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Yours truly, Lucy Bisset

by FirstTimer

My first time with Lucy was the most memorable erotic time ever. I did not know what to excpect from a woman with something (extra). She was absoulutely gorgeous. I had looked at a few on a website and her hair had caught my eyes. Beautiful long blonde hair. A very busty chest. A beautiful set of eyes. and her skin was so soft and flawless. Just looking at her pictures, and then I noticed she has a website. So I typed it in. I went straight to the galleries to see more of her, to see if she was going to be the first woman that I would have an experience with.

I am a 18 year old. Average build, and stand just as tall, as Lucy. I am considered better than average looking, or so I have been told cute. I took her number down and put it in my wallet. I figured the next time I go to Toronto, I would see if we could meet. A few weeks had gone by, and I had thought of her so much that I could not wait any more. I decided to go see her. As nervous as I was, my cock was getting hard while thinking of her on the drive.

I didnt know what to do with her, and hope she would teach me or guide me through. I had arrived at her place of residence. I had rang the bell. A soft voice had answered. And I said hello. She had opened the door. And my mouth was watering.

She asked me in. There she was the first time I had ever seen her in real life. She was wearing tight jeans, and a very nice blouse. Not to mention high heels. She was a little taller than I. She had closed the door. I had removed my shoes, and she had invited me in to the living room which was very nicely decorated. I could not believe I was doing this. She was stunning. I could date her and know one would know she had "something extra", even in the tight jeans, I could not even notice a cock was there. Her breasts looked very firm in her blouse. She was hot. My imagination started to run wild. She had told me to have a seat on the couch, as she sat down with me.

Her hand went behind my head, and she looked at me and had asked what I would like. I wasnt sure what to say. I was shy, nervous, and speechless. So she kinda filled in the blank, and took my hand and placed it on her breast. I smiled, and she leaned over and started to kiss me. Her kiss was like a real woman. I started to get in to it, and slowly rubbed her breast, and then the next one.

My cock started to get hard. Her tongue was reaching for mine, and I had given in and started french kissing her. Her hand went slowly down my side, and across my waist and started to rub my rock hard cock by now. She stopped kissing me and had told me to get out of my pants before I get uncomfortable. I stood up and undid my button, and then my zipper. She pulled my pants down to my knees, and was directly staring at my cock. She looked up at me, and told me I was really excited. I told her this is my first time. She smiled, and stood up and slowly removed my shirt. My cock was pressing against hers. I was still very nervous. My hands were at my side, and she had asked me to sit back down. She then turned around, and slowly removed her blouse. Then she turned around, and asked me to help her with her pants. I undid her button, and then the zipper, and she wiggled her ass out of them, and all of a sudden her cock sprung out directly in my face. I was looking at a semi erect cock. she remover her high heels, and then her jeans.

She asked me if I would like to explore her cock with my mouth. I looked up at her, and my hand wrapped around her cock. she told me to put it in my mouth. She was going to teach me how to suck cock. I licked it, and massaged her scrotum and started to take her a little further in my mouth with slow strokes.

I had felt one hand on the back of my head, and her starting to move her hips in and out. I stroked her cock with my hand, going the full length. She looked down at me and told me to get her cock wetter. I didn't know what to do. A few minutes after, she had told me to get it wetter by spitting my saliva on it and putting it back in my mouth. I did what she asked. She told me to remove my hand from her cock, and she placed both hands on the back of my head, and started to push in deeper. I started to gag a little. She said that was normal for first time cock sucking. So I let her continue. I started to stroke my cock, and I was wet with a hell of alot of precum. She then aske me if I have ever had a cock in my ass. I had said no.

She pulled her cock from my mouth, and told me to lay back on the couch, and she pulled my legs closer to her and my ass hanging half of the couch. she reached over to the table and took a bottle of something and squeezed a little on her finger. she then started to circl my ass with her middle finger, and slowly penetrate me.

