want to kiss someone who did. My only regret was showing up a little intoxicated. I would of loved to have topped that so so sexy ass of hers. If she's ever in my city again and is willing to give me another shot I will definitely be showing up sober with hard on in hand.

A couple details. I ate her ass like my life depended on it and enjoyed every second of it. My first. She topped me and made me her bitch. I think I left my body a couple times she made me feel such uforia. My first. She fed me two glorious loads from the sexiest cock I've ever seen ever. My first. I regret showing up as I did. I regret not being prepared for the pounding she gave me. And I regret not being sober enough to give her the pounding that her gorgeous ass deserved.

If she ever visits my city again and will give me another shot I wouldn't think twice about seeing her again. I've read so many negative reviews on this site about other providers and I'm so glad to have chosen her as my first. Thank you Lucy for not turning me away that night. You probably don't remember me but I'll never forget you. You really are a great provider. Sorry for taking so long to post my experience with you.

P.S. I don't remember the exact month or day i met her but it was last time she was in my town. I had to put something down or this site wouldn't let me post the review.


This is a review long over due. It was about 3 years ago I finished work late one night and decided to give her a call. She said she didn't normally see clients Sunday night but said she would. Lovely place she has and makes you feel at home.

I remember walking up the stairs behind her staring at her amazing ass. Anyways I wont bore u with the usual stuff but after she had me broken in I was half falling off her bed on my stomach because she was pushing me around and pounding me so hard. She came two times. Wow this girl is a gem. 10+.

I haven't went back to see her as I'm not in the city often but can't wait dor next time. Lucy you're amazing. I've seen one other highly recommended girl since then and was kind of boring. Anyways that's for next review.

by TSD8

This is another in my series of reviews, to put back into this wonderful forum, that has helped me so much in the past.... my next rave review of one of our national treasures is Lucy Bisset.

For anyone sitting on the fence that is unsure.... Give it a rest.... when she retires the tears of sadness in this country could drown you.

Lucy was my first and she changed my life forever.... I am no longer attracted to genetic women thanks to her, and I have no words to truly thank her for that.

She can be everything from sensual to Domme, and is an awesome intelligent conversationalist.

She is beautiful in every way and is such a great fuck.... I always book 2 hours, and I fuck and get fucked stupid. I love when she wants to be rough..... and her her facials or CIM are haunting. I just wished that I lived in Toronto so I could explore all her versatility and ALL her kinks..... It would be nice to walk in and say I have only one restriction... "don't kill me" everything else is up to you...... I don't think I'm that brave yet....ha,ha - but worth working up to it.

God she's beautiful.


Sorry, the official form doesn't seem to be working. Lucy is easy enough to search and find, and her stats are well know enough that I think most of you are familiar. 10 all round for looks, 10 all round for service.

After an absence of 4 years, I finally had a chance to make a return visit to Lucy Bisset. Things have been busy and though I tried to connect a couple of times, either I was in town and she was not or she was in town and I was not. Besides, I like to see her at her in call in Toronto.

With Lucy it’s all about class. The condo is spacious, private, clean and comfortable. Lucy was at the top of the stairs in a skin tight full length leopard print sheath that made every curve look like something you want to caress. She led me up to the bedroom. I told her that, as before, i wanted to watch her dance and didn’t want her to rush in revealing herself to me. She performed and then she turned it into a slow—very slow—lap dance. Her ass rubbing against my crotch got me very hard. I slowly unpeeled the dress from around her breasts and began to lick and suck, hard…the way she likes it.

She removed the dress completely and sashayed over to the bed where she lay on her stomach. I sat astride her and gave her a massage, back and shoulders, thighs and feet. On my way back up I slowly pushed her legs apart, revealing her cock pinned backward on the bed, her rosebud calling me. I spread those incredibly soft pillows and licked her, slowly opening her with my tongue. Her cock was getting hard and i licked the underside of the shaft, swirling my tongue around the head. I alternated between her hole and her pole for 15 minutes or so.

She rolled over on her back and her cock stood to attention. I bypassed it to get some more of those magnificent breasts, sucking as much as i could into my mouth while Lucypressed down on my head and moaned encouragement.

I returned to her cock, trying to give the best head i could. short stokes with mouth and hand, then long strokes until I could lick her balls at the same time as having the shaft all the way down my throat.

I rolled on my back, she positioned herself above me and fed me her stick.. I went hands free, using my fingers, instead to pinch her nipples. She pulled out of my mouth and placed a huge load on my face.

Before i knew it she had repositioned me with my feet in the air and my ass on the edge of the bed. She was still rock hard. on went the cover and she plunged into me. It wasn't rough, it was passionate. She’d go halfway, I’d pull her all the away in. She laid he hands on my cock from the start and was giving me great hand job . Not a jackhammer, a nice slow rhythm up and down the length. 2 more thrusts and when she was buried deep inside me i came, and kept coming for a while.

A great shower and wind down. Lucy is easy to talk to and great to be with-thoughtful, respectful, beautiful,and sexy. It was exquisite.


For us out in western Canada the opportunities to see this wonderful woman are rare so when she was in Edmonton I said the hell with my schedule and made arrangements for a couple of hours in the afternoon. Her location was easy to get to, even for a country boy, safe parking, quiet neighborhood. Apartment was spotless, pic is the woman who answered the door outfit included, yum, well appointed bathroom which I used to freshen up and shower (wall and rain heads so cool) .

Lucy was open and inviting, offered refreshment, (maybe I looked a bit flushed), and we were able to talk for while, I like to relax and get comfortable as well as give a bit of my background. Enjoyed getting to know her but couldn't help caress her legs and body, (resistance is futile). For those that know my style you aren't going to get many explicit details, no blow by blow sorry(will mention she tastes great) however we must have used a box of condoms, mainly because I kept wanting to change positions and who was top and bottom, my goal was to see that body in every pose I have seen on her site,twitter,add, and also so I could cool down, otherwise I would have blown quickly.

My visit was great, she put me at ease, no hurry we had lots of time, well prepared, so smooth and styled, love all that curly hair, very very lit perfume smell which I am grateful, might have even been just bodywash from the shower, great kisser, I need to practice more of that it was enjoyable , those lips are so full.

The aftermath was long lasting both physical as my bottom reminded me and mentality as the endorphins seem to last me throughout the week.

Richard Son... now I get to be in the Acquainted with Lucy group


It has taken me five years to finally write a review of the one and only Lucy Bisset . I have been so horny lately thinking about my next session with her - which hopefully will include Lena too. It has been a while but I can still recall most of how it went down.

I called Lucy the day before to say I would be in the area the next day. Just hearing her sultry voice on the other end drove me crazy. I was instantly hard as a rock. The next day I made the trip up from Windsor and was so nervous I missed the turn off! My mind was elsewhere for sure. Eventually I made my way to the lobby of her building - it should be noted she is currently at her luxury condo (beautiful place btw) - and I buzzed her number in the lobby. She said hello and buzzed me in. My heart was racing with anticipation as I was a first timer at this point. The ride up the elevator to her floor seemed to take forever and the walk to her door was like an out of body experience - I was really doing this!

After a barely audible knock on her door she opened and appeared before me. An absolute stunner, her pictures do her no justice at all! I was so nervous I forgot to give her the donation but she never even inquired until I realized it. I just stood there like a deer in headlights - my eyes transfixed on her beautiful eyes and full pouty lips. I had yet to look downward at the rest of her when she grabbed my hand and led me to her bedroom. I asked if I could have a quick shower and she obliged. I am very well groomed but it had been a long and nervous drive. After a two minute shower I strolled into her bedroom with just my towel on and she was laying on the bed seductively. Now I got a great view of her gorgeous figure. She was wearing stocking and garters with a red bra , her voluptuous breasts barely being concealed inside her top. She made a comment about liking my body - I was in great shape back then - and told me to come lay down beside her on the bed. I dropped the towel and no sooner had I that Lucy grabbed me by the hips and pulled me on top of her.

I kissed her neck gently and gave her a little kiss on the mouth but given that it was a first date she seemed to not want to be kissed full on the lips or DFK. I love to kiss, especially with lips that beautiful, but I forgave her for it being a first time thing with me. It really did not matter that much. After removing her bra and some gentle kissing and nibbling on her amazing breasts she pushed me off and proceeded to take her garters and see through panties off very, very slowly. I could see she was already hard like a rock and I was right there with her too. She stood at the side of the bed completely naked and smiled at me , telling me I was going to have a great time, and that I did! I was just about to get up and drop to me knees to taste that gorgeous cock when she straddled be on the bed and spun around for a 69 . Now I had performed the 69 on many a girl in my life but with Lucy it was mind blowing. She rammed her stiff cock down my throat like she was possessed . I barely had time to think about what I was doing before she came all over my face. I licked her perfectly smooth balls and asshole while she drained the remainder out onto my chest. I could not believe the size of her load. It covered my chin , mouth and chest. I managed to lap up a bit of her sweet tasting nectar and I asked her to just keep sucking my cock while I spread her cheeks and kept on licking that cute asshole.

Lucy has an ass that very few women, trans or not, have. You can tell she has spent considerable time and effort in the gym. Great muscular legs and calves but very feminine. Lucy is not simply passable - she is 100% woman and can walk down any street and have men and women stare at her. Anyhow, back to the sex... It was maybe a minute max before I myself blew my load sky high. Easily one of the most intense orgasms I have ever had! And by this time she was rock hard again! She asked if she could fuck me. I had never before had anything up there other than a doctor with a glove so I was totally on edge. Lucy lubed me up and put on her love glove and entered me oh so slowly and gently. It hurt like crazy! Missionary proved near impossible. Lucy is above average in girth and in length but I doubt there is a harder cock on earth. We decided it would be less painful if I laid out on my stomach and it was. It wasn't the best feeling Ive ever had but it certainly was not the worst. Lucy was gentle and I like the fact she seemed to love it. I asked her not to cum in me and that I wanted it all down my throat this time. Soon she pulled out and I flipped me over while she showered my mouth in an even bigger cumshot than the first. Her refractory period must be off the charts. I was not far behind as I blew a huge load myself , almost in unison. She tastes so good this woman! I was totally out of breath so we decided to chat a while because I still had 30 minutes on the clock!

Lucy is a very intelligent and worldly woman. Funny and confident too. Eventually it dawned on me that I had not fucked Lucy yet and we made a gallant attempt at that to no avail. I was so drained that cumming again was impossible, even in the company of this beauty. After some more chatting I decided I wanted to give her a blow job on my knees in front of her mirror. Much to my surprise she was able to cum once more! Simply amazing! Afterwards I took a shower and we said our goodbyes as she stood naked at her door. I was bent down tying my shoes and as I looked up her still dripping semi hard cock was barely a foot from my face. I took one last suck from that gorgeous member and licked her balls for a minute or so before I stopped. She laughed and said I had been fantastic. I might have been Ok at best but she seemed to really mean it and it made me feel really good. I kissed her on the cheek and said I would see her again soon. I saw her another 5 or 6 times but its never enough. I tried a couple of other T girls since that first session but I only go with Lucy now.

I know I will always get great service with no attitude and in addition I get to talk to an intelligent gal. There are some beautiful T girls around but you will always go back to the best - the one and only Lucy! Hope to see her soon.


A spur of the moment booking, boring day at work, and I needed a fun lunch break with a delicious dessert......hmmmm...Lucy popped into my mind.

A quick text and confirmation, a subway ride and I was there. *She texted me that she was ready, and gave me the address and instructions to just walk in when I arrived.

Walked into her place, and as she came down the stairs, my jaw dropped down and my cock went way up. *She was dressed up better than any Victoria's secret model. A red corset showing off her huge suckable breasts, thigh high stockings and high heels, and a tiny string thong, like a lingerie model that stepped out of a magazine...wearing all my favorite things!

I followed her up the stairs, still mesmerized by her beauty. *I could have watched her walk up those stairs all day and still left happy. *We got to her sexy bedroom, and as she put her phone away I dropped off her donation. *The room was dimly lit, very sultry with a large mirror near the bed, and adult movies playing on her TV to set the mood.

I took her in my arms and as we kissed and embraced, I couldn't keep my eyes off her. *She is gorgeous, and her curly blonde hair suited her pretty face very well.

She got on the bed on all fours, and raised her ass up, offering me her little pink hole. *I knelt on the floor behind her, pulled the tiny string thong to one side and slid my tongue inside her. *I licked her as she watched herself in the mirror, moaning loudly with her legs parted, and grinding her ass in my face. *After a while I removed my clothes and joined her on the bed. *We kissed passionately and I slowly worked my way down to her delicious breasts, sucking on one, then the other, squeezing them in my hands. *She told me to suck harder, and I willingly did, listening to her moan. *As i moved from one to the other, I felt her grow hard inside her little thong, her she-cock pushing hard into my chest. *

I slowly worked my way down, and pulled her thong off slowly, until her hard girl candy popped out, smooth and delicious looking. *I wrapped my lips around it and throated her deep as I could go, up and down, listening to her moan, and feeling her candy twitch in my mouth as she was enjoying being pleasured.

