Lucy Bisset - Toronto Shemale Escort

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Yours truly, Lucy Bisset

by DJANGO 114

So after years of creeping Lucy's pictures and reading her reviews I finally got myself downtown Toronto for T-Girl pride night. I went out to the Club where I read that she frequents and saw some pretty amazing T-Girls. The atmosphere was relaxed and everyone seemed to be having a good time (I know I certainly was). I was very nervous because it had been a while since I had been with anyone like those beautiful girls. I was sitting in a booth taking in all of the stunning sights quietly having a few drinks when all of a sudden Lucy walked in. Everyone's head turned as she walked in; with jaws dropped and tongues on the floor Lucy had arrived. 

I drank my beer as quickly as possible so that I could muster up the courage to talk to her. After making my way up to the bar and ordering some more liquid courage her name was called to the dance floor. With style and grace, beauty and elegance, and angelic like dance moves she hypnotized the entire club. It was as if time stood still for a few minutes just because Lucy was moving her exquisite body. 

From the tips of her toes to her ripe melon like breasts, from her ambitious hands to her ineffable curly hair, from her bodacious curves to her alluring smile; she glistened across the dance floor like a FUCKING swan.

After she was finished dancing it seemed like every time I would get up enough courage to talk to her someone else would be talking to her. However, there were a couple of times where I passed her way and our eyes met and each time I got chills. Needless to say I didn’t get the courage to talk to her.

Back at my hotel room I was very disappointed with my lack of a ball sack so I sent her a text and told her that I would love nothing more than to meet her the next day. She was quick to reply and it the date was set. 

I got to her place the next day and I was told that the door was open and just to walk in. I took my shoes off and I looked at the top of the stairs and there was Lucy! She had on some lingerie that made me instantly hard. She walked me up stairs into her bedroom (her home is amazing by the way) where we talked for a bit about what I did for a living and what I like in bed. However, she is so fucking beautiful that all of the requests that I had completely evaded me and I said lets just see where we end up.

By this time we were completely naked and started kissing. I licked her neck, her breasts, and then all the way down to her stiff rock hard cock. She started moaning and pulled my head on the her cock where I spent a good fifteen minutes just going to town on her before she sat me back and came all over my face and into my mouth. 

I then started to suck her some more and she said that she wanted to fuck me. Who was I to deny this beautiful creature the tightness of my butt? She had me lie down on my stomach where she entered me and with some careful pelvic thrusts she started to fuck me. She fucked me so unbelievably well that I started laughing and could not stop smiling. She fucked in front of her mirror where my eyes did move from her seductive and alluring body. 

After that she told me to get on my back where she pulled my ass over to the side of the bed and as she stood over me entered my ass for a second time. I have to say that with out a doubt I have never been fucked like this before. The moans and groans that I let out were out of pure ecstasy. She really knows how to use her tool. She came on my face and in my mouth for second time and that load was bigger than the first.  After all of the fucking she gave me a towel and let me use her shower. After getting clean we made some talked for a bit and then she walked me downstairs and gave me a kiss goodbye and said “CUM BACK SOON”. 

After traveling overseas and being with my share of TS beauties I can honestly say that Lucy is without a doubt the best that I have ever had, I’ll even say that she was better than my girlfriend (and I didn’t even fuck Lucy). She has ruined me for all other TS’s. I don’t think that I will ever be the same. I am truly TransLucyfied. 

The next time I am in Toronto however, I am going to fuck her the same way she fucked me on that unbelievably earth shattering day. I count the days till I am in Toronto next because her place is the first place that I will be going to. She doesn’t lie when she says that she is the best; believe it because it’s true. 

by Mr Clean

Truly the best......a perfect masterpiece...........

I am writing this for the first time but I have been thinking about my adventures with Lucy for many years.  I had tried a couple of special gurls before I met Lucy and I must admit I couldn't get over Lucy's beauty, inside and out. 

She has a special gift to make you feel at ease but at the same time totally desire her in every way. I can't explain to everyone the best encounter I have had with Lucy, I find everytime I see her to be a gift that I appreciate every time I see her.