She took her other hand, and grabbed my cock and slowly began to stoke me. I was feeling very relaxed, and she was ever so gentle. She looked at me and asked if I would like to feel her cock in my ass. I told her as long as it doesnt hurt. she assured me it wouldnt. She got on her knees, and took a condom from the table, and began to put the condom on her cock. Her cock was very hard. She took the lube and putt some on her condom covered cock, and then massaged more on my ass. She grabbed her cock and slowly placed it to the entrance of my well lubed ass, and proceeded to push her cock in my ass.

She then took her hand away and placed them both on my waist, and began to slowly pump her cock in my ass. It was thick. She wasnt all the way in. She looked at me, and said "you got a virgin ass". I said "yes", your the first one to get something in there. She smiled and leaned in to me to kiss me while pushing deeper in my ass with her hard rock cock. she was going in my ass slowly for a good time. She was smiling at me and kissing me here and there. she pulled out her cock from my ass, and asked if I would try a different position.I looked her in the eyes and told her that she was the one that was guiding me. I obligied to her request and she pulled her cock fully out. She had told me to sand up so she could sit on the couch. I did so. She then directed me to face her, and get on my knees on the couch, squating above her cock. She was inches away from my wet ass. And told me to slowly sit down on her cock. I guided my ass to her cock. She had her hand holding cock upright for me. Her cock head found the spot and she removed her hand, and slowly started to push her cock a little further in me.

I felt my ass stretch again to her cock. She did not pull back, but kept going further up my ass. I started to move up when she went deep, and her hands grabbed my waist and hel me there till she went deeper. I felt my ass was going to explode and she pulled back the the tip of her cock, and she did not pull me back on her. I was the one who gripped her cock not to pull out, and pushed my ass deep on her cock. I was starting to enjoy the feeling of her cock going in and out of my ass. I suddenly grabbed my cock and started to stroke myself. I felt my cock hard and wet from precum, and I was starting to feel wild. I stroked my cock the whole length, and I was doing with her hand, and never even noticed.

I didnt know what to do. I was liking my cock getting stroked, and here I was doing it with Lucy's hand. Her hands were so soft, I could not even feel my hand on hers. But I clearly seen her hand on my cock. It was hot, and I liked it. I had her cock in my ass, so deep after a few minutes of the wild sensation she was giving me in my hand I didnt feel her going deeper from behind. It never dawned on me.......she then looks at me, and says, "you want me to cum in your ass". I didnt know what to say, nor could I have a choice...she was blowing her load already.....while speaking.....and her hand on my cock.......made me blow seconds after her.

She then tells me to get off her cock.....(and she has my cum all over her tits) and tells me to lick her tits.....I slowly tried, and she pushed my head a little, and said "its okay". I licked her breasts, and she pulls me closer to her nipples, and told me to suck her nipples, and which were erect and told me to suck hard on them. I did, and I thought I was in heaven.......I now know why some kids like breast feeding. Lucy......damn, she has a nice set of nipples to suck. I have sucked nipples on tits, and I liked. With Lucy this was something like your girlfriend with something "Extra" in a wild technique! She pulled her condom off her cock and it glistened with cum. She edged my way to her cock to let me know I wasnt done. She told me to suck her cock a little and she would cum in my mouth. I took her in my mouth, and she moaned and a few strokes from my hand there she was blowing one more load in my mouth.

I loved my encounter with Lucy.

Any one would call her after talking with me. I could show you my pic.

I asked for one pic of her and I. She took a pic alright. And I like it!

by NotAmerican

I wanted more of Lucy. I couldnt help myself in going to see her. Alot. She is always looking hot. Her breasts so perfect. Her cock knows how to throb, and she knows how to use it. She loves penetrating a mouth. She is dominant every time I go see her, and she likes that idea.

I went to see her again. She told me she wanted to see more of what I can do. She told me she has a friend at an adult store and wanted to take me there to meet her. So we decided to go. We got to the store. And there at the counter was a gorgoues woman. Little did I know she was a shemale. Lucy informed her that we are looking for a big toy.

The girl had taken us to the aisle where we could see alot of toys. But Lucy couldnt not find what she was looking for. She looked at her friend and said " im looking for at least 14" and thick, with a suction cup base". All the while looking at me. She took our hands and we went to the back and in through a door, and she left. I started kissing Lucy deeply and feeling her beautiful ass and feeling her tongue going down my throat.