After a long while, she couldn't take it anymore and she rolled over on top of me, overcome by lust she fucked my mouth and she pleasured herself, on the edge of orgasm. *Just before she came, she pulled out of my mouth and with a gasp, she came on my lips. *I sucked her back in my mouth and swallowed her cream as she squirted in my mouth, thrusting and gasping as she came.

After her orgasm subsided, she was still in my mouth as I continued to suck her. *I looked up at her, she was still wearing her corset and thigh high stockings, her girl-cock thickening in my mouth, as she watched herself in the mirror, moaning and squeezing her breasts.

She slowly undid her corset as I continued to suck her. *Off came the stockings until I had a completely naked Lucyon my face, her gorgeous she-cock in my mouth, with my hands on her huge breasts. *I rolled her on her back and sucked her harder and faster until she creamed in my mouth again with a groan. *Exhausted, she smiled with her eyes closed enjoying the post orgasmic bliss.

Slowly she arose again, and got into 69 with me on her sexy bed, her warm lips on my thick cock stroking me slowly. *I sucked her back in my mouth as she pleasured me. *After a while my week long build up of cum started welling up. She popped me out of her mouth and jerked me. *I exploded all over her huge breasts for about a minute, a geyser of cum blowing all over her. As the orgasm subsided, still in 69, she pressed her pink hole on my mouth, wanting my tongue inside her yet again. *I aimed to please and I licked and explored her as her moans got louder and louder. *I could feel her slapping her girl-cock on my chest as she sat on my face, pushing my tongue inside her as deep as I could. *She began to gasp on her third orgasm, and lifting her ass off my face she plunged her candy in my mouth as she came the third time. *I sucked her dry and she collapsed on top of me, completely spent.

Our hour almost up, she suggested that next time we try a threesome, which I will be sure to do. *It seems she has a busty and pretty female partner for three way fun, and I will definitely partake in that

Lucy is definitely a lot of fun to be with, genuinely nice and total sweetheart.

by TMC

I had the pleasure of seeing Lucy after a long hiatus. After an email or two to set the date, we met at her new place at downtown west. It was easy to find, and streetcar accessible. Got there and called her, was given the address and buzzcode. Tried the buzzcode, and door was stuck lol...after another try,Lucy opend the door for me wearing a maroon bathrobe...I could hardly wait to see what was under there.

As she led me into her cozy apartment, she looked as hot as I remembered her. Her golden hair done in curls, surrounding her pretty face. Her makeup was done up very nice. She is so feminine you think you are with a busty blonde until she pulls off her panties to show you a delicious surprise! As I removed my coat and gloves and all the other winter gear, she dropped her robe to reveal her gorgeous body. Dressed in stockings, heels and sexy lingerie (just as I requested) she moved toward me, and kissed me in a sweet embrace. Her lips are so soft and tasty, I couldn't stop kissing them.

After a whle she led me to the bedroom, and as I removed my clothing she disrobed as well, leaving only her heels and stockings, and slowly stroked my erect cock as we continued to kiss in her bedroom. After a bit she climbed onto the bed, and lay on her back slowly stroking her smooth cock. She wanted to know what kind of service I wanted, I told her that this time, just oral would be fine, as I wanted just a very simple GFE experience. I joined her on the bed and placed her sweet smooth lollipop in my mouth sucking on her, slowly taking her deep into my throat as far as I could. After a few minutes, she came, blasting her cum on her stomach, I cleaned her up and sucked the cum from her lollipop, it tastes wonderful!

She then asked me to suck on her huge breasts, and they were delicious! She loved to have her nipples sucked an I obliged taking care to pay attention to both of them, squeezing them and sucking on them hard. After a while I started kissing her lips and cheeks again, and she rolled over so I could put my cock in behind her, her ass teasing my erect cock, squeezing it between her cheeks as I enjoyed kissing her soft lips yet again. I noticed she was still hard and began to suck her again, after a while, she said she wanted to tie me up with her stockings and feed me her girl-cock. (Something I asked for when I arranged the session)

She got her stockings, tied my hands behind me and climbed on my face. She fucked my mouth with her cock, almost gagging me a few times, before she shot a second load into my mouth, forcing me to swallow it all. She then got into a 69 with me, and pushed her ass onto my mouth, my tongue pushing inside her as far as I could. At the same time she wrapped her lips around my cock and sucked me into her throat. I couldn't hold on for long and blasted a huge load of cum, filling her mouth. she sucked until my orgasm was done, then cleaned me up. However, she still sat on my face, forcing me to eat her sweet hole, sighing and moaning as I ate her for the next 20 minutes.

Eventualy I began to tire, and she climbed off me, releasing me from stockings I was tied up with. We just lay in each other arms and talked for a bit before taking a shower and headed out. Sometimes you dont need full blown sex to enjoy the company of a wonderful SP. Lucy is amazing in so many ways, and very nice person as well. A total sweetheart.

I've already asked her if she has a sexy female friend for a threesome, and it is being set up....I cant wait to watch her be interactive with her friend!


OMFG!! went to see her with my wife during our vacation in To. the best way ever to spend 600$! we had been dreaming and talking about seeing a shemale for 10 years... and god we will sure repeat with Lucy. We were a little nervous when we arrived, but were ready to suck her juice!! she opened the door and we were amazed at how beautiful she was, beautiful smile and outfit. we chatted a little and then I jumped on her, touching her perfect breast, and my wife started sucking her cock at the same time, after kissing her and caressing her boobs. She did not even cared about getting paid first... she was ready to have fun. she sucked me while my wife was sucking her, we both sucked her, they both sucked me, i like her perfect asshole, kiss her like crazy... after like 10 minutes of sucking she said oh i am gonna cum and blew a load on my wife's face just as I came down to like the last drop( was fucking good) but I was scared the session was gonna end early...but we kept sucking her and she became even harder after she came, which I couldn't believe... then I asked her to fuck my wife and she did just that... and hard while I kissed her and got sucked by my wife. she then told me to switch and fuck my wife and I asked her to facesit on my wife while I fucked her, and I was sucking her delicious cock at the same time.... she liked it so much she blasted another load on her face and in my mouth...WOW

You think it is over? I thought too... she turned around and got sucked more by my wife while I was licking her ass and fucking my wif like crazy and at the end of the hour or so she blew another load (a good one) in my mouth and in my wife's...but this time my wife and I came right at the same time. It was a trio of orgasms...omg I was exhausted.

More than just sexual and irresistible, Lucy is so nice to talk to and easy going, intelligent and more... she is a godess. we really enjoyed our session and will be talking about that for the rest of our life!! we will go back to see her for sure, and we hope she wont retire soon!


Radiant, brilliant, genuine, luxurious, and so damn feminine that I get a lump in my throat. I am not the best person to review the lovely Lucy because I am clearly in love with her. I hadn't seen the beautiful Lucy in quite some time and our reunion was more fulfilling than I anticipated. I am still coming down from the high of spending time with such a remarkable woman. Perhaps I have gone over the top here but those of you who have met the deliciously uniqueLucy will surely understand.

by Redriddler

Well I don't think I need to use the template as everyone knows her. Reviewing her is pretty pointless, if you are thinking about seeing her just do it!

I recently visited Lucy in her west-end apartment, I am not a man of details, I just have to say she looked every bit as good as her pictures. Really she looked better than alot of her pictures, you can tell she takes care of her body well it is unbelievable fit but with the right amount of meat. I really like her curly hair, some say her big lollipop is her signature, me I personally think the golden locks make her unique, (I think she would look even better as a brunette).

Anyways, it was a very accommodating first time with a Tgirl, I never felt rushed or disrespected--as I have been with GGs. The only other time I even tried to be with a TS it didn't work out as I was verbally berated because my phone was dying and I had to find a charger before returning the text, I won't name names though she is not very popular.

I am glad this time was much better.


Gonna keep this short and sweet. Lucy is the real deal and the best. Me and my girlfriend seen her twice now and had great time both times. My girlfriend likes to get fucked by a sexy TS and I like to watch.

Lucy fulfilled perfectly giving a nice hard fucking and a nice facial to end it. And a great show as well! I understand most TS are into men but if Lucy didn't enjoy it she sure made us believe she did. And my girlfriend is still loving that Lucy said she had such a nice ass. Thanks for the great timesLucy!

Anyone interested in seeing a sexy girl definitely look Lucy up first!


Called Lucy from downtown, met her at her apartment uptown, she was a little late, no big deal. She led me into her beautiful apartment, very clean, and nicely decorated. We had some small talk, and she told me to undress, and get on the bed. I was very nervous, because I have only done this once before with a tgirl named Marissa who almost totally turned me off tgirls for good.

Now I am a bigger guy,and a little older, but that didn't stop Lucy from treating me like a hot pornstar. The session was amazing, and my head was spinning the whole time, looking at this beatiful lady. If you haven't had the pleasure of seeing Lucy, you don't know what you are missing.


We met at a small and very nice apartment in west Toronto. She opened the door, looking absolutely gorgeous as she always does. She was wearing a tight, leopard-skin pattern dress, looking like a younger and hotter Sophia Vergara. We chatted for a bit, and before I knew it, Lucy had me undressed and on her bed. We cuddled for a while, kissing, and then I kissed her nose, her ear, her neck, and then her breasts. Her breasts are wonderful. I love feeling them against me. I love holding them, touching them, licking them. Then my hand wandered down, and found that she was rock hard. No surprise there. Lucy is always hard. My mouth followed my hand, and in no time, I had the pleasure of taking her into my eager mouth. After lying between her legs, gently sucking, Lucy moved me into a sitting position against the bed's headboard, and started to fuck my mouth.

It's taken me quite a while to learn how to suck cock properly. When I first started seeing Lucy, I could not manage more than a few inches without gagging. But now I'm much better, and this time, I managed to get every single inch of her iron length down my throat. On the downstrokes when she left her cock all the way in, my breath was cut off. I was surprised to find that I liked that. I felt helpless and entirely at her mercy. With Lucy, that's ok, because I know I can trust myself with her absolutely. If she told me she was going to tie me up, I'd agree without any hesitation. There's no one else on the planet that I'd trust to do that.

Suddenly Lucy grabbed my hair. I felt the tip of her cock swell in my mouth as she reached the pinnacle, and she released, and her glorious cum spilled into my mouth. It was sweet, and I swallowed every drop.

We rested for a while. She never really got soft. Just a little less hard. We talked about this and that, and then Lucy decided it was time to fuck me. The first time I was fucked, it was by Lucy, and it was rough going, because she's not small. But just as I've learned to suck her cock, I've learned to take her as well, and the fucking goes a lot better now. And this time, it was mind blowing.

Lucy put me into one of her favourite positions, she standing, me lying back on the bed, with my legs raised and held in position by her soft hands. She lubed me up, slipped a rubber on, and gently worked her way in. As usual it hurt at first. I squirmed. I writhed. I tried to move my body away from her. But she knows me, and knows what I need. She was relentless. After a while, she'd worked her way in. She let me rest for a while, to get used to her length and girth.

And then the fucking started.

She started slowly, and then picked up her pace. Soon she was slamming her entire length into me over and over again. I was gasping with each thrust. I'd closed my eyes when she'd first entered me, when I was wincing from the pain. But the pain was gone now, only pleasure, and I opened my eyes. And what I saw, was not just a woman, but a goddess. Lucy's long, blond hair flowed down in waves that undulated as she made love to me. She made me feel that I was the only man she knew, and that the only thing that mattered, was what we were doing together.

Lucy's body is simply magnificant. When you see her gorgeous body in motion, you don't see hard muscles, but only perfectly toned female flesh.

As I stared up at her beautiful face and body, Lucy's hand was working on my cock like a jackhammer. I had to beg her not to let me cum. I wanted her to finish first. And suddenly she did, tearing the rubber off her cock, and ordering back up against her headboard. She stood before my face, her hand moving quickly on her own cock instead of mine, letting me fellate her once more. She she asked me where I wanted her cum, and she delivered as I requested. She came on my face. She came in my hair. She came on my chest. She sprayed cum like she hadn't orgasmed in weeks. Then she presented her cock to me once more. There was a small pearl of cum at the end, which I eagerly lapped up. Then Lucy gathered the cum on my face and body, and I licked it from her fingers.

Then it was time for my orgasm, and Lucy started the process by once more inserting her cock in my mouth. I felt it return to tumensence in no time, and felt a bit proud that I could make her hard so fast. But I know it wasn't me. That's just Lucy. Like I told her when we were done, everything about her is soft, except her cock. Her cock's always hard.

The angle was a bit funny, and Lucy flinched when I accidently nipped her (sorry, Lucy!). But she wasn't put off, and let me keep sucking her. She told me to jack myself off, and as I sucked her, she swiveled around, and began to tease my nipples with her tongue. She was rock hard and all the way down my throat when I lost control, and came so hard that my balls ached.

This review has talked only about the sex, and the sex was truly awesome, but being with Lucy is a lot more than just sexual pleasure. She's just great to be around. She's bright, she's funny, she's chatty (and has a lovely accent, too. Every word that comes out of her mouth sounds sexy as hell). But the main thing about Lucy, at least in my case, is I think she understands me and my needs.

With other women, I'm rather dominant and forceful. But with Lucy, I can express a need I have, a need to let go, and have someone else be in charge. Lucy understands this perfectly without my having to tell her. I don't have a need to fuck her. What I need, is for her to dominate me. To tell me what to do. To use me as a way to pleasure herself, and to show her control of me by fucking me.