Lucy's pictures look good but if you ever get lucky enough to spend some time with her you will see how beautiful she truly is.

I have been traveling and not been able to visit Lucy but I had to let her know I am always thinking about her. Lucy I hope I can continue to see you for many years to come, you are a very special person and I feel previlaged to have ever met you!

All my love


A few months ago, Gabriella asked me if I had ever considered seeing a TS Lady. At first, the question caught me off guard and my immediate response was ‘No’. But, the more I thought about it and discussed it with her, the more it interested and excited me. The result of all that was a decision to experiment.

So, we took a little vacation last week to celebrate my birthday. We left on Thursday and made a ‘Pit Stop’ in Toronto. Our plan was for a nice dinner, and then some real fun. So, we made arrangement to see Lucy Bisset. The excitement building up to the trip was almost unbearable. But finally, the day arrived. We met at the airport for the short hop to Toronto, got to our hotel, prepared for the evening and then off to dinner. A very nice dinner in great company.

Back to the hotel and a confirmation call to Lucy. Everything is good and she is going to meet us in the hotel bar for a drink and some pleasant conversation. Now, the excitement is unbearable. We head down to the bar and have a drink ourselves. Lucy is held up a bit by traffic and parking, but sends a text to let us know she is close by and on the way. Finally, a STUNNING woman walks in and immediately walks over to our table. Wow, she looks fantastic: tight, black top and black skirt, lace and ties, wavy hair and eyes to die for. She is here! We order another round and have some conversation to get to know each other. After some conversation and pleasant company, it is off to our room.

Let me tell you, watching the heads turn as the two ladies walked out of the bar was amazing. There were very few heads not watching that direction. And I was the lucky one to be leaving with them. Back in the room, it was time for a quick shower to freshen up while the ladies chatter. Then it was Gabriella’s turn for a quick shower. That left Lucy and me alone.

Lucy joins me on the edge of the bed. We sit, touch, kiss and start to caress. No more talking is needed for now. She opens my bathrobe and immediately starts stroking me. My hands go to her top to free an incredible pair of breasts. So we sit, caressing and kissing, then she stands to free herself from her clothing. I sit in awe as she finishes undressing. She looks incredible.

Gabriella re-joins us. We are standing at the foot of the bed. I kiss Lucy, then Gabriella. Gabriella kisses Lucy and I join in. Tongues intertwined, holding two beautiful women. Touching, kissing and caressing their breats, reaching down to hold a cock. We decide to get even more comfortable on the bed. To be there with these two incredible women was amazing. Kissing one and then the other, Gabriella and I start to pay attention to Lucy, licking and sucking Lucy’s incredible breasts. Harder she says, don’t stop she says. Gabriella is kissing me, and then kissing Lucy, we are all kissing. There are hands and tongues everywhere. Finally, it is time for my first big step. Lucy moves up and puts her cock near my mouth. Go ahead, she says, suck it….. And I do. I take her into my mouth and it is incredible. Back and forth, licking and sucking. Gabriella stops kissing Lucy to take me into her mouth and I am in heaven. I don’t want to stop and don’t want Gabriella to stop. But she does, and she puts a cover on me and climbs on top. Now Gabriella is riding me and Lucy is pounding in and out of my mouth. Incredible, ecstasy, unbelievable…. Am I really doing this or is it a dream? If it is a dream, then I don’t want to wake up…. Gabriella climbs off so she can get a better view.

All of a sudden, Lucy pulls back with an exclamation…. Already? This is too quick…. But then, she cums all over my face. I was in shock, but what an amazing feeling. I wanted to taste her, so I kept sucking, doing my best to get it all. Wow, what an experience.