Her friend had returned, and in her hand she had exactly what Lucy was looking for. And a few bottles of lube. She said she locked the front door, and put the sign in the window "back in an hour". My cock started to get erect. Her friend pulled Lucy away from me and started to caress my ass, while kissing me. Lucy started to undress me with her hands around my waist. I was sandwiched between the two. Lucy got my pants down, and then my underwear. She bagan to stroke my cock. Her hands were so soft, I felt I was going to blow my load right there. Her friend stopped, and began to undress in front of me. She was sexy, nice c cup titties, and an 8" thick cock. Next Lucy started to undress. I felt her cock rubbing against my ass. She whispered in my ear as she nibbled, "your going to like this". Her friend took the 14" dildo and slipped it on her 8" cock. It was a very large cock extension. She told me to get on all fours.

I did as I was told. Lucy had taken the lube, and massged it around my ass before opening my hole to fill it up with the whole bottle. Her friend started to rub the monster around my hole. Teasing me with the tip, before entering my ass an inch at a time. Lucy spread my ass cheeks wide And help guide the 14" deep for her friend. Lucy had her cock in her hand stroking it slowly with the remaing lube on her hand.

Her friend got 11" in me from behind. Lucy told her " i think he can take more" "He's a shemale lover, he can deepthroat, and loves to swallow cum, and hes a naughty guy"

Her friend pushed deeper to 13". I started to whimper just as Lucy shoved her cock in my mouth, and started fucking my throat. Both of them were filling me up. Lucy's nut sack was very swollen, and I dont think she has cum in a few days. With in a few minutes Lucy began thrusting deeper in my throat. She shoved her cock so deep and held her cock in my throat and started to cum in buckets straight down. She began fucking my throat more and still cumming. She pulled her cock out and told me to clean her up.

She looked at her friend and asked if she wanted a turn at my mouth, and within a few seconds they both changed positions. Lucy knew what she was doing. Her friend grabbed my head with one hand, and the other at the bottom of my throat and vigoursly started drilling her meat in my throat. Lucy had told her to hold my head deep on her cock when she cums. Lucy was filling my ass with the monster and finally was able to have it all disappear. She held 14" of monster dildo in my ass while her friend, grabbed my head and shoved her cock down my throat and started to cum.

She pulled out and got dressed and left the room. Lucy had pulled the monster from my ass, and also got dressed and left the room. I finally got dressed and wiped up, and went out the door to see Lucy and her friend giggling and looking at me as I came up to them and giving Lucy a kiss and telling her friend thank you, she said " no, thank you" Her friend asked if she could take me home. Lucy had looked at her and said. "He comes home with me, but if you like you may come over"

Lucy and I had gotten back to her place in a few short minutes. I could not keep my eyes off her sexy body. I just kept staring at her beautiful ass. As we walked in to her living room, she had turned to ask me a question, and got me staring at her ass. She asked if I liked her ass and I had said I did very much. We got into the living room. She slowly removed her clothes and got on her knees facing the wall on the couch. She looked at me and told me to come over and worship her ass. I slowly moved my hands over her ass, and carressed each cheek. I kissed her waist and she began to moan in ecstacy. I started to lick little circles around her ass, and her hand came around and parted her cheek from the other and to me to go in deep with my tongue. I tongue fucked her tight hole as she was stroking her cock.

All of a sudden the bell rang to her apartment. She quickly got dressed and answered the door. A few minutes later, I had noticed her friend from the adult store come into the living room. Her friend was carrying a bag. I did not dare ask. Lucy quickly removed her clothes and got back in the position to feel the strength of my tongue in her ass. Her friend was enjoying what she was seeing. I had heard her start to get comfy, and then proped her self beside Lucy and was looking for the same attention. I obliged and start caressing her ass with my hand and switched every once in awhile. It felt like hours of ass licking and fucking. And her friend got up and got her bag, and pulled out the 14" monster dildo, and some more lube. She put it on and sat on the couch, and looked at me and said" Wanna take it for a deep ride"?