I'll be seeing her again soon.


I had the pleasure of seeing Lucy after a long hiatus. After an email or two to set the date, we met at her new place at downtown west. It was easy to find, and streetcar accessible. Got there and called her, was given the address and buzzcode. Tried the buzzcode, and door was stuck lol...after another try, Lucy opend the door for me wearing a maroon bathrobe...I could hardly wait to see what was under there.

As she led me into her cozy apartment, she looked as hot as I remembered her. Her golden hair done in curls, surrounding her pretty face. Her makeup was done up very nice. She is so feminine you think you are with a busty blonde until she pulls off her panties to show you a delicious surprise!

As I removed my coat and gloves and all the other winter gear, she dropped her robe to reveal her gorgeous body. Dressed in stockings, heels and sexy lingerie (just as I requested) she moved toward me, and kissed me in a sweet embrace. Her lips are so soft and tasty, I couldn't stop kissing them.

After a whle she led me to the bedroom, and as I removed my clothing she disrobed as well, leaving only her heels and stockings, and slowly stroked my erect cock as we continued to kiss in her bedroom. After a bit she climbed onto the bed, and lay on her back slowly stroking her smooth cock.

She wanted to know what kind of service I wanted, I told her that this time, just oral would be fine, as I wanted just a very simple GFE experience. I joined her on the bed and placed her sweet smooth lollipop in my mouth sucking on her, slowly taking her deep into my throat as far as I could. After a few minutes, she came, blasting her cum on her stomach, I cleaned her up and sucked the cum from her lollipop, it tastes wonderful!

She then asked me to suck on her huge breasts, and they were delicious! She loved to have her nipples sucked an I obliged taking care to pay attention to both of them, squeezing them and sucking on them hard. After a while I started kissing her lips and cheeks again, and she rolled over so I could put my cock in behind her, her ass teasing my erect cock, squeezing it between her cheeks as I enjoyed kissing her soft lips yet again.

I noticed she was still hard and began to suck her again, after a while, she said she wanted to tie me up with her stockings and feed me her girl-cock. (Something I asked for when I arranged the session) She got her stockings, tied my hands behind me and climbed on my face. She fucked my mouth with her cock, almost gagging me a few times, before she shot a second load into my mouth, forcing me to swallow it all.

She then got into a 69 with me, and pushed her ass onto my mouth, my tongue pushing inside her as far as I could. At the same time she wrapped her lips around my cock and sucked me into her throat. I couldn't hold on for long and blasted a huge load of cum, filling her mouth. she sucked until my orgasm was done, then cleaned me up.

However, she still sat on my face, forcing me to eat her sweet hole, sighing and moaning as I ate her for the next 20 minutes. Eventualy I began to tire, and she climbed off me, releasing me from stockings I was tied up with. We just lay in each other arms and talked for a bit before taking a shower and headed out.

Sometimes you dont need full blown sex to enjoy the company of a wonderful SP. Lucy is amazing in so many ways, and very nice person as well. A total sweetheart. I've already asked her if she has a sexy female friend for a threesome, and it is being set up....I cant wait to watch her be interactive with her friend!


I've seen lucy many many times and thought it was time to share....

Met Lucy in her new location a couple of Monday's ago. She greeted me at the door looking stunning as ever. Lucy always greets me with a passionate kiss, her lips are sooo soft. We sat on the bed together and made out like a couple of school kids. After kissing and touching each other, we undressed and I got between Lucy's legs and put her beautiful cock in my mouth. I swear in 10 seconds her shecock was hard as a rock at full mast! I sucked her as hard as I could, lucy always loves to slide her cock deep down my throat till my eyes water.

I could feel her cock pulsing in my mouth, amazing... we decided it was time for lucy to give me some head so as she lay on her back, I started to give her a face fuck. Lucy could suck a golf ball through a garden hose . I didn't want to cum yet so I pulled my cock out of her mouth to a very loud popping sound. I loved the sexy look on Lucy's face as she was sucking my cock so hard. Lucy returned the favour and face fucked me. After a couple of minutes of her cock still pulsing in my mouth, lucy pulled out and shot a load on my face (lost count of the number of facials I have received from her). I quickly jammed her cock back in my mouth and sucked her dry. I love to hear Lucy say, "that's it baby swallow my cum".

Lucy popped a condom on and entered me as I lay on my stomach. After changing position to sideways, Lucy entered me in my favorite way. I was on my back with Lucy's cock in me missionary position. I wrapped my legs around her lower back, she fucked me while passionately kissing me. I was in fuckin heaven! At one point Lucy stayed still while I bucked my hips up and down sliding her cock in and out. I think I screamed out my love for her! LOL.

Lucy finished me off by putting my legs on her shoulders while she fucked me hard while jerking me off, I came all over myself. We showered and chatted before I had to leave.

Lucy has been the best sex of my life, I can't thank her enough for making me feel like this EVERY TIME!

thankyou thankyou thankyou


If I could pay someone a thousand dollars to erase the memory of my experience with Lucy, I would gladly do it so I could experience my first time with her all over again!!

I ve read a number of the reviews of Lucy and, by and large, there pretty hot. After a while though, they seem to run together and be somewhat repetitive. So, I am going to try and take a different tack: aimed at the 'older client' who is looking to be a first timer.

I am a straight, divorced late fifties male. I don t suffer from loneliness, depression, or self-worth. What I am starting to suffer from is the beginnings of the 'ick' factor. You know: hair going gray, 15 lbs of extra baggage around the mid-section and, when you look in the mirror in the morning, you re saying 'what the ..?' as you see another couple of creases that weren t there last week.

But, inside your head, you re still that 35 year old guy that hasn t lost his sense of adventure. Scared of it maybe but not forgotten.

I had been interested in the concept of the shemale for some time. The problem was, when I looked at pictures of most of them, the fantasy would burst. The male brow, the strong jaw, veiny muscular arms, no ass and, of course, a baritone voice that could do well in any barbershop quartet.

Then, I came across Lucy great pictures, videos confirmed that she didn t have a linebacker s voice, and more than enough reviews that alleviated many of my concerns. So, I decided she's the one. I called on a Tuesday to set up a 3 hour appointment for the Friday. I hate talking on the phone with someone I don t know but she was very sweet. She asked me to reconfirm on the Friday by phone which I did. Could I think of anything else between Tuesday and Friday? No!!

So, Friday came. We got together for a 3 hours appointment. My impression of her is exactly what others have said. She's very beautiful, her skin is soft with no hair. Her voice is as feminine as any woman's could be. Long story short(er), Lucy is all woman with, well you know, that something extra. She has an ass that would fire up any man's imagination and moves it as only a woman can.

I'm not going to get into a detailed dissertation of the afternoon. But, I will say that we talked... alot! Not because she wanted to... but it was me. I love talking with her. What turned me on the most was carrying on an extended conversation while I sucked her cock. Now, I know others have mentioned this but I really didn t know if it was true. But, you can actually feel her cock growing in your mouth! So hot.

Now, this is for the first timers. I know we've all looked at those videos with guys pounding the shit out of some shemale's ass or vice versa. And, I thought, how hard can that be? In fact, it looks great! It must feel... you know... great. Right? To be sure, I had bought a thick 6 inch dildo after I first set up the appointment. With plenty of lube I tried it out and... well, it was difficult. Second day, better. Third day, starting to enjoy it. Fourth day, which was the real deal, I enjoyed parts of it but I would never make the grade in any porn video. Lucy was patient, gentle and the thought of her being in me was totally hot. But, my feeling is, it takes practice; at least for me. Would I go back? There is no doubt in my mind about that. First timers who look at advertisements of 9 cock seriously, you do not want that the premiere time. I was joking with Lucy that perhaps it s the shemales with 4 inches and less that should be charging the most for newbies.

Anyways, the 3 hour appointment turned into 6 hours. The money wasn t a problem. I m no Saudi prince but this is my adventure and I m certainly not going to be cheap.

Now that I have been with her, I could never go for a one hour appointment. She s way more interesting than just the sex: fun, playful, wonderful smile, dreamy. Lucy is a multifaceted individual who just happens to be the best looking shemale (in my experience) whom I wanted to take my virginity. Being straight, I wondered how I would feel about myself psychologically after. With no reservation, I can tell you I have a smile on my face, a glazed look in my eyes and a strong desire to do it all over again!!


I saw Lucy when she came to Vancouver last spring (I know, I know.......a very delayed review!) Anyways, I texted her before she was even in town....I couldn't help it....I absolutely had to make sure that she would have time available for me when she was in town! I have admired her photos on Shemale Canada and on her website since I first decided to delve into this pastime. I have only seen a shemale once before and had an ok time, but had always told myself that if Lucy comes to town, I'd definitely give myself a present.

Anyways I called her when she was here and booked a time with her. Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances...I was running late. (Was coming from Surrey on a Friday afternoon on Hwy 99...anybody from this area knows how that often turns out!) I called her and told her of my delay and she was very understanding.

Once I finally got there, I went up to the very nice apartment and she let me in.....OMG, she is F$#@ING GORGEOUS!!!

She led me into the bedroom, asked me to take my clothes off and then she did the same. What a great body. She started off by giving me an incredible bbbj and then layed back on the bed and beckoned me to do the same for her....and I obviously reciprocated!! She seemed to enjoy it even though I am fairly inexperienced. She then stood up, and I took her in my mouth from my I licked the tip of her perfect cock.....she assisted and slowly stroked herself. Then...all of a sudden.....she told me to open wide and surprised me with a huge load of cum. Now remember...I am very inexperienced, but didn't want to seem I swallowed it ALL up. WOW.....who knew cum could taste so was actually sweet tasting! I started thinking to myself "whoa, that was pretty quick....are we done already?!?!?" Not even f'n close!......

She didn't even go down......told me to bend over the edge of the bed and she put on a condom and fucked me doggy style. My mind was the hell can she keep it up after just cumming?!?!?!? WOW. Anyways, this woman knows how to fuck and she was amazing. She knew I was inexperienced and took it very slow to start. I was nervous it would really hurt, but she was very gentle at first and allowed me to get accustomed to her then she really started to fuck me hard. She felt amazing.

She then had me lie down on my back and entered me missionary and put my legs over her shoulders so she could fuck me deep. She kissed me deeply then began to stroke me as she slid in and out and asked me to cum for her. I can't believe how hard she made me cum while she was inside of me.

Then, wouldn't you know it, she pulls out, pulls off the condom and unloads yet another big load all over my stomach. Two big shots in a half hour....this girl is amazing!

Would I see her again? ABSOLUTELY

(I'm even trying to figure out a way to go to T.O. on a "business trip" just to see her!)

Thanks Lucy!

by Kirk44

This review is a little late, I tried to submit it previously but it never went through. Anyway, I'll try one more time.

Although this review is from the summer it is still fresh in my memory as it was my first duo.

All the arrangements were made and I was running a little late due to traffic, go figure, traffic in Toronto. Once there I was led up to the kitchen area by Lucy who was wearing a nice black lace outfit. I have seen Lucy several times and I never tire of her. As I walk into the kitchen I meet Natalie for the first time. She is wearing tight shorts and a Brazil soccer top. Appropriate and super sexy as this was during World Cup. A quick introduction, very relaxed and we make our way up to the bedroom.

Once upstairs both lucy and Natalie are standing next to each other and I am invited over for some kissing. I basically take turns with each while my hands explore both girls beautiful bodies. I am starting to get hard so we break and remove some clothes and move onto the bed. I get both to lay flat and I suck on both, play with boobs. Both Natalie and Lucy start to get hard while I am working on them and begin to make out themselves. After lots of sucking. Lucy gets up, lubes and covers, and while I continue sucking Natalie, she enters from behind. This is my dream moment, I am sucking on the very beautiful Natalie and getting rammed slowly at first then quickly by Lucy. After a time I hear Lucy tell me that she is getting close. She removes her cover and goes straight to my mouth and unloads a beautiful load into my mouth and face. At the same time I am still trying to work Natalie to an explosion. Not yet for her.

Following the explosion, I am now on my back. Face full of Lucys cum and Natalie is sitting on my face. I am eagerly licking her asshole and Lucy covers my very hard cock. Lucy begins riding me, I am almost in a dream. Natalie is now fucking my face furiously and she is super hard. This goes on for quite a while as it sometimes takes some time for me to cum. Lucy then dismounts and covers again and re-enters while I am on my back. Both are now working furiously on me at both ends. I can feel it build and just as I shoot a load which hits natalies frontside as she works my mouth I here Lucy say she is going to cum. Lucy pulls out and cums all over my stomach. My cum is everywhere combined with lucy's. Now Natalie shoots a big load in my mouth with some squirting out the sides.

Crazy moment, absolutely awesome, cum everywhere, all came nearly at the same time.

Both girls were amazing with me. Both Lucy and Natalie will not disappoint and are absolutely stunning. I suggest this duo to any who are considering it. I will never forget it.


I've been fantasizing about shemales for a while now and decided it was time to indulge myself in this fantasy. I searched google and came across many different sites offering me great links to the escorts and to the reviews. I decided to ask around and read many of the reviews here. This led me to choosing my first time to be with the beautiful Lucy Bisset.