Lucy lays back to recover a little and Gabriella and I enjoy ourselves with Lucy. Some more kissing, some more sucking. Seeing the two of them kiss is something. Then it is time. Lucy looks at me and asks, ‘Do I get to take your cherry?’ Oh God, do I do this? I hesitate, but only for a moment. Yes, Lucy, yes, fuck me….. Gabriella lies back so I can eat her and I lay on my stomach. Lucy gets behind me and puts her cock near my entrance. Last chance to say no, but I just start licking and sucking Gabriella. Then I feel it, Lucy is starting to enter me. Oh god, it hurts, but it feels good. How can it be both at the same time??? Lucy slowly penetrates me as I eat Gabriella. But after a moment, I can’t concentrate on Gabriella anymore. I just lay my head on her thigh as Lucy fucks me. It hurts, but it feels good. I don’t want her to stop, but I can’t stand it anymore. Need to stop for a moment to catch my breath.

We change positions. I am at the edge of the bed, my legs up on Lucy’s shoulders and she is positioned to enter me again. Gabriella is above me, offering me a fabulous view of her sweet pussy. Lucy enters me again and it feels wonderful. This is easier. I motion Gabriella closer and start to eat her again. I can concentrate a bit easier. But then Lucy starts to stroke my cock as she fucks me. I am trying to pay attention to Gabriella, but the sensations are overwhelming.

Being taken like that, cock being stroked and knowing/seeing Gabriella and Lucy kissing and caressing over me, it is all too much. I can feel myself building and then, exploding all over Gabriella’s chest and my stomach. Lucy slowly pulls out and I just lay there, physically and emotionally drained. It was an amazing first experience.

Thank you Lucy for an amazing first time. Thank you Gabriella for suggesting this, for encouraging me in my first major new experience and for being there with me. It was an amazing experience. Ladies, it was exciting to see the two of you together, enjoying each other as much as I enjoyed the two of you. At times it was hard to tell who had a hand, tongue or touch. I cannot wait to see what is in store for our next visit. Seeing Gabriella and Lucy together while I watch will be the ultimate….

This was a great start to my birthday weekend. On Friday, we were off to Niagara On the Lake for a weekend of relaxation, fine dining and wine tasting. And we can’t forget the Margarita’s in the rain

by TIMES121272

Well this was a first for me, I'm new at this but I've been looking online at pictures of beautiful shemale and videos. Lucy is definetly someone I would consider beautiful ( wish I could date someone like her)  . I was definetly nervous but decided that since Lucy was visiting Ottawa this week I should give this a try and see what this is all about. I've never been with a shemale before so I didn't really know what to expect. I contacted her via text which was easy to set up the apt and we met at 3pm on Feb 28th. She gave me her room number and I made my way to her room , nervous , confused but also

A quick knock , I opened the already unlocked hotel room door and what I saw in front of me was a beautiful woman....she was looking very hot. I'm not a bad looking guy myself and though this is going to be fun. Quick hug and kisses and we proceeded to the bedroom whereLucy was quick at undoing my belt and taking my pants down. After a bit of kissing we both got undressed and Lucy layed down on the bed on her back waiting for me to come over. I guessed at that point she wanted me to give her oral which I did....I started getting on top of her kissed her , kissed her breast and made my way down to her beautiful cock. This was new for me but when I first felt her cock in my mouth it felt good and continued to suck her for a while. She almost came while I was sucking her in that position and I could her her tell she liked it. She then suggested she gets on top to feed me her cock. I could tell she was enjoying my mouth , she started fucking my mouth and moaning which was hot and the all of of sudden I felt her cum hit my face..mmm that was a first too but nice. She said "opps I guessed I should have asked you if you wanted cum on your face " I said no worries and she could tell I didn't mind at all. 