I was quick to get on it. Lucy though it was hot as her friend was plunging away at my ass with 14" Lucy put one leg on the couch and started working my mouth over again. I was getting drilled again for the second time in less than 20 minutes. Lucy told me to ride it all and go faster and deeper. The faster I went the faster she went on my mouth, and within a few minutes, she blew another load in my mouth.

She told her friend to take the monster off her cock, and let me squat on it, while they both fuck my mouth. I did so with ease. Sure enough her friend sat back on the couch, and pulled my head over and told me to suck her cock. Lucy had taken possession of the toy, and started to feed me from behind while I was sucking her friend off. A few more deepthroats and her friend is blowing a load of cum in my mouth. Lucy kept drilling my ass. She was horny as hell. She never seen one take a monster like that. Soon it was over, and her friend had said good bye. lucy had me for the rest of the night to herself.

by The Connoisseur

Lucy is in a league by herself.

She is drop dead gorgeous from head to toe. She is extraordinarily genuine and personable. And she has a libido that borders on the insatiable.

Treat her with the generosity and respect she deserves and you will be rewarded beyond your dreams - whatever they might be.

by CockLuvr83

I couldn't keep my fingers from dialing her number. She answered the phone and knew right away who I was. Lucy had told me to come over. and the sound in her voice felt as if she wanted me to come over as bad as I wanted to.

I got to her apartment, and I knocked. A few seconds had gone by and the door opened. One of her friends had opened the door, and she introduced herself as Angelina. She took my hand, and led me into the apartment where I saw Lucy, and another friend on the couch.

I have never met this one before. she looked cute. I wasnt sure if she was a transexual or not and I wasnt going to ask. I had an idea. Angelina had sat me down on the chair, and she then sat on my lap. My cock started to get a little hard. I was sure that Angelina was pure female. She looked at me and smiled, and proceeded to get on the floor before me and unzip my pants to let my cock free.

She took me in her mouth. Lucy and the other had gotten up, and proceeded to come over to us. Lucy undressed from her hot little out fit and was down to her gartes and bra. Her friend had done the same. I could now see there were two hot shemales in front of me.

Angelina kept devouring my cock and getting me hard as Lucy was stroking her cock in front of my mouth, and slowly pushing it in to get me to suck her cock. Her friend was undressing Angelina while she was stroking her cock and guiding it from behind her to penetrate Angelina. She had a big cock. And for the tiny frame she had, her cock must of been 9 or 10 inches. I was getting curious while all along Lucy was having her way with my mouth. Lucy must have enjoyed my mouth the previous times as she knew I could deepthroat 9" of her other friends cock. I was sure she brought over this friend to see if I could deepthroat her to.

Angelina then took her mouth off my cock and removed herself for Lucy's friend. Lucy took her cock out of my mouth, and her other friend stood before me with one huge piece. It was hard as a rock and thick. It looked bigger then any I have had. Lucy took my hands and held them behind my back, Angelina held my head as the huge cock inched slower to my mouth. I opened up for her, and she slowly began to go into my mouth, not stopping.

3", 5", 7", 9" and she got every inch down my throat. 10" disappeared in my throat. Lucy said "I told he can deepthroat" Her friend smiled, and began slowly fucking my throat. Angeling started to massage my throat and could feel the massive cock inside. She had said if you massage the throat while getting it fucked, means you will have no problem taking 12" I got turned on by the thought.She then started rubbing my cock.

Lucy wanted more. She wanted to fuck my ass, and get it ready and primed for the big one. I think she liked me some. Knowing I can suck and get double fucked. They all stopped, and pulled me to the floor and got me on all fours. Lucy squated behind me, and slowly pushed her covered cock in my eager ass. And started plunging away at it. Her friend got down and lay in front of me with her cock straight up so Angelina and I could share the 10" cock. Lucy began pumping my ass deeper and harder as she grabbed my waist and drove it deep and started blowing her load while deep in my ass.

Her friend rolled a condom onto her 10" cock and told me to squat on it. Lucy guided me on top of her. And slowly pushed me down on this enormous cock. I took it all. I started to ride it all from tip to base, and Angelina came over and spread my ass cheeks apart to watch it go deeper in my hole. I could feels her nut sack slapping my ass.