I fell in love with her description on her website and the great reviews really helped. This review is an honest, detailed review about everything that took place and what I thought about her and the session.

I called her up to confirm a week in advance, then called the day before to once again confirm and get directions. Her place is easy to get to via public transportation. It can be walked from the subway station or you can take the bus. I booked a 2 hour appointment as I didn't want to have to rush for one hour.

I arrived on time and i went on in. She came down the stairs to greet me in a sexy lingerie piece. Black stockings, black panties and a green upper sexy garment. She is definitely breathtaking and she got my blood flowing instantly. She is a curvy beauty, you can tell she works out and is a solid weight. She is by no means muscular or manly looking, very feminine in features and physique.

We greeted and she led me upstairs, the donation was handed over easily and we sat on the bed and talked for a bit just to get a general feel for one another. The setting of the bedroom is fairly nice, the shades were pulled close and the rooms was slightly darker than the rest of the place. Great for nervous first timers if they are a bit self conscious. She had a tv facing the bed playing some hardcore shemale porn, which I must admit turned me on even more. Not only was my cock rock solid but my precum started to build up.

We started with some light caressing of each others bodies and some kissing.

Her body: she has fair and smooth skin, sweet smelling.

Her breasts are huge breasts. Lucy does love to have her nipples sucked on very hard. It can be fun to suck them, you gotta get those areola wet with spit and you gotta have some strong lucks. Give them a bit of suction with your mouth and suck em! Her boobies were fun. One drawback is You can't really squish them together for a nice boobjob though, unless she can but didn't.

So from the caressing and the little bit of kissing on the lips to the sucking hard on her titties I worked my way down to that amazing tool many if not all of us shemale lovers crave. She laid on her back; It was flaccid at the start which was perfect. I gave it a few licks and then took her stick into my mouth. I started sucking that lollipop and loved the way it felt to have her salami grow in my mouth. The texture of her shecock was fantastic in my mouth. As it was my first pole I really got into it but I had to ask her a couple of times if I was doing alright. She wasn't really vocal. Eventually she understood i was looking for some guidance or some feedback as to how i was doing, then the moans from her began. They were fair enough. Not overly exaggerated.

We then switched into the 69 position. She was on top of course. I sucked her while she sucked me. I couldn't see her sucking me but it felt great. One thing that I was expecting that didn't happen was for her to suck me with some variety in her actions. It would have been nice if she sucked me at different speeds, flicked her tongue and tried different movements on me. She definitely took me over the edge though, I let her know I was cumming and she just kept sucking. Even after I came she kept sucking which was amazing. She ground her cock into my mouth more as I came. The pleasure was ecstatic but wonderful.

When I had eased out of my orgasm she hopped off and cleaned up, I started massaging her feet. I'm not a big foot guy but some feet fun is always on the table. She has amazing toes, they were soft and fun to lick a couple of times. Her heels were very dry and visibly cracked but it didn't bother me.

I moved up to the back of her legs and then to that sexy ass. I spread those cheeks of hers and dove my tongue right in. Her little hole is nice and tight. I didn't finger her as I know some women don't like that. But i licked it. She definitely seemed to enjoy it. She wrapped up her call which lasted about 5 minutes at most and she had me lie down. She straddle me and pushed her ass back into my face. This was perfect! I got a lot of ass loving. I could feel her semi soft cock on my chest and occassionally I would hold her and have her slide further back and forth to get that soft package rubbing in my face as well. She stroked me to another orgasm at this time. Her hands are very soft and she does NOT use a killer grip but a prefect clasp.

I wasn't looking to top her on this visit but i was looking for and craving her to stuff that sweet meat into me. I had used a couple small sex toys anally before so i was fairly prepared. she didn't disappoint. She slipped on a condom and had me in doggystyle first. I was tight but she got in with a couple maneuvers. She didn't waste any time in finding a good, fast and deep rhythm. She definitely varied her thrusts and speed in regards to pounding me which was fantastic. She loves to go deep. This was also probably the part where we were most vocal. She loves to fuck hard and deep. I egged for more cum so she rammed into me and pulled out to cum on my face.

A note about her cum: it's sweet tasting and smells fantastic. It was thick and earthy.

We finished off by her mounting my face. I kissed and flicked my tongue till her rod stood to attention. She proceeded to facefuck the living daylights out of my mouth. While she does love to fuck i think this is where she really gets turned on and shows her dominant side. She had me deepthroating and gagging and gasping for air. It was the best ever. She grabbed my head and just jammed that she-steel as deep as it could go.

On average she came about 3-4 times I came twice. She offered me a shower and I went ahead. She went in after me. We got dressed and said our goodbyes.

She also has music playing throughout the house which can and does sometimes help to ease the tension as well. Overall I had an amazing first time withLucy. She broke me in pretty well. I left on time and it was fun for me. I ended up with a sore neck and mouth from her stuffing all the shemale cock down my throat.

I gave the overall score a 10/10. I would definitely see her again. Maybe if she offers the Duo's still advertised on the site i may go for it. I gotta save back up for it. She is worth the money and a pretty good escort overall.

Guys, I hope you enjoyed the review.


I have been fantasizing about a 3some with girl/trans for a while now. I posted a thread earlier asking for experiences but didn't get any responses so figured I had to try this out at least once and knew it had to be with Lucy. I called her and she mentioned a few options and from the pics, Lena Fires (listed onLucy's website) looked to be my type so she contacted Lena and arranged the session for the next day.

For those of you who don't like to read long reviews, this was an incredible session with non stop 3 way action where I got to fuck, get fucked, suck, get sucked and eat pussy Both girls were incredible, completely fulfilled my fantasies and I cannot recommend them enough.

For those of you who like details, read on ....

I arrived about 15 min early and Lucy told me to come in. She greeted me looking stunning in a black dress with black stockings and panties and gave me a welcoming kiss. I followed her upstairs with an amazing view of her ass. We chatted for a bit and got the donation out of the way and Lucy said Lena was on her way. I know it has been said before but I have to say it again, Lucy looks even better in person than her pictures and her body is just incredible!! Firm and toned and extremely feminine from the top of her head to the tips of her toes. She was very warm and friendly which put me right at ease and said we were going to have a great time which turned out to be an understatement We got undressed and moved to the bed to get more comfortable while we waited for Lena. We started to make out and explore each others bodies. I kissed her beautiful breasts and started to fondle her growing erection. Things were starting to heat up and I couldn't wait to go down on her and then Lena arrived.

She came into the room and said hi and that she thought I was cute which was nice way to break the ice. She was very pretty with a hot body with killer curves and very friendly as well which made me feel more comfortable. She got changed and then joined us on the bed. She came close to me and got on top and we started to make out as I explored her body with my hands. She was exactly my type with very nice kissable lips, great ass and great tits. After a few minutes of this we moved into the 3 way action and that's when things got crazy good and stayed that way till the end.

I asked Lucy to lay on her stomach so I could massage her and explore her body. I massaged her back and quickly made my way down to her sweet ass and started to massage and lick her and she let out an appreciative moan when I started rimming her. As great as this was, it just made me want her more so eventually she rolled over so I could suck her. By this time, Lena had move behind me and started to play with my balls and stroke my raging hard on as I began to go down on Lucy. I started out slow and was surprised how much I enjoyed this which quickly lead to me taking Lucy as deep as possible. Lucyreally liked this and would occasionally grab my head and fuck my throat whenever I went deep which was so hot. I kept this up for a while and eventuallyLucy's moans increased and she said she was going to cum. She grabbed my head and pushed her cock deep inside my mouth and came.

Now I needed to taste Lena so she got on her back and I started to play with her tits. I moved my way down between her legs and eagerly started eating her out. Lucy got behind me, put on a condom and slowly entered my ass as I was eating Lena. She was very gentle at first and asked if I was ok before quickening her pace. I loved every minute of this! Soon Lena started to squirm and said she was going to cum as I licked and sucked on her clit. She continued to squirm and came while Lucy was fucking me and then had to take a quick break. Lucy started to fuck me faster and harder and Lena came back to let me suck on her amazing breasts while Lucy pounded my ass. This was soooo good, I loved how Lucy was fucking my ass. This went on for about 10 min and just as I started to feel I needed a break, she slowed down. I wanted to try another position so Lucy had me lay on my back at the edge of the bed and she lifted my legs to fuck me while Lena straddled my face. This was one of my favourite positions as I was able to grab Lena's ass while eating her out whileLucy was fucking my ass. I was in heaven in this position and this went on another 10 min or so before we changed it up again.

Next I wanted to see Lucy fucking me so I laid on my side facing the mirror with one leg up while Lucy entered me. I will have this image burned in my brain forever as I could see all of Lucy and her beautiful cock fucking me. Lena took a break for a few min and then joined in the fun. I rolled on my back, Lucycontinued to fuck me and Lena started to play with my cock. After all the fucking, I had lost my hard on but started to get hard again from this as you can imagine. Lucy pulled out of me, removed the condom and moved up to my face and put her cock in my mouth while Lena continued to suck me. I eagerly devoured her cock again and for some reason I was able to more easily take her deep in my throat and keep it deep. Soon Lucy started to moan and came in my mouth for the 2nd time .

By now I was raging hard again and needed to fuck Lena. She got on her back and I started fucking her deep and hard. Her pussy is nice and tight and I soon felt I wouldn't be able to hold back much longer. I asked Lucy to get behind me and fuck me while I was fucking Lena. This was indescribable, pure ecstasy. I took it slow at 1st as I wanted to enjoy this and as I slowly pushed in and pulled out of Lena, Lucy's cock pulled out and pushed deep into my ass. I'll never forget this amazing feeling to have my cock in Lena's pussy and Lucy's cock in my ass and be sandwiched between 2 amazing hot women. I took it slow as long as I could but soon found myself increasing in speed until I had the most amazing orgasm of my life. I collapsed on the bed afterwards and was weak in the knees!

We chatted for a bit afterwards, had showers and I kissed and thanked both of them and left grinning ear to ear. Its all still a bit of blur and feels like a fantasy dream but I was able to re live things again through writing this review Talk about a dream come true and having my very high expectations exceeded on every level.


I've been with Lucy a few times and reviewed her in detail. Sorry for not using the form, but we ALL know who she is.

I was out riding last weekend and feeling playful. Called Lucy somewhat spontaneously and I was really glad that she was available at a moments notice. In a half hour, I was walking in her place, up her stairs to see Lucy in the tightest, latex mini dress you've ever seen. OMG it was so damn HOT!!!!!!!!! When she took it off, she revealed her recent, extremely tight body. Lucy has always had an amazing physique, but I'm pretty sure it is at it's finest now. everything is tight and this girl works out I guarantee it.

I love talking with Lucy and we talked for awhile and then we got down to business. I spent a lot of time worshiping her body. And it deserves to be worshiped. Massaging her as she lay on her stomach, my hard cock between her ass cheeks. I loved giving the massage in this situation. Turned her over to suck on her breast, and then....that cock, it got so hard and choked me as she forced my head down. She had me lay on my back and she fucked my mouth until she exploded into my face and mouth. She kept fucking my mouth, demanding that I keep her hard. I so wish I had her ability to stay hard.

Lucy asked if she could fuck me and I am hit and miss if I want to be a bottom. I prefer to top, but when she asked, how could I say no. Well, for the first time ever, I was taken from behind. It sounds weird as I have bottomed often, (I usually take it laying on my back) but the two times when girls tried to enter me from behind, it just hurt way too much. Now this was not a total exception to that, but Lucy slowed down and held it in when i asked, and she was so damn hard and thick. My God it felt like a bat in my butt. It felt like Lucy was fucking me like it was going to be her last fuck ever. She seemed to be making sure that if she did not get to fuck me again, I'd remember it forever. (Mission accomplished) Once I was ready, she pounded the hell out of me. I was laying on my stomach, looking into that mirror off her bed and watching her destroy me. My God I thought we looked so hot in that mirror. Watching her ab muscles contract as she thrust into me was instant memory burn.Lucy came in my ass (covered of course), took a few seconds to change condoms, started ramming for what seemed like forever, pulled out and came on my face again. It was very impressive.

My only regret is that I did not fuck her first. She rammed the erection right out of me. She went down on me for some time, and I just could not pull the trigger. We laid in bed, kissing and being as intimate as I have ever been with any woman. We made out for quite some time as we played with each other. We talked and kissed and it was truly fantastic. It felt totally like a girl friend "experience". Even better, this girlfriend listens.

I showered, we talked some more and let's just say Lucy is not a clock watcher in any way.

I have to admit I had a hard time walking the next couple of days. I really think she may enjoy her work a bit too much. Just kidding, there's no such thing as too much.

Thanks Lucy, you're awesome.

by ttocswell

Shes seductive and passionate. Her professionalism is outstanding. From the moment your greeted at the door you know that its going to be an amazing session. Its all about you! Her cock is spectacular and is true to every picture. During my hour session she came three times! Shes safe and courtious. By my standards one of the best in the business! This girl can fuck anyway you feel comfortable, slow and sensual or fast wild and passionate. Lucy Bisset is gorgeous and humble at the same time. Her rates are well worth the investment. The erotic experience is one of a kind and is well worth the time spent. Lucy your amazing and I cant wait to see you again!!!

by Mark Hermetic

To those readers whom might take interest in being entertained by the revelatory experience of a "first-timer".