Now for round two she asked if I wanted to get fucked which I replied yes of course  but again new for me so not really knowing what to expect I let her tell me what to do. She got me to lay down on my stomach and got behind on top of me. It felt weird and not great at first but Lucy was patient and went slowly while kissing was hot...I was definetly hers at that point. We fucked like that for a bit and switched positing to me on my back and again Lucy took control and fucked me for a while , she was enjoying my tight ass and kept telling me how much she liked it . Then she suggested I ride her which I did , I was pretty much willing to do anything she wanted at that point. After a bit she suggested she face fucked me again which she did and came all over my face again. Her cum felt nice and I enjoyed it but couldn't help thinking I can't believe I just did that wanted to make sure I had fun too so she suggested I ride her again and J/O at the same time...that was hot too and I came on her. This woman is awesome...I would love to see her again...I had such a great time , thank you Lucy

by MC99

Well I can only say that Lucy is just as beautiful as everyone else says. I couldn't wait to see her tonight. I arrived at her place, with a directions snafu, completely my fault. After I got there I took care of the donation. I'll keep the specifics of our session private, but I have to say it was the best hour I've ever spent with anyone. There are numerous accounts of how amazing Lucy is, and I can't disagree with any of them. She was sweet, smart, funny and of course the sexiest woman I've ever met. I am going back to visit her again in a couple of weeks, for more than an hour I hope. I can't wait, I hope I get to sleep before then LOL. Maybe I'll share the specifics after that visit.

Thank you Lucy, you really are the best. 

by Larry

I've never been with a Shemale before and it took me about 2 weeks to get enough nerve to call her. When I finally talked to her she made me feel so comfortable I made an appointment right away. All these things were going through my mind but when she opened that door I could not believe my eyes, she was gorgeous. She gave me a hug and a kiss and walked up the 2 sets of stairs to her bedroom. My heart was pounding cause I've never touched another cock before besides my own that is. She had a porn movie playing on her TV and said take your cloths off and get comfortable on the bed, then she went into the washroom. I laid there for a minute and she came out naked. She was the most beautiful girl I've ever seen in person. 

She laid beside me, she knew I was nervous so see took my hand and put it on her cock. Oh It felt so good so I played with it for a bit until it got rock hard and she pushed my head down to her cock. I was embarrassed about my dentures but I had to take them out to suck her cock.I think Lucy got exited when she seen my teeth come out. When I started to suck I was a bit shy but it felt so good in my mouth that I became a pro in minutes. Because  I had no teeth Lucy was really enjoying it because she rolled me over and started fucking my face. Her cock was throbbing and she drove her cock deep in my throat and came. I swallowed every drop and I loved it. Well I though that was it but her cock never when soft so we started having a 69. I think she liked fucking my face, I know it sure felt good for me. I was hoping she would cum before me and she blew her load in my mouth again. 

Well she got up from the bed and I thought it was over until she put a condom on. I couldn't believe she was going for the third time. She told me to lay on my stomach and I felt her climb on top of me. I've never had anything in my ass before so I was really scared. She started putting her cock in my ass very slowly and gentle. She has a big cock so it hurt like hell until she broke me in and then she fucked me really hard for a long time. She pulled her cock out of my ass and got out of bed, turned me over, hauled me to the edge of the bed, put her cock in my ass again and was fucking me like crazy. She lubed my cock and started jerking me off. I've never felt so good in my whole life. Wow, we both came at the same time. Needless to say I fell in love with Lucy and I've been seeing for 2 years on a regular basses.

Besides her being an amazing lover, she is an awesome person. Lucy I love you very much Hugs & Kisses xoxoxo. Until next time Larry


Her legs. The first I see of her is her legs. I walk into her place and she's there waiting for me at the top of the stairs. I see her legs in those sexy stockings and I know I made the right choice. As I walk closer, the rest of her beautiful body is revealed. Absolutely stunning. She welcomes me but it's her eyes that really make me feel welcome. I must have been grinning from ear to ear. She greets me with a sweet kiss and leads me through her elegantly decorated place to her bedroom. The art she's collected is exquisite but the real masterpiece is her ass. I can't help but watch it in her sexy skirt as I climb the stairs behind her. By time we reach her bedroom, my heart is racing with excitement.

Lucy has the mood set perfectly. Not five minutes later, my clothes are on the floor and I'm on my knees. The next hour is unforgettable from start to finish. Every inch of Lucy's body is incredible. Every inch of her cock is perfect. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. Did I mention she wasn't wearing any panties under that skirt? I love it. I flip the front of her skirt up and start licking her delicious cock. Once I've drooled all over it from the tip down to the balls, we're ready for me to really get down.