Lucy was watching this all. She wanted more. She had me lean forward, and told Angelina to spread my ass wider so she could get her cock in there too. Lucy had no problem getting her cock on top of her friends and both of them working my hole real good.

I felt them both get harder and ready to blow a load. The monster cock didnt want to cum in my ass. she wanted to see me deepthroat her while she was cumming in my throat. We all stopped for a second, and Angelina had told me to lay upside down on he couch. Lucy's friend stripped off the condom, and began to fuck my mouth until she blew her load.

She was really going at it. Lucy was stroking my cock,Angelina was licking the tip. I felt the biggest load of cum shoot straight down my throat, and then I was right there after. 10"kept plunging in and out till she was done cumming.

And then Lucy looked Angelina and said " he can take a few big cocks, next time we get a 12" dildo and a thick one to see how much of his ass can stretch. And we will try to get two big 10" cocks in his ass with mine too"!

by YourProperty

Called up Lucy and arranged to see her and her shemale friend. She has a place in the bloor & jarvis area,plenty of parking spots.I asked her if any of her friends can join us.and she said she can arrange that. I said I would be over in 2 hours, and she said that it would be okay. I had approached her apartment door, and there was a nice music going on.

I knocked on the door, and Lucy's friend opened the door wearing a tight fitting black dress that clung to a small but smoking hot body, with a nice c-size cup that looked very good with her small frame.

She took my hand and pulled me in, and had a great big smile on her face. She pulled me close and kissed me and said "thanx for coming over". I wasnt sure what to say. She took me to the bedroom where I had seen Lucy sitting in the chair, with her laptop in front of her, and wearing a very sexy outfit. Her body was so hot.

I looked at her, and she said to me "are you ready to be used by us", and holding her cock in her hand firmly, "you will have this, and my friends as well" I smiled, and she pushed my head down to suck her cock, as her friend pulled her monster cock out and told me to take it all.

Lucy pushed my head down on 9" of cock, and her friend never moved. I was forced to suck 9" of meat. They both giggled and laughed. And in the corner of my eye both stroking their cocks. Then Lucy forced me between her legs and started fucking my mouth. She knew from the last time I took her friends 9" monster. Now she was gonna show her friend what she does with her hard cock. She made me gag, and cough. Her friend told her to slow down. Then she stopped and her friend took her meat and did the same.

I was horny as hell.

They couldnt wait,as they started to rip my clothes off. My cock was hard, and there I was totally naked in the bedroom. Lucy bent me over the bed, and her friend sat in the chair, and watched. Lucy had lubed her cock, and then my ass.

She penetrated me in one thrust. She grabbed my waist and started plunging in and out of my ass for a good couple of minutes and then she pulled her cock out and pushed me on top of her friends and told me to fuck her meat. I did so as she pushed me down deep on her friends swollen cock.

She then stood beside me and grabbed my head and drove her cock in and out of my mouth.

This was incredible. I think they wanted to see what I can handle. Lucy then pulled me off, and her friend lay on the floor and told me to face her friend and sit on her cock. I did that and she went behind me and mounted me from behind. Both of them were taking my ass. Stretching it and filling it deep. I think I started to feel them get bigger. I knew they were ready to cum. They both stood up and I got on my knees and they both forced there cock in and out of my mouth.

Lucy's friend then grabbed my head and drove her cock in my mouth and started to cum down my throat. It was so much cum I couldnt swallow it fast enough, then Lucy did the same. She couldnt stop cumming, and started to drip from my mouth and she pulled out and cum all over my face.

I got up, wiped my mouth, and Lucy came over and french kissed me, and said thanks for everything... Overall, the sex was amazing, and I had a wicked time. She is not a clock watcher and does not answer calls while you're there which I appreciate.