Herein is revealed the story of my first physical experience and sensuous entrance in to the realm of the Special Girl . I must assure the reader that this encounter was not one of happenstance but the result of a lustful curiosity that this author s fascinations have long entertained, and in many ways, desired. Perhaps, then, a little should be written as to the said fascinations and regarding the author himself; that is of course, me.

It is with full acceptance and admittance that I name myself a newcomer to the allure of this very special domain; indeed, to use a more conventional if not colloquial term, I might be said to be a newbie . Be that as it may, for with initiation come also the fresh and open eyes of one lacking prior experience with which his views might be called skewed or his opinions maligned as biased. This is certainly not to proclaim an unfamiliarity with things deemed Special for, as mentioned before, one does not develop a longing for something he has not dreamed of and fantasised about often. No, this captivation demanded more than what the jurisdictions of pornographic, albeit tastefully prurient, material had hitherto been found quite adequate in satisfying. I am not one for the overly raunchy and by all stretches of the imagination prefer the steamy to the smutty, although those boundaries often and easily overlap. My taste is one that lends itself to refinement, and in no such sense of elitist classism but rather of simple eloquence and distinguished sensuality. And with that in mind, here then begins the recounting of this author s most memorable and special evening:

My nerves were giving me no rest for my encounter was to come soon that night. I had arranged for a meeting at around 9:00 pm and, having been fantasising and worrying about what was to come, had been dipping into no little amount of straight Kentucky bourbon. Something to settle my nerves and smooth away my anxiety I told myself, and, I suppose it did for a time. I arrived at the downtown home by handsome cab with a bouquet of flowers in hand made up of Calla lilies, Birds of Paradise and ginger flowers, and two bottles of wine: a sweet white German Sp tlese and an Argentinian Malbec. I received the texted message that the door was open and proceeded inwards. I offer no refusal as to the state of my inner self, for it was one of lustful anticipation and still a good deal of disquieting suspense.

No sooner had I walked through the entrance of this handsome downtown home, and what might be considered the beginning of my inauguration, did I finally bear witness. There she was, at the top of the stairs, dressed in a most exotique and sensuous black garment, Mme. Lucy Bisset. I say Mme. for it is the opinion of this author that, having now the memories of which to replay and enjoy at one s own wish, such a woman requires, nay, deserves an introductory title, at very least. Indeed, It is difficult to remember with any great exactitude as to the specific feeling of the moment; suffice it to say that it was akin to: Holy Shit, I m here, She s gorgeous, I m so excited wait I m so nervous.. am I drunk? No I m just excited ..and drunk.. too drunk ?? !! As I walked up the stairs to the main floor, I was greeted by both an alluring and exquisite aroma and the soft kiss of Mme. Bisset. She thanked me for the flowers and poured us both a glass of the Malbec. I needed no more alcohol I can assure you, but it did lend itself to a further calming effect as did Lucy s most assuaging presence. After a short period in her tastefully furnished living room, she led me by hand up a further flight of stairs in a sort of shall we to the boudoir? type fashion: very refined.

Yes, I was being led to the private bedroom of this gorgeous and tantalizing woman. My mind immediately hearkened back to that very afternoon when first I spoke to Mme. Bisset over the phone. Don t worry Mark, You ll have lots of fun with me, see you tonight babes This was tonight tonight was NOW. I entered Lucy s delicately lit and enchanting boudoir and was led to sit on her bed. As indeed this is a recounting, it is the responsibility of this author to extend to his readers every detail of feeling and thought which pervaded the therial domain of his imagination. And with this responsibility in mind, I am forthcoming in saying that my phallic member, or if I may continue to use the term cock, was fully erect and pushing out drip after dribble of slippery pre-ejaculate in my suit pants. I could not help but stare at Lucy s seductive features, provocative body, and in a similar fashion to that of my staring, breath in her intoxicating aroma (Chanel?). I had two hours to spend with this most exquisite of women, and she made sure that I was in the greatest comfort and not rushed in any way. With my cock hard and pulsating in my pants, feeling it strengthen with every pump of my heart, it took great focus to sit and talk, but talk I most certainly wanted for Mme. Bisset s voice is as bewitching as is her femininity.

We spoke about interests, philosophies of living and how one ought to enjoy those things in life; a sort of, work to live not live to work model of the day-to-day. Of course this might seem a rather contrived conversation, even clich , but I assure you dear reader that the authenticity of that over which we conversed was no such simulacrum. So, she s marvellously intelligent aswell ? raced the thoughts in my head. Mme. Bisset then asked about me and my own life never once pushing too hard and with an interest one can only know as true by reading the eyes of the other. Her eyes in this case sparkled. She was open enough to share with me some of her own family background and I with her about my graduate studies and interests.

Okay babes, you get relaxed , Lucy said as she slid out of her recherch and rather delicious looking black lingerie.

You re you re undressing in front of me I said nervously, never having truly comprehended that I was in fact here to not only spend time with, but to make love with this goddess and explore the sensuous domains of her impeccable body. (wow I m getting rather heated up just remembering all this)

Mmmm, yes, I am Lucy smiled back pushing her voluptuous breasts into my chest and sliding her soft tongue into my mouth. Do not be nervous Mark, you are here to enjoy with me. Indeed I was indeed...

Lucy, her naked body beckoning my lust into full desire, then lay down on her bed. I proceeded to take my own clothes off and climb atop of her body that I might continue to kiss her and look in her eyes. Her lips, as soft and supple as they were, could not hold my attention long for I desired not only the feel of her skin but the taste of her body. I moved my own lips and tongue down her neck, licking across the luscious terrain of her breasts and rosy hued nipples (God they were perfect) and downward. After running my tongue the length of her belly, my eyes fixated on Mme. Bisset s penis. It was there, in front of my face waiting for me ME. Dear reader, it does credit to my initial proclamation of Newb that I profess to you how incredible this moment was for me. Never in my life had I done something like this. I am sure those of you reading, if you have indeed experienced such a thing (that is the manifestation of your desire as I was now experiencing mine), remember what this first feeling was like: immense and incredible longing coupled with that fluttery and nervous sensation one experiences in the depths of their loins; that feeling of pre-orgasmic yearning, butterflies not in one s stomach but in ones nether-regions, akin to that fearful feeling of being quite to high up upon something unstable.

Convincing myself that I was there for some sort if initiatory experience into this most exotic and special of worlds, I took Lucy s cock into my mouth, and with great care (and most probably less than amazing skill) began to use my tongue to explore every soft texture and consistency of her enlarging cock. Worrying about my newbie technique, I had good cause to look up from my preoccupation with the concern that my skills might not be up to snuff as it were. Lucy s eyes, what were then closed, now opened slightly, looking down at me. She smiled and closed them again prompting me to return to what I was rapturously and just previously engaged. I then decided that I might do well to both satisfy one of my own perverse interests and at the same time accomplish that interest by way of method. I was to push my tongue against the tip of her penis in an attempt to open the very entrance of Lucy s cock that I might wiggle myself inside, ever so slightly. A moan of the sort one wishes to hear from their lover came down to me and I knew I was doing something that was, at least, agreeable. And then . And THEN

All over my mouth and lips "Holy Fu"... I had never even imagined!

Is this my spit? Did I drool over you Lucy?

No silly, It s my cum I came all inside your mouth

Good lord I knew that s what had happened but I didn t quite believe it at first. This incomparable specimen of sexual elegance had just released her semen inside my mouth, now dripping off my lips and onto her belly.

This was the night I had been yearning for dear reader, the experience that the depths of my psyche had longed for, with hitherto only mental manifestations of fantasy. It was precisely my type of steamy without even a hint of smut. It resonated with passion and sexuality while never hampering on anything that could be considered undesirable or near at all the realm of distasteful indeed everything was very tastefull tasting tasty semen.

With the flavour of special girl sperm now lingering in my cheeks and mouth, I slid my tongue across her perfectly hanging testicles ( I do so hate that word but there exists no choicer term of reference other than pudenda.. and that would just sound bloody well stupid) and down to the crease of her perfectly sculpted ass. It was bliss I could not believe I was doing this, that I was experiencing this. But there I was tonguing the soft and velvety entrance of the seductive Mme. Bisset. No picture could compare to this, no thought dare rival the feeling of this now sumptuous and quite tangible realism.

Shall I fuck you ? asked Lucy, in an accented tone so desirable, only those who have spoken with her know the said allurement.

Um I don t know I never thought; that is, never have I well

Quite right, never had I thought about being the one topped.. I had dreamed of pushing myself into the tight and sensuous confines of that very particular locality of sensation but MY particular locality of sensation? Particular indeed! Well I thought, if this be truly an initiation, as I had mentioned previously I had been trying to convince myself it was, than surely I mustn t let my reservations, informed by outmoded understandings of gender norms and the performativity supposedly linked thereto, to stop my having a truly new and potentially gratifying experience, or so I ve heard. Alright Yes but I'm quite nervous..."

Lucy smiled, pulled me to the edge of the bed, and placed my ankles up to her shoulders and well uuuuuuuhhhhhhhhh . Some pain and much pleasure erupted with every soft but forceful thrust inside me, and an exhilarating sensation followed the slide-out . I suppose I need not go into any more detail about the deflowering of my then virgin posterior, for those who have experienced know, and those who are yet to experience know not what they are missing until such future time as they may choose to know. But this was no simple loss of particularly located virginity; I was being rammed by one of the most gorgeous women I have ever yet known. Yes, truly remarkable Holy shit wow remarkable!

My next experience was the famous sixty-nine position, of which I had never experienced with a special-girl (well, never experienced anything with a special-girl up until that night). Lucy had taken my cock in mouth, and with ravenous sensuality, performed such exquisite oral acrobatics that this author has been quite unable to keep the remembrance of such from entering his mind every evening whilst preparing for sleep.

I was once again placed at the entrance and centre of Mme. Bisset s perfect sculpture which she pushed so very closely to my mouth. I knew exactly what I was, and very much wanted, to do. I proceeded to push my tongue inside her, opening, ever so slightly, the tight confines of her exquisite canal. And let me be clear dear reader this was no lick-a-dee-split maneuvering, I was right in there, feeling and massaging every smooth texture my tongue could penetrate and reach.

Almost completely overstimulated by now, beyond any stretch of my hitherto inadequate imagination, we finished the evening with Mme. Bisset deep-throating me with her, and I know not how, continuously erect, and dare I say nectarous, cock. Now this is something that must take many repeated trials to acquire any sort of skill, for it is beyond difficult to keep one s muscular reflexes from ruining an evening. You know dear reader of what I speak. Thankfully, the worst I did was gag, so I suppose I passed my first deep blowjob, but probably with only a fair grade. Bah, Stuff and Nonsense to the fair grade I had given myself, I had just sucked off the most gorgeous special-girl I have ever seen let alone been with, what care have I for a grade on my first attempt!

To my incredible surprise and delight Lucy let out another euphonic moan and ejaculated once more, this time from above my face and into my mouth. I had tasted special girl semen for the second time that night and it is no small admission that such an elixir now finds itself as my most preferred of exotic condiments. Like that rare piece of sushi others might inquire as to why you would ever eat such a thing? all the while knowing(and quite rightly) that its acquired taste is one of the very pinnacles of distinct sexual richness: Sweet sturgeon Caviar.

Dear readers, all I have left to say about this most exotic and mesmerizing of evenings is that I was allowed to shower at my own pace and was very hospitably escorted out when I found myself to be once again decently dressed. Mme. Lucy Bisset, my first encounter of the world of the Special . To those with whom my own interests lie very close to, and I feel as though there are a great many here as the name of this digital venue implies, Mme. Bisset is nothing short of an exhilarating and truly choice woman of the romantic, the decadent and the refined. Like with the divine feminine androgyne that the ancient world holds in such high esteem, what the Gnostics declare as the true form of spiritual humanity, and even what the modern scholars call a medium for breaking down outdated binaries of gender identification, the world of the Special Girl is a world that one is invited to, and one in which sensuality and greater understandings may become known. All this author can say is that he is indeed honoured and grateful to have been escorted into that realm by Lucy Bisset.

Gentlemen, if you so have the opportunity, I implore you do not simply wonder if, and never act upon that wonderment, for although I found the strength to indeed act upon my yearning, I came so very close to an evening at home simply drinking Bourbon and falling asleep ... only wondering.

Henceforth and forever enchanted,

by Mark Hermetic

Though no great passing of time has transpired since last I wrote of the exquisite and sumptuous Mme. Bisset, I feel it necessary to beg the indulgence of your audience once more. I offer no illusion as to my fascinations, nor shall I do any such thing but humbly offer another written account of an evening with one Mme. Bisset. Though this particular retelling will be one through two layers of recollection, the passing of time and the stirring fancies and emotions of the mind can only but add to the sumptuous nostalgia of decadent sexuality, made manifest in the written word. And thus, dearest reader, I take you back but a week ago, and through the memories of that week, back further still, to my second intimate and personal encounter in the realm of the special.