I eagerly use my lips, tongue and throat to satisfy Lucy from every angle I can. She lets me know how she likes it with some sexy moans. She knows what she likes and has no problem using my mouth as she pleases. I loved her grabbing my head and forcing her cock far down my throat. My eyes are watering but I can't help but love gagging on her cock. It was so good. I started on my knees but now she's got me on my back while she fucks my face. Just when I think my throat has had enough, Lucy pulls out and explodes all over my face and in my mouth.

Just what I wanted. I take all her cum I can. I can't help but notice the cum dripping from her gorgeous and still hard cock. I don't give Lucy a moment to catch her breath. My mouth is already back on it, slurping up all that mess. I can't let any of it go to waste. Delicious! I think by now Lucy has realized I love sucking her cock. She indulges me and I've got her cock back down my throat. I could have done this for the rest of our time together but she had other ideas.

Lucy has me lay flat on my stomach while she mounts me. My ass is still pretty tight so it takes a moment to get used to her size. I gasp when her thick cock penetrates me. After a few slow and gentle thrusts, I can relax and start to take her full length. I can feel her sexy, curly hair sweeping across my back. So sensual! With each thrust, she gets more and more aggressive and I get more and more into it. I'm raising my ass to meet each thrust and she's taking full advantage by thrusting deeper and harder. We both know my ass wants her to cum but she has other ideas.

She gets me on my back again and whips off the condom. Now it's me not having a moment to catch my breath. I guess she enjoyed my mouth earlier 'cause she wastes no time forcing her cock past my wide open lips and down my throat. I've lost track of time by this point. Not sure how long it was since Lucy first exploded in my face but my ass and mouth have her ready again. This time I'm ready, too. No surprises and not a drop is wasted.

After cleaning her off again, we both need a well-deserved moment to catch our breath. We lay there on her bed; a very intimate moment. I can't tell you how hard I've gotten writing all this. The memory of it all turns me on so much. As we lay there, we talk and I tease her amazing tits. I can't believe I haven't mentioned her breasts yet. They are fantastic. I loved looking up at them while sucking her cock. And massaging them and playing with her nipples. I could go on but I should finish this review before I make a mess on my keyboard. We're still not done.

I was content to just lie there and play with her tits and semi-hard cock, but our brief rest was enough to erase my exhaustion. What can I say, my tongue got jealous of my hands. It wanted to play again, too. I take her cock back in my mouth. Lucy doesn't try forcing it down my throat. She just lays there and lets me tease her back to rock hard. I loved feeling her cock get bigger and harder each time my lips and tongue slid down her shaft. Knowing she's enjoying everything made the experience that much better. After cumming twice already, Lucy was eager to take me again.

She has me on my back on the edge of the bed. Fresh condom, fresh lube and an ass, ready and willing. Lucy knows there's no need to start gentle. She slides in hard and deep. My toes curl and I stifle a moan. Wow! She fucks me so well. I'm in heaven. She knows she's getting close so she lubes up my cock and jerks me good while still pounding my ass. With her cock deep in my ass and her fingers tight around my cock, I cum so hard. I feel it shoot all over my chest and stomach. I feel her cock unload for a third time in my ass and I cum even harder. What an experience! We both remain in our positions breathing heavy; her holding my legs with her cock in my ass and me, toes curled, staring in awe of her.

It took me a while to uncurl my toes after she slid her cock out. My ass felt used but so good; like it had just been fucked by something amazing. After a shower, I can barely leave. My legs aren't ready for walking down all her stairs but how can I not follow that sexy toweled ass. We kiss one more time before I leave.

We had only been together for an hour but it seemed like more. Time is supposed to fly when you're having fun but I hear it stands still during a perfect moment. That's what my experience with Lucy was - perfect. I will be seeing her again. Perfection can be very addictive.

Y'all will have to forgive how long this was. I must admit how much fun I had writing and remembering all the juicy details. Once I started reviewing my experience, I got so hard and couldn't stop writing. One hand typing, the other... was busy.