Repeat, hell yea..

by Alali

This is my first review post and I felt obliged to inform everyone how awesome Lucy is. I am young college student who visits Toronto occasionally. I wanted to see a shemale for my first time experience for a couple years now. I began having fantasies about an experience with a transsexual woman since I was about 16. Well yesterday I made that giant leap and saw LUCY!!! Coming to a decision into which woman to see was difficult as I narrowed it down to the two girls who have the best reviews. I eventually came to the decision to see Lucy, simply because her beauty in the pictures left me numb and how professional her website and pics were. I wanted to see a true professional provider.

Being my first time I was incredibly nervous in contacting her. It was easy to call her, she was warm on the phone, and even her voice sounded so feminine and sexy. And like previous reviews when the moment arrived when I knocked on her door and she opened it, there stood one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. Everything about her is perfect. She quickly welcomes me in her home and directs me to the room. In her room there is a giant flat screen playing tgirl porn. We convered for a little bit and continued with business. What I love about Lucy is that she really becomes your girl friend for the hour. She hugs and kisses like your girl friend and most importantly she can do something that your girl friend can't do-that is Fuck the living day lights out of you.

After I got comfortable on her bed she removes her bra and her beautiful double DD breast are revealed. I wanted to immediately go for them and suck them but she quickly removes her panties. Her dick is so incredibly. It is compeletly shaved and about 7inches. I immediately grab for it as she was standing in front of me. She tells me to lie down and asks me what I wanted to experience and I tell her I wanted to play a submissive role. We both lay down together and she orders me to suck her cock. And I dove down swallowing it whole. Her cock tasted incredible. After some oral. She asks me if I wanted to get fucked now? I said yes of course and she proceeds with beginning to enter me with my stomach against the bed. She first lubes me up and loosen me up with a dildo and after the dildo play bangs her cock in. And she began the pounding. It hurt at first, but after a couple minutes I was in complete ectasy. She went on fucking me for a good while in a multitude of positions from on my stomach to on my back to doggy style. She is like the energizer bunny times 10. She can fuck forever. After some time of I receiving anal and I was on my back on the edge of the bed and she standing over me banging me hard she began to stroke my cock quickly. I couldn't take it after a couple minutes of getting pounded and the hand job simultaneously and busted the largest load that I can remember in my entire life, and quickly after she came while she was inside me. My amateur ass is still sore from the pounding she gave.

Overall the experience was beyond terrrific. Lucy is a friendly, beautiful woman who can satisfy any man. The only downside to my experience was that I didn't get the chance to taste her warm juices. Will I repeat?: HELL YES!!! And do I recommend her?: YES YES YES. NO DOUBT!!! She is a wonderful woman beautiful both in the inside and out.

by NotAmerican

I called Lucy and asked her about organizing a group session and how many shemales she could get to join us. She told me not to worry as she knew all the Toronto girls. I made an overnight appointment with her.

I was unaware of what to expect as I got to the front door of her apartment. She opened the door slowly, my eyes were focused on the legs that shined very nicely, and she welcomed me in. She was beautiful. She took my hand and led me to the living room and asked if I would like a drink.Sure I said, and she turn around slowly and proceeded to the kitchen. Her figure was absoultely gorgeous, her tight ass was perfect.Her high heels made her legs go way up to her neck.

She returned with my drink, and had a very devilish smile on her face and gave me a kiss as she handed me my drink. The phone had rang, and she excused her self to answer it. She was not gone long. And came back to sit down with me. She had placed her hand on my leg and slowly rubbed it. She looked at me and asked what is it I would like. I had said to her, I will try anything! She then looked deeper in my eyes and I could see she was dominant. She then stood up in front of me and her skirt inches away from my face.

She slowly raised her skirt, and she was wearing nothing but a garter belt and stockings. She took her cock in her hand and slowly raised it to my mouth, while I was looking up to her. She said " open your mouth and suck my cock". I opened eagerly as she slowly removed her hand and guided her cock in my mouth. I felt her hand on the back of my head as I took her in slowly.

I could not believe I was getting turned on. Her cock was getting harder and thicker. I dont think she liked the slow aspect of my mouth. I felt both her hands grab the back of my head and she started pumping her 8" cock in my throat.