It was a Thursday evening in the city of Toronto; I had finished marking my student s papers in a hurry for I had made plans to visit a particular haven for the sensual and potentially unreal. Although not the first thing on my mind, the university papers were of a specific taste as to add delight to the forthcoming evening. It was a class on Decadence, of the fin-de-si cle. The students had tried their hands at undoing and unwrapping the delicate folds of those tales of perversion, romance, indulgence, aristocracy, horror those tales of the carnal and the epicurean. It was the particular task of these papers to unwrap the mysteries of gender and their portrayal through sexual enticement, of that most famous of decadent books, indeed the book that Dorian Gray himself was holding when Oscar Wilde did write him his tale. The book was the Yellow Book, A Rebours (1884) By J.K Huysmans, the quintessential piece of decadent fiction surpassed only by Baudelaire s voluptuous and fetishized poetry of the mid-century. Yes decadence was in my mind, and I was interested indeed in prolonging that feeling.

I arrived at Church Street at 10:45pm, walked south, and up the stairs up Club 120; I was there to see a very particular individual, indeed to see that very particular and delicious creature who had entranced my mind with the wonders of her sensuous body; I was there to see Mme. Bisset, and what s more, to see her dance. She would be there later than I, so I went in myself so as to get acquainted with the space and find my comforts. I tell you that in such a place one would not find this author frequenting, for though a place of fantasia, it was of a taste more of smut than I care usually to be involved with, but that is to say nothing against smutt for the smutty can be as enticing to one as the delicate is to another. No, I have no qualms with smut, but I have little taste for it.

It had been my wish to see her dance that evening, and for that I had come. I ordered a particularly strong double bourbon form the taverner, neat, and walked to a section that I might wait until Mme.Bisset arrived. My imagination, lust, longing and refreshment all lead my mind adrift, away from that place of fanciful debauchery, to the happenings of the previous week happenings I cared very much to remember happenings I play over in my mind again and again . These happenings:

It was my second visit to Mme. Bisset s home. The second encounter I was to have in this new world I had discovered. It had been but a week before that I first ventured into this particular country and had only the thought of returning on my mind since last I left. I had arrived somewhat early, so instead of standing in front of the door, I waited around the corner, pacing, smoking, swishing with mouthwash, and pacing more. I then received the text : Where are you babes? My goodness, it was time, I was returning. The entrance back into this domain of exotic intrigue and passion was once more offered to me. I came round and there stood Mme. Bisset at her door, waiting for me, dressed in a most elegant ensemble. I tell you dear readers, excitement could not describe the way I felt. That feeling was returning, that same feeling from the week before, that fluttery and nervous sensation one experiences deep in their loins; that pre-orgasmic tickle, the butterflies of one s nether-regions. I felt again that fearful inner experience of being high up upon something unstable. She kissed me.

mmm, come in side with me babes..

Lucy, look absolutely stunning I never.. I .. my god

thank you, you are so sweet.. come

She led me up to the central floor, poured us each some wine and ventured further up to the height of the house. The boudoir, that place where first I experienced my fantasies made manifest. And I was here to do it again.

My luxurious companion needed a moment to herself, which gave me the opportunity to calm myself and reflect upon my immediate future. What was I going to do with her, I wasn t the first timer anymore, but I certainly wasn t experienced by any stretch of the imagination. Would I take her cock into my mouth right away and explore that silky member which had taken the virginity of my mouth and throat? That had ejaculated sweet girl semen across my tongue? I knew not what I was to do dear reader, but the mental temptations raged inside my mind. My companion came back and we talked.. Good lord how I needed that talk to calm myself.. collect myself, keep down my burning and pulsating lust that longed for her body, her skin, and her sperm.

She started to slide her garments off, to which I quickly jumped over at, pulling them back up. Her eyes, locking with mine in wonderment as to why? Why not my clothing off? She asked me. The reason was simple, as you can surely understand dear reader: I, having been lead in hand but a week ago, was now wanting the exploration, I needed the satisfaction of touching and unwrapping this beauty, of revealing her splendours by my own hand and mouth. I had been brought in through the gates of this most stimulating and erotic spheres, and I was now in deepest desire of traversing that captivating landscape again.

I wrapped my arms around Mme. Bisset s waist, and put my lips to hers. Exploring her neck with small licks of my tongue, I ran my hands further down her clothing.. my head following kissing her as I went lower, placing her full and almost protruding undergarments before my face. I looked up, she smiled, closed her eyes, and I pulled them off revealing her most enticing of features. I brought her penis into my mouth, tasting it on every side with my tongue, trying to swallow it down my throat. I could feel my own underclothes becoming a less comfortable accommodation. I stood up and, slowly, pulled down her top so as to reveal her voluptuous breasts, placing my tongue along their skin. Lucy, pulled me over to the bed It was as if she knew exactly what I wanted to explore

She lay back on the bed and opened her legs so as to allow for the reconnoitre of her body. I licked her skin, her cock, her thighs, her belly and then her breasts. My own member was now extremely erect, pushing out drips of slippery fluid in anticipation. I took my garments off, and on knees, crawled closer to Mme. Bisset s cock. I wanted them to touch, I wanted to feel her penis, slide against mine, and for her to feel the longing and lust she had arisen inside my loins. I held both her and my own in hand and pushed my cock against hers; thrusting them both through the grip I had placed around. I was entranced by this most sexual of feelings and hypnotized by its sight. I could not tear my eyes away from the movement of her penis and mine, pushing and sliding, together. I could feel the firmness and tensile strength of her cock, and in that instant, knew exactly what I wanted, nay desired to do and so I wrapped my lips and tongue around her throbbing and dripping member, and brought it back into my mouth and throat.

Using all the technique I had gained from my previous encounter, which might be said to be quite little, I sucked, and pushed, and slide my mouth all over her, taking her as deep into my throat as possible without the dreaded gag. And I got exactly what I had been hoping for, what I had been longing for in every thought before I slept that past week; her sperm: That briny sweet flavour of sexual richness, that luxurious sturgeon caviar, decadence and refinement of taste. I could feel her semen blasting into my mouth, against my palate, feel it running down my throat Her moan made it all the more satisfying there is something, my readers, something about mixing the delights of the senses. How auditory noise might heighten a visual, I have previously understood, but never have I mixed my senses in such a way as to have the moan of such a luxurious and decadent special-girl enliven the flavour of my mouth. I knew of Sound and Vision, but this was Sound and Taste. It was an experience dear reader, one of which you might know yourself. I dare say, if you haven t and find yourself with the chance, a rather choice experience awaits you.

listen and so I asked her: Lucy, may I make love to you, that is, may I top you?

She looked up at me, smiled, and said yes, if you would like

If I would like? The very shape of her thighs and legs, called my desire into full want of sexual greed. How I wanted to push myself into her most sensuous of areas. I covered myself ( of course), watched how she presented her backside for me, legs drawn apart, knees supporting the body, chest down, her irresistible and bewitching genitalia hanging perfectly between, and the perfect sculpted hollow of her posterior derriere. I pushed myself into her, with no little force, hearing her gasp just slightly. Indeed, I may have let my urge get the better of that first penetration, but I slide in and out in with care, calming my urges, relaxing and enjoying the sensation of her deep warm inside. Mme. Bisset spoke to me:

let us change positions, let me lie on my back, and hold my legs like this

This was the perfect position. I slide back inside her perfectly enwrapping asshole, and brought my face up to hers continuing to slide in and out. I could feel her insides squeeze around my cock, feel her anal muscles pull and contract providing pressure and feeling to each steady and smooth thrust of my penis. I put my mouth to her breasts and sucked with much fervour, sucked her skin into my mouth while still pushing and sliding inside .. It was time then I . And she just . Tongue slid in and her quiver

My memory then trailed off, and found that I was back in Club 120 with some other special girl trying to persuade me for a private dance, interrupting my most delicious of daydreams. I had met this other girl once before when first I had visited this establishment. She was nice, and pretty, but not who I was here to see, nor was there a want really, for anything but my dear Madame. To be sure, I did not expect much time with Mme. Bisset that evening, for I know the acclaim and demand her reputation calls forth. No, I knew this; I was here to see that magnificent enchantress bewitch my mind with the movement of her body . And she did just that. Lucy came on the stage.. and danced, and shook, and rippled so perfectly like the waves of the ocean responding to a Tempest of luxurious sexuality. Every man was hypnotized by her and not a few of the other Special woman were entranced. I could hear some making comments and remarks, trying to pull some men away that they might regain the attention they had lost from them. No, Mme. Bisset had the eyes and fantasy of everyone for the duration of her song. And all I could think was, I must indulge in her magic again There would be no end now to my need for her sensuality, there would be little to stop my ever strengthening addiction to her company and touch I knew I would not see her that night, though I looked and looked; but, she was not for me that evening, she had no doubt disappeared with some other gentleman with whom perhaps also, was as enchanted as I was, and am. No, I cannot, nor can anyone, claim another as solely for themselves, not any other one in this world, special or not. The desire that such experiences bring about are such that they can only and must only happen from time to time. Magic loosens its spell if it is called upon to often. Incantation becomes muffled and mumbled. I , dear reader, and indeed you, are but travellers and visitors in this strange, decadent and luxuriously erotic domain of the Special and my guide and chosen enchantress is the one Mme. Lucy Bisset.

Continuing in enchanted luxury,

by tempe400

With much time and consideration, I finally decided to take the plunge with my very first shemale. Given her stunning online photos and stellar reviews I decided that my first just had to be Lucy.

As I entered Lucy's beautiful home with much anxiety and excitement, I was greeted by a stunning looking Lucy. Lucy gave me a very nice hug and incredibly sweet kiss. As we made our way to her bedroom, we engaged in light conversation that really helped me feel very comfortable. As we both undressed I was completely blown away by Lucy's AMAZING body. Lucy really is a complete package... beautiful eyes, super super cute face, a smile to die for and a super tight, flawless body. Her ass is pure perfection.

So, our session started off with an amazing make out session including light and deep French kissing- she is such a good kisser. I hope she enjoyed our make out sessions as much as I did-making out with her was such a huge turn on for me. I could've made out with her all night. After making out for a bit, I gaveLucy a full body massage- this was pure nirvana for me- she has such a beautiful body with super soft skin. After the massage, we continued to make out in various positions before we finally ended up face to face with my cock grinding between her legs with the help of the massage oil I used on her. With continued making out and grinding, Lucy finally got the best of me and I exploded in pure bliss between her legs as we kissed.

To be honest, I can't remember the last time I had such a powerful orgasm. It sent shivers up and down my entire body and I was in pure bliss. I know some of you will find my session a bit vanilla, but as a newbie this is really all I was looking for during my first time. Lucy offered both oral and anal, but I politely declined. Lucy was great at respecting my boundaries and she made my first experience very memorable. My time with Lucy really made me feel like we were boyfriend and girlfriend and this is a really big turn on for me- thank you Lucy!

Finally, after exploring Lucy's photos and website online, I felt a bit intimidated by her, but once I met her in person I found her to be extremely friendly and down to earth. Once again, I can't stress how incredibly cute she is- UNBELIEVABLE!!! Thanks for a great time and experience, Lucy. I will see you again for sure.


I had the recent pleasure of meeting the very sexy and well reviewed Lucy during a recent trip to TO. I have desired and lusted over her images and reviews for a very long time now and I was more than a little excited with having the opportunity to see her.

A few email exchanges was all it took to set up my sexual fantasy. Being new to all of this I told Lucy I was a first timer and looking for a soft and sensual GFE. OMG she did not disappoint.

Her luxurious incall was very easy to find. I was a little early and grabbed a coffee close by as I waited to be summonsed. The cabby must has sensed my urgency as he had me from the airport hotel to Lucy's place in 20 minutes.

After receiving the "come on in" txt I made my way through the front door. The soft glow of candle lights and music playing in the back ground.....hmmm it was very nice. A romantic sensual setting.

As I took off my coat and shoes Lucy appeared at the top of the stairs. Oh My... I thought my cock was hard before. Lucy was a true vision of loveliness. She was scantily dressed yet covered enough to heighten my arousal and desire her even more. Following her silhouette up the stairs to her play room was almost far too much to take. The images you see on her site do not do her justice. She needs to be seen and experienced first hand.....and lips, tongue and a hard throbbing member.

Being my first I was a little nervous to say the least. Lucy had the ability to put me at ease and take care of me in every way.

I'm not going to go into a lot of detail but I had a truly remarkable time with Lucy. She was a WONDERFUL experience and I'm certain to repeat when the opportunity presents itself


by Happy Santa

Was in GTA over Christmas, was looking to find some trouble and enjoyment before the holiday. Was scheduled of meet a different GG provider, but things did not work out, glad now as I instead got to hook-up with Lucy.

Anyone would be hard pressed to notice that Lucy was a TS. Her looks and manner are all women, with one nice exception. As I stated, been a TS admirer, tranny chaser for many, many years, and she is by far the most together TS/shemale I have ever meet, besides one other (ex-lover). Her condo is immaculately clean and well furnished - something very rare for most TS providers. Lucy is of European decent and has a sexy accent, to go along with her smoking hot body. She also has very nice and soft lips, which makes her kisses so much better - nice full soft lips and very soft perfect skin. Great eyes, and only thing not real are here very nice tits - although man made, very soft, nice and receptive.