Lucy. Suzy. Duo. Oh Yes.

A little late but I always have to give a positive review to Lucy, one of my favourite girls in the city. So hot, so pro.

I called Lucy one morning looking for some action from her and a friend, and was not disappointed when I showed up at her place. 

Lucy opened the door wearing simple jeans and a tank top, as I requested. She gave me a kiss hello and led me upstairs. I followed her up two flights of stairs, hypnotized by her luscious ass. 

Once upstairs, I saw Lucy's friend Suzy waiting, and staring at me as I entered with hungry, lustful eyes. She pounced on me right away, introducing herself by way of her tongue deep down my throat. Lucy came to join in and as the three of us stood making out, Lucy and Suzy's hands were busy stripping me of my clothes. Once I was naked and they were stroking my cock, Lucy and Suzy each took turns getting undressed as well.


As Lucy unbuttoned her jeans, I dropped to my knees in anticipation of her tasty cock, and was not disappointed. I started to suck her off when Suzy turned my head toward her large member, which demanded my attention as well. The next few minutes were a heavenly blur of sucking one's dick, then the other's, and then back again. 

This didn't last long as we made our way onto Lucy's bed and I continued to vigorously blow Suzy as Lucy lubed up her cock for me. Starting on all fours, Lucy slid into my ass and it wasn't long before I was laying on my stomach while she pounded away. Suzy looked on in enjoyment as she commanded me to suck her dick harder, faster, better. After some time, Lucy pulled out and shot a load of delicious cum into my mouth, while I momentarily removed it from Suzy's thick cock. 

The girls then switched it up, with Suzy tearing me open as her large member stretched my ass. Meanwhile, Lucy sat on my face and had me eat her asshole, an activity I could have kept up for a long time. Lucy would eventually blow another load in my mouth while Suzy further destroyed my ass. 

The girls switched again. Lucy fucked me more while I went back to sucking off Suzy. Soon, Suzy came in my mouth and I eagerly lapped it all up. Lucy finished soon thereafter and treated me to another hot load. Lucy then jerked me off until I came, and made me lick my cum off her hands. As she showered off later, Suzy asked whether she could fuck me once more, and of course I agreed. She went at my ass like a jackhammer.

An incredible experience and one I highly recommend.


This review is looong overdue . The events happened a little over a year ago, but it was so exquisite I have not been able to take it away from my mind. I remember almost every little details from the experience. Even though Lucy has 100% of good reviews, I needed to add one more to her record.

Lucy was in Montreal for a few days, mostly visiting a couple who had booked her. I jumped on the opportunity to meet this goddess i had been fantasizing on for years. (Sorry Lucy , back in the days i told you I had heard of you from a friend because I actually felt like a dork telling you I had seen you on the forums... it was not a very good move on my part. I Hope you can someday forgive me!)

I called her early in the morning to hear her sweet feminine voice over the phone. She had me at hello and from our brief conversation, I was already hard. I joined her at the hotel she was staying at and when she opened the door, I was speechless. She was a perfect figure of sensuality, wearing light lingery which bissected her ass with an astonishing symmetry . With her heels, i think she was actually taller than me. Her hair was curly just like in her pictures and I was delighted

We started chit chatting, and she laid on the bed in the most exciting manner. I could see her soft perfect cock under her panties and when she threw her arms at me in a gesture to join her, i crawled in the bed, kissing her legs, her belly and then her mouth. I rubbed my own cock against hers which began to stiffen. 

Without hesitating I started going down on her and licking the whole lenght of her love rod. She smelled and tasted great, it felt like paradise. She started moaning in a delightful manner while accelerating her thrust. All the while talking dirty to me and being into it, she made me gag and drool. I couldn't have enough of it, I wanted more. She stood up, started thrusting into my mouth with such passion, such moaning that all of a sudden, she pulled me deep towards her self and came deep into my mouth. mmmmmmm she tasted so sweet , so good. 