I looked up at her, with her cock in my mouth and she looked down at me and said "you like to get throat fucked dont you!" She knew I did, and pulled her cock out and told me to lay on my back with my head hanging over the edge. She stood behind me and guided her cock in my mouth again. It went further and she plunged away at it till the door bell rang.

My mouth was filled with saliva. I was hard and still in my clothes. I heard voices in the back ground, and walking towards me. I heard another female voice. All off a sudden I felt a semi erect cock going in my mouth, and it didnt take long to get hard. It was bigger than the first one. It was going down my throat easily. I felt my clothes starting to be removed. I had two girls on me at once. I was naked now, and feeling lube being spread around my tight little ass hole. It started to get fingered. Then I did not feel the finger any more. I felt my ass getting opened by a cock, and buried in my deep ass. My throat was getting fucked, my ass was getting fucked. And it was pleasurable.

It felt like hours had gone by, and they both swapped positions. I was taking at least 9" and thick cock meat in my ass, and getting throat fucked by the first cock that I had in my mouth when I first came to the womans apartment.

All of a sudden the door bell rings again. Now I just feel the well endowed woman in my ass. She is lovingly giving me every inch of her cock meat! She withdrawls her massive cock, and turns me over on my stomach, and tells me to get on my knees. I willingly oblige, and she squats, above my ass with her huge tool and slowly enters my ass, and not stop all the way down, and then pulls out, and goes right back in and continues to pick up the pace. I feel the head of her cock pulling out and going in every time. Opening my hole is what she wants to do.

Now I feel a cock in one hand, and another semi erect cock going in my mouth. Im feeling three cocks around me. I am not sure whom is whom. I dont care.Soon I am told to sit on top of one of the girls, and ride the cock to its base! Next I feel a second cock starting to enter my ass, and if im not mistaken its the big one.I got two cocks in my ass, having there way with it. The third cock is plunging in and out of my mouth. Im getting fucked by three shemales! I feel like a male whore.

These girls are dominant, and they like to seriously fuck! They throat fuck hard and ass fuck hard. These girls know what they are doing. And again the damn door bell rings again. Im not sure who or what it would be. Im not sure if one more cock came around if I could handle it. Well now I still feel the two cocks having there way with my ass. I was moaning loud and they kept driving there meat in me like they didnt care, besides I was loving it.

Here I am now on all fours on the bed, both cocks have withdrawn from my ass. Now my head is at the bed and I feel a set of hands grab my head, and thrusting a cock in my mouth. Forcefully feeding my mouth cock meat for a couple of minutes, then she withdrawls, and climbs behind me and starts plunging in and out of my well lubed and stretched hole. And another cock enters my mouth doing the same, forcing inches down my throat, and a thrusting cock pounding my ass.

My ass is now wanting bigger and more, I feel the massive cock of the one girl going in me again, I have a cock in my mouth, and now they are holding me up and I have a cock in each hand, And I am sucking them all and stroking them. The 9 " girl is loving my ass, the one girl is loving my throat as I gag a little here and there, but she still keeps driving meat down my throat! Within a few minutes and a few hours later of throat and ass abuse, the 9" girl is still pounding my ass. The other three girls are all stroking there cocks and are ready to come."Open your mouth" is all I hear. I do so, and cum starts pouring inside my mouth and on my face. Cock goes in and out filling my mouth with hot cum.

Now the big cocked girl with drawls from my ass, and gets on her knees on the bed, and tells me to turn around and open my mouth. I open wide and she starts plunging 9" in and out of my throat. Im taking every inch of her down my throat, then she drives so far down and holds my head, and starts blowing her load straight down my throat. I could not believe I did not gag at all on that 9" cock!

The smell of sex filled the air.and all was quiet. I did not here the girls. Lucy joined me on the bed agian. I am taking it that it was just the two of us, and it was. She got on her knees and told me to do exactly what I did with the 9" girl. I let her have her way with my mouth for when she was ready to cum. And she did exactly what the other had done. This was alot more cum in my throat then all three of them together. It was hot.

Throughout the nite the door bell rang, the girls came in and out of the hostesses apartment. coming in to abuse a throat and ass. It was a long night, and I felt so many cocks in my throat and ass, not to mention I swallowed alot of cum!

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