After I arrived and presented her with a bottle of wine gift, I followed her nice ass up the stairs to her "work" bedroom. Very clean room, nicely decorated. We got to know each other on the bed, with LFK leading to DFK. Eventually clothes came off and I sucked on those magnificent breasts and soft bit here nipples. From there are went down and showed her my oral skills. After some time, she got harder and then sat up a little to face fuck me. She got ready to come and started to pull away, but I wanted it in my mouth so she shoved it back in and came, quite a bit. By that time I had tears (of joy!!) running down my face and she asked if she was too rough, but I assured her it was OK and what I wanted.

She then asked if I wanted to be fucked/topped, but I told her I only did the topping in that area. She was more than happy to hear that. On came the cover, and after some CBJ, she hopped on top, but that was not so comfortable for her. She asked me my favorite position, to which I responded spoon. So she got on her side and I entered her from behind. She loved being fucked, and eventually I rolled on top of her, and banged away until I came.

She cleaned me up and we laid together for a while before she offered me a shower, which I accepted. Her bathroom was immaculately clean, just like the rest of the house, which i really liked.

In closing Lucy asked that I write this review to tell all that she will and does bottom, and likes it; she is not just a top! If you like clean, nice, sweet, classy and sexy TS, then I highly recommended. She is someone I would have no trouble being with in public, she is that much all women.


I've now been to see Lucy about a half a dozen times or better and each time something a little different happens and keeps me wanting more. This time was no different. I was going to be in Toronto for business and staying over-night, so I knew this was my chance to book an appointment with Lucy. I should mention that I have never seen another t-girl, nor do I ever intend to. Lucy is it for me!

I called and texted with lucy leading up to my appointment to confirm my time. I had to text her early in the day to let her now that I had a constant boner thinking about our upcoming encounter. We were meeting at 11pm and the time could not come quick enough.

The time finally arrived and I met Lucy at her place. Lucy opened the door and there she was in all her beauty. She was wearing sexy lingerie as per usual and I could instantly feel my cock start to rise. We went up to her bedroom and I asked her if she would mind if I had a quick shower to get ready. She didn't mind and I jumped in and out about as quick as I possibly could. I met Lucy back in her bedroom beside her bed and we kissed quite passionately as we prepared to get down to it!

As Lucy and I kissed, I could help but fondle her perfect breasts for a minute, and then of course I slide my hand down and began to play with her cock.

We climbed on to her bed and continued to make out. I should point out that Lucy is a great kisser and has a delicious tongue! As we made out, Lucy's cock was beginning to come to life and she urged me to take it in my mouth to get it completely hard. I played right along and as promised, she became completely erect in my mouth. I had told Lucy before we got going that I wanted her to cum on my face and then feed it to me with her cock. She agreed enthusiastically and she lived up to our agreement. I sucked her cock for a while before I could feel her getting ready to climax. She began to spasm and then she pulled her throbbing cock out of my mouth and splashed a pretty big load all over my face.

I wasn't letting her stop there. With a full facial, I continued to suck her cock and Lucy has an uncanny ability to continue on with no down time required.Lucy had me on my back as she continuously thrusted her cock in and out of my mouth. Occasionally, she would force herself in all the way and I was shocked to find out that I could take her cock into my throat! Lucy blew another huge load on my face and in my mouth and I swallowed what I could.

Lucy then asked those same words she always asks: Can I fuck you baby? I'm always reluctant as she is pretty thick and it's not a comfortable feeling for me. This time was a little different as she entered slowly and I have to say, it felt amazing. She thrusted her cock into me repeatedly and began to stroke my cock. I was out of my mind! She continued until I blew my load in complete exhileration. I have to say that I always have a great time with Lucy, but this was by far the best experience I have had with her yet! I had a shower to clean up and Lucy and I said out goodnights.

The next day, I got a text from Lucy telling me that she had a great time and reminded me about the 2 huge loads I sucked out of her, as if I need any reminder! The text the next day was the icing on the cake and just secured Lucy's place as the ONLY t-girl for me! I seem to only get to see Lucy about once per year, but I can assure you I won't be waiting as long to see her again.


Lucy arrived promptly and without alot of notice (although someone of her calibre certainly deserves a little more planning than I did) so I count myself lucky.

She arrived in a blue strapless dress and she was simply stunning... she came in and I even found her accent to be a turn on. I'll go into lots of detail in the members section, but Lucy is definitely worth the call and I will definitely see her again. Her attitude, body and performance were top notch and well worth the call.

Lucy greeted me with a little kiss, and she used the ladies room to freshen up a little. I had an envelope waiting, so there was no mention or tension at all. When she came out she walked up to me and simply turned around to have me unzip her dress. The treasures below that dark blue dress were amazing - she has beautiful breasts (and eyes) that were quite responsive to my touch. I made sure I got my mouth on them and she just pulled me closer.

I have to admit that my real interest was somewhat lower on her person... and my hands explored her body from neck to calves and then coming back to her thighs. Once I was at her pretty panties, I was very happy with what I found. I pulled those panties off and held her beautiful member in my hand.

It is no exaggeration that she has a very nice treat down there and I proceeded to give it some BB oral attention. She responded very quickly with a few soft moans and got very hard. I'm not very experienced at this but did my best and was surprised when after several minutes of long deep strokes, she grabbed the back of my head and started pumping. She shot her load into the back of my throat and pulled out to make sure I felt some on my face. She smiled and complimented me on my skills.

We sat and talked for a few minutes and it seems like just a few minutes and she was ready to go with some more oral attention for a few minutes.. when she was hard again, she then asked if she could fuck me - which I readily accepted. I had got on my knees on the bed, showed her the prize and she simply donned a cover, lubed us both, pressed her tool up against me and suddenly she was in. She was gentle and slow to get me settled, but proceeded with a long deep pounding. After I'd had enough (10 mins or so), she wasn't done yet and pulled off the cover and told me to suck her again. I was amazed when after some time she grabbed the back of my head again, thrust into my mouth reaching the back of my throat, and when she was ready pulled out and shot all over my face.

This was all in an hour - maybe a few mins more. She was the perfect mix of polite and gentle but with a 'pump and cum' attitude when it mattered.

I will definitely see her again next time I'm back in town. Absolutely my best experience to date. I have to wonder if she ever do doubles :)

by BOB (newfoundland)

I met with Lucy for the 2nd time now. First time was about three years ago. She looked even better this time when she opened the door! Greeted me in a warm welcoming manner that immediately puts you at ease. She lay on the bed and invited me to join her. She didn't have to ask twice. I started by sucking on her beautiful nipples, spending a long time on each, she really seemed to enjoy this. After giving her nipples adequate attention it was time to slide down her belly and put her beautiful semi hard cock in my mouth. It was a great feeling as she got hard in my mouth! I sucked her cock for quite some time and she was really enjoying it from the squirming of her hips to meet my mouth and the moans coming from her. She grabbed my head and rammed her hard cock deep into my throat! I thought I was going to choke on it but I was able to take her all the way down. All of a sudden she pulls out of my mouth and kneels over me and shoots her load all over my face and in my mouth. I lick up every drop! She pounds my mouth again for a short while and then asks if she can fuck me?

I was hesitant because I remembered the last visit with her and when she fucked me then it hurt a lot when she pounded me with her big cock. I said I was not sure but she told me she would be gentle. I asked her to lube me up good. She entered me slowly, it hurt a lot because she was so big and I was very tense. She pulled out and put just the head of her cock in me and moved it in and out slowly to give me time to relax. Not very long at this and I was begging her to fuck me - to which she was more than happy to oblige. She fucked me with long deep pounding strokes, every once in a while she pounded me fast and hard and deep - I could feel her balls bouncing on my ass as her cock was completely inside my tight ass. She fucked me for a long time and seemed to be enjoying it - every once in a while she would lean forward and nibble on my shoulders, damn she felt good! She said she was going to cum soon so I told her to shoot it on my face again. A couple of minutes later she pulled out of my ass - removed the condom and stood over my face shooting a second big load all over my face and into my waiting mouth. I licked and sucked up every drop of her juice. She again pounded my mouth hard and really deep for a few minutes, then abruptly she stopped pulled out of my mouth and spun me around on the bed. She had me lie on my back with my ass at the edge of the bed - she stood at the side of the bed put my legs up onto her shoulders and proceeded to pound my ass once again - very hard this time at a fast pace. She grabbed onto my cock which was rock hard and jerked it fast and hard to match the pounding she was giving my ass! After about ten minutes I could not take it anymore and shot my load all over her hands, she pounded my ass harder and faster and tensed up as she came for a third time in my ass.

After this we got up and each took turns showering. She did not rush at all in fact she was talking to me about different things and seemed to be totally relaxed which in turn put me at ease as well. In closing I will say this about Lucy - she is a beautiful lady, great body, she is exactly what she advertises (and more) and what everyone tells you in their reviews! I have been with only a few special ladies but most of them say their cock is huge and hard etc . . . only to turn out to be limp and flaccid when you actually meet. Not this way with Lucy! She got hard as soon as I put her cock in my mouth and she stayed hard the whole time we were together. She is a very special and amazing lady and I can't wait to meet her again!

Thank you Lucy - it has been two days now and I get instant wood thinking of the session we had!

by HOTTCOUPLE (newfoundland)

I am here to tell you we had an amazing time with this lady.. My partner and I booked Lucy for 2 hours on her last night in St. John's and had we booked earlier on her stay we would be taking out a loan to cover all the visits we could have had with her. She is absolutely stunning, beautiful, poised, gorgeous, killer body, everything about her screams "I am woman, hear me roar".

My partner and I had one of the best sexual experiences and we are not newbies by any means. If you were thinking about booking with Lucy while she was here and hadn't seen her, you missed out on a great experience. We can't wait for her return and will be saving "The Lucy" fund until then so we can enjoy more time with her.

Lucy knows what to do with what she has. And the deep passionate kissing we are used to and Lucy provided thats. her kisses was sweet and tender. All in all I would rank Lucy very high on the SP scale and like I said, one of the best sexual experiences my partner and I have had playing with another person.

by TEK1234 (newfoundland)

I called Lucy today she had just arrived at her hotel but agreed to meet me right away. When I arrived she greeted me wearing sexy lingerie, she is very beautiful.

We talked for a few minutes then proceeded to the bedroom & we both undressed,her body is so sexy, we lay on the bed & started kissing, I sucked her cock & nipples then kissed her again. It was then her turn to suck me, I only lasted a few minutes & I started cumming, when I finished we kissed again & I went to clean up, what made the session so intimate for me was the kissing, she even gave me a kiss just before I left.

She is a class act, and a must see. Lucy looks exactly the same in person as her photos, great body & perfect smile

by L.S

I love going to visit Lucy. This is about my 3rd visit to her. My first one was very similar to a lot of the posts here. My second one was a sissy fantasy I wanted to live out. But every since that one, I have been hooked on being a sissy and I had to see Lucy again.

When I arrived Lucy had asked another friend to attend. Another attractive special girl. (AMY) They led me upstairs and Lucy had me go put on my sissy outfit. I was wearing pink garters, panties, a satin babydoll. Lucy had me shave my whole body and make sure I looked as sissy as possible.

She was wearing an outfit I requested. It is in her recent photos. The set where she has the dark red flower in her hair and the soft red and black satin outfit. I had been fantasizing about it for months. I even tried to find it so I could wear it myself. She looked stunning in person in it

Lucy had her friend wear also some soft satin lingerie because she knows my obession with it.

Now the fun started. Lucy went into domination mode and broke out her video camera. She has a tv in her room that she normally plays porn on, but tonight she had the tv connected to the video camera feed. Lucy made me fall to my knees and take out Amy's pretty cock from her panties and begin to suck on it. Lucy stood back and filmed it all the while calling me a sissy and her little bitch who would do anything to please her.

My cock was leaking into my panties it was so hard as I continued to give this pretty special girl the best bj I could. Then after about 10 minutes, Lucy decided she couldn't wait any longer and switched places. The beautiful soft panties that contained her cock felt so good on my face as rubbed my face over the hard cock inside them. I remember looking at the tv and seeing her beautiful figure over top of me and me dressed like a llittle sissy in front of her. I almost came without really touching myself.

I couldnt wait any longer and pulled down her panties and inhaled her cock. It was heaven. Lucy was true to form and didn't wait long before she pulled her cock out of my mouth and blew cum all over my face. Again....heaven.

after Lucy blew first, Amy put the camera on the tripod and they threw me on the bed. Lucy began to carefully suck my cock because she knew I Was REALLY close. And Amy took my mind off it by force feedng me her pretty little cock.

Lucy in only a few minutes was hard again and put me on my hands and knees and slid her beautiful hard cock in to my ass. I looked at the tv again. I was wearing lingerie, garters, with Lucy's cock in my ass and Amy's in my mouth. I swear it was the most erotic thing I had ever seen.

Lucky kept fucking me for a while until Amy announced she wanted to have a turn. And they switched. I couldn't take it anymore. I needed to cum. But Lucy, had other plans first and her and Amy put me on my knees and made me suck one dick and than the other, over and over until they were both ready. I got what I wanted. two hard throbbing cocks blowing cum on me at the same time. It was incredible.

After that, I had to cum. Lucy knew that. She threw me on the bed and tit fucked me until I blew all over her amazing breasts.