She then smiled at me and asked me if I wanted to get fucked. I instantly melted and said yes. I was a little afraid because she had a large cock. Larger than the only other girl I had tried, much larger than mine. I got on my stomach, she gently lubed my tight little ass and inserted a finger inside, telling me I was tight. She proceeded to insert her big cock inside my ass. At first it really hurt and couldnt think i would be able to handle her very long. but she kept on going and thrusting, harder and harder. All of a sudden the pain got numbed and it was only pure pleasure!!! We got into missionnary where she continued fucking my ass like a rabbit, then I rode her. I loved the vision of her going back and forth into my ass. I wish I had stayed hard the whole time to be able to fuck her in return but.. oh well, maybe next time!

After several minutes of ass ramming, she pulled out her cock, withdrew and got on the bed for me to suck her again. I gagged and drooled again while she talked dirty to me, until we reached climax. She pulled her cock out of my mouth and started stroking her cock really fast. I could see her eyes revulsing with pleasure, and i'll remember the next moment for the rest of my life. She started squirting ropes and ropes of delicious , sweet, steamy white cum at my face and mouth while moaning louuud. I felt like Silvia Saint in most of her sex movies and wish this moment had lasted much longer. I caught it all and licked her dick and balls clean, which made my own cock get instantly hard again. I started stroking vigourously and within seconds i was cumming all over myself and the bed..

Lustful.. delightful..

We chatted a little again, she was fun to talk to and smart. I don't think I should have talked about my profession because I think i freaked her out a little, but we had a great time and I left a happy man!!

I definitely want to repeat the experience, I've been thinking about her so much lately. Next time I'd love to visit her in Toronto and meet her at home with a couple of her sweet sexy friends  It would be a dream come through

See you soon i hope lucy, xxx


After months and months of trying to figure out who I was going to see when I got to Toronto for a few day that I knew I would remember the rest of my life. I had come to Toronto for a Eyes Wide Shut type of party and I knew I had to see at least one of the famous L ladies on here (Lucy, Lexi or Lola) As I had only 3 days in Toronto I knew I could only see one of these ladies and I decided on Lucy as it seemed like she was the lady least likely to be visiting my hometown (Vancouver)

I emailed and phoned Lucy about setting something up for the evening of my first day in town. We texted each other and agreed to a time that evening. The day I arrived in Toronto, I had some errands during the day and went to lunch and then the Hockey Hall of Fame with my favorite SP. We had a great time as we are both big hockey fans and than we went our separate ways for the rest of the evening. She hoped I would have fun with Lucy and told me to phone her after I was done 

I phone Lucy and we finalized our plans for that evening. I went back to my hotel to clean up and get ready. Made my way by taxi to Lucy's incall and arrived a little late due to traffic and text Lucy to inform her of that and she said it was alright and to just walk right in when I got to her place. When I entered Lucy's place I couldn't believe how beautifully decorated her place was (should have her come to my place and decorated it) Lucy called from upstairs and I went up to the second floor and Lucy greeted me at the top of the stairwell. 

Lucy looked exactly like her pictures and I knew I had made the right choice. Lucy led me up another flight of stairs and we got to her bedroom. I knew as I got to her bedroom I had to extend our time together as I had only scheduled to spend an hour with her. I asked Lucy if I could extend our time together to 2 hours and she agreed. I placed the donation on a table and Lucy asked me about how many TS I have been with and what I liked. We than stripped down and Lucy laid on the bed and told my to suck her cock and I gladly went down on her and worshiped her beautiful cock. After a while I moved up and started sucking her beautiful breast and some LFK. After a this Lucy flipped over and I played with her beautiful ass for a while. She than placed me on my back on the edge of the bed and Lucy started to fuck me. She started of slowly and then started to pound me hard. After a while I told her I couldn't take much more so she had me go on my knees and she pulled the condom off and I sucked her until she came on my face. 

Lucy then led me to the bathroom where I had a quick shower to clean off. I rejoined Lucy in the bedroom and we discuss why I was in Toronto and I informed her that I should have also invited my favorite Sp to join us that night as she has also indicated to me that she was interested in meeting a TS. After a while Lucy than