After we cleaned up. Lucy gave me a pat on the ass and a kiss and sent me on my way.

Was the best sexual experience of my life. I have the video at home now. My poor cock is so worn out from watching it and jacking off to watching such an amazing experience.

xoxoxo thank you Lucy.

by Guesswhat

I was in Toronto only for a few days.... Contacting Lucy was really easy and we texted back and forth and I took a taxi over to her incall. She lives in a very nice upscale environment. She is a the whole package. Sophisticated,classy and so SEXY. I think she came three times in our one hour date. She came the first time when I was giving her a BBBJ.(a huge load in my mouth and face) Then with my head hanging over the edge of the bed fucked my mouth and rammed her hard cock all the way down my throat. Her balls resting on my face. She came again....but it was so deep was pass the swallow point. Then she fucked me silly in various positions and came again as she jerked me off. Having Lucykissing you as she fucks heavenly!! What a great way to end my business trip. Thank you Lucy! I look forward to seeing you again! You are so LUCKY to have Lucy in Toronto!!!

by bryanecw

I sent Lucy a text nice and early and she happened to be awake. After a couple quick texts I was on my way over. When I arrived at the door of her incall I was very pleased with what I saw upon opening. Lucy looked phenomenal and was welcoming right from the start.

After a quick freshening we were down to business and I had a great time. Lucy was easily the best girl that I've been with on this site. I don't have too many experiences to draw from but I honestly don't feel like I need any others at this point. Great chemistry, easy mood, awesome action... that's about all anyone needs! The part that amazed me most was that not once, but twice, in our session did Lucy blow a load on my face and then almost immediately start fucking me. I've never experienced that before and it was quite impressive/awesome.

I would happily recommend Lucy to anyone who is looking for someone who is everything (and more) that they advertise. The rate was on the higher end for the hour but again, I wouldn't hesitate for a moment to donate again in the future. Thanks for an awesome time Lucy!

by Calgary_2008

Wow I must say that Lucy is the best by far. I won't get into a lot but I will say she pounded my ass into submission, it was pretty hot. She then shot a nice load on my face in my mouth. I'd love to go back for more. You can't pass up meeting this true gem

by KC

It's been way too long since I saw Lucy (years) and I was able to see her a couple of weeks ago. I was in town on a Saturday morning and had made arrangements to meet Lucy at her place. Her new place to me. I was early, found parking no problem and went into Starbucks (across the street to kill some time) Lucy texted me when she was ready and I made my way over. Door was open and I was told to just come in and go upstairs. I'm a bit nosy and had to scout out the place as much as possible, scanning the lower level quickly. Well, my investigation came to an end when I saw Lucy standing at the top of the stairs. Oh my God, she was so damn sexy. When you have not seen someone for real for some time you forget how amazing they are in person. She was in a bra, panties, garter and stockings and it was just a fantasy come to life.

Well we did have some catching up to do and we spent about 15 minutes just talking, caressing lightly and me worshipping what I was about to devour. The amazing thing about the real professionals is that they have great memories. Lucy remembered conversations we had years ago about investing and other personal things. It was pretty wonderful to feel like we had not skipped a beat, like visiting a friend you had not seen in years and starting off where you left off.

So anticipation finally turns to passion and we start making out. Lucy quickly asks me to suck her cock and I oblige. I remember Lucy as being large pretty well endowed and I do my best to get it to attention. She gets hard and I quickly get in position to stroke our cocks together. Still one of my favorite things in the world. Lucy's breasts are incredible and she is still 100% passable as a female. Trust me, if you saw her in public, you'd have no idea of the wonderful surprise she has.

So Lucy and I take turns sucking and stroking each other, and she asks me to suck on her nipple. Well I don't think I ever knew this about her, but Lucy absolutely loves her nipple sucked. I'm in the middle of sucking her nipple and she stops me and points down at her cock and WOW. I had never seen it that big and hard. It was intimidating to say the least. Lucy get on her knees, I am on my back and she starts jamming her cock in my mouth. (I just got hard remembering this) 10 minutes ago I could get it all in my mouth, now I try and I am gagging. She asks me where I want her to cum and I don't even know if I answered and she pullsa out of my mouth, and I watch her magnificent cock shoot cum all over my face and some in my mouth.

Lucy had asked me if I wanted to top or bottom and I had decided (maybe when I saw her cock) that I would top. So Lucy gets on her knees, near the end of the bed, spreads her legs and leaves her hole exposed for my rock hard cock. Of course I cover up, and enter her. I always ask if they are OK, and I'm not the biggest guy so girls never seem to tell me go slow. LOL. I always tell them to slow down when I bottom. I enter her in pretty much one motion and start fucking. Lucy is moaning and enjoying herself and I am in ecstasy. The way Lucy's ass was perked up in that position was wild, and to see me fucking her and her face from the mirror in front of her was like watching my own personal porn, but I was in it. Lately I've been unable to cum with condoms, and once I go for awhile and my heart rate gets up there, I have a hard time cumming at all until I calm down. Lucy was not a clock watcher at all. We laid there after me ramming her, talking and more caressing. I go back to that nipple sucking, cause once I know your erogenous zones, I'm all over it, and she gets a fantastic boner again. So this time she is jerking off, I am jerking off and she asks me where I want her cum this time and I tell her to cum all over my hard cock. Well all she needed was instruction, cause she shoots her second load all over my cock. I'm jerking off and using her cum as lube. My second favorite thing. (but I still can't cum). Lucy start fucking my mouth again and it was the combination of feeling her soft cock getting hard and me stroking my cock and looking up at a Goddess fucking my face, and I blow my load. It was really intense.

Well, Lucy has the nicest place I have ever visited as far as providers go. One of the nicest, most modern layouts I've ever seen in person actually. She has towels out, shower clean and ready and I take a shower, dry off and we talk some more. I have to apologize as it was a long session and not once did she push me to leave. I never heard her phone or knew it was there and the entire time the attention was on me.

I have to say I am really glad to see that for this girl, service was always and still is her top priority.

Thanks Lucy, it was great to finally see you again


In Toronto on business, had promised to call Lucy last time she visited Ottawa and it just so happened that her friend Suzy was available too double my pleasure? I think so!

We met at Lucys apartment, very nice place; very clean, lots of parking, huge bed. Lucy left the door unlocked, when I went in they called me upstairs. At the top of the stairs, Lucy was waiting with very little on, Suzy was in the bedroom wearing her schoolgirl outfit. As Lucy and I walked into the bedroom, Suzy grabbed me and kissed me with those beautiful lips of hers, my hands found that big firm ass of hers and I was in heaven. Suzy put her hands on my shoulders and I went willingly to my knees. She lifted her skirt and showed me her barely there thong, which was doing nothing to contain her absolutely stunning cock. She turned around and I buried by tongue in her bottom to which she responded with some soft moans.

Lucys touch brought me from one ecstasy to another as I stood and faced her. We kissed as she unbuttoned my shift and brought me to the bed where Suzy lay waiting. She opened her legs and there was a vision I will remember for a very long time; even soft, she is very large, and the smirk on her face gave me some idea of what was to come. As I took her in my mouth, Lucy got on the bed behind me and I felt her hips against the back of my legs; grinding, thrusting, she entered me, gently at first, then harder and faster. Suzy grew in my mouth until her cock was pushing my head away from her. Suzy must have given Lucy a look, because the next thing I knew, Lucys hand was on the back of my head and I had all of Suzy down my throat. Her size was incredible!

Lucy filling me from behind, Suzy from the front, both hips bucking like women possessed, like they were trying to meet each other in the middle. Lucy came in me then her and Suzy traded places. When Suzy pressed the head of her cock against me I trembled in anticipation. Thank god she was gentle, for all the pounding the Lucy had just given me I was still not prepared. As I cleaned off Lucys cock, Suzy had her way with me. At first I wasn t sure I could take it all, but those two ladies are very skilled and with Lucys encouragement and Suzys insistent thrusting they again had me spit from both ends. Suzy climaxed in me and they lay me on my back with my head over the side of the bed. Lucyproceeded to throat fuck me while Suzy tended to my pleading erection. After a time (who knows how long) Lucy erupted all over my face then proceeded to smother me with her incredible ass.

While Lucy was riding my face, Suzy brought me to completion. Suzy, I tried to warn you, but me being under Lucys ass there is not a chance that you heard anything I said. Blinded by Lucys cheeks I didn t see it for myself, but by Suzys exclamation I gave her a bit of a facial, terribly sorry

I lay on the bed, totally spent, had a drink, chatted with Suzy while Lucy got cleaned up, then had a shower myself.

Amazing experience! For those of you in Toronto, I am extremely jealous; for everyone else, this is an experience you need to have at least once in your lives. Lucy, I know you don t travel much and I understand your reasons, but you will have a devoted paramour every time you visit Ottawa. Suzy I very much look forward to seeing you next month!

As a footnote, usually I would not include so much detail, but both Lucy and Suzy asked me to, so here you are.


After being on this board for 3 years and drooling over every pic Lucy has put on this board I decided to take the plunge and see the lovely Lucy.

This was my first real experience with a girl like Lucy. Not just from a tgirl perspective but from a pure beauty one as well.

After arriving at her condo her door opened which revealed Lucy wearing a sexy teddy with some black stockings. I followed her upstairs(what a view) and by this time the anticipation was killing me.

First off I am not someone who is overly confident in my appearance (packing a few extra pounds)which I think Lucy was aware of. She made me feel at ease over this which was greatly appreciated.

Since it was my first tgirl experience I told Lucy that I was only looking for an oral experience. She was fine with that and proceeded to reveal her lovely and what turned out to be tasty shecock. This being my first time performing fellatio I could tell that I have a lot to learn to become good at this skill. I loved every minute of it though and I can't think of anyone better than Lucy to help me practice.

I then asked Lucy if I could rim her. I love rimming a hot woman and I had been fantasizing about rimming Lucy from the 1st time I saw her pics. Lucy complimented me on this skill but like I said this was a labour of love.

After this we got into a 69. Her oral skills are outstanding. Her warm moist and wet mouth was bringing me to ecstasy. After a few minutes Lucyshot in my mouth. Simply Awesome. I told Lucy that this wasn't enough and I wanted to taste her again. This unbelievably gorgeous lady rose to the occasion and not even 10 minutes later after more oral she did it again.

As I was leaving I asked Lucy to let me buy her a drink at GH and also asked(begged more like it) Lucy if I could have one more taste of that sweet ass. She happily obliged my somewhat feeble request. It was an unforgettable experience with an equally unforgettably beautiful and professional lady.


Hell Yes!

by HUNG8

i have seen Lucy about 4-5 times at least by now. but today i wanted to do something different with her. i wanted to do a threesome with her and Suzy. but Suzy wasn't available so Lucy gladly called Natilie.

There is another twist i wanted to add and it was a scenario type session. so i sent Lucy an email and explained everything i wanted which Lucy gladly accepted and read over for me. I will explain the whole session how it went down as one of my fantasy scenarios.

I was up in Lucy's room going through her underwear when Lucy and Natilie came up the stairs only to catch me in the act.

Lucy asked what the hell i was doing and i begged and pleaded to let me go and not call the cops and that i would do anything. So Lucy had an idea, which was to make me their slut for the next little while. I had to agree to be let go, so i did what i was told and got on my knees and started sucking Lucy's delicious cock. Lucy called me all sorts of dirty names while Natilie came from behind me and started shoving a but plug up my ass to get me loosened. this went on for a while and when Lucy was ready she told me to get on the bed and get ready to get fucked!

I was "forced" to suck Natilie's cock while Lucy slapped a condom on and started working in my ass with her beautiful cock. Oh man i wanted to resist but both ladies were so incredibly beautiful i couldn't look away.

i saw Natalie moaning and telling me to suck her cock as i took it all down. Lucy was banging me from behind and calling me their cock slut and telling me to go deeper on Natalie. i was in fucking heaven.

after they were done with that position Lucy told me to get on the bed this time on my back and bend my head back so she can face fuck me. Natalie was jerking me off and telling Lucy to go deeper and deeper in my throat. Lucy finally let out a big load in my mouth and i drank every last drip of it just like i was told. i gladly licked her cock clean of all the cum and just kept sucking and sucking. Lucy came again in my mouth, WOW! she is like a machine.

Natalie is also so gorgeous and what a great body too. let me tell you i would have done anything those girls would have told me to Lucy and Natalie were not done with me yet. They both demanded me to get on my back again and Lucy lifted up my legs while Natalie stuffed her cock down my throat. I was going to be their sex slave for as long as they wanted. Lucy pounded away at me while i sucked Natalie off and Lucy would keep jerking me off. Natalie cummed in my mouth, and i few seconds after i came as Lucy jerked me harder.

They both ended it by taking some of my cum and making me lick it off their fingers.

WOOWWWWW this was definitely one of my fantasies and i got to live it out with two beautiful great shemales. Natalie doesn't get reviewed on here often or least i haven't seen very much however she has a great personality, gorgeous, and a beautiful body. My only regret is i wish i had it all on tape so i can watch it over and over again.

I honestly got hard just writing out this session as i pictured it all happening again.

If your on this forum and you haven't tried either one of these girls, i don't know why you are even on this site then because they are both amazing!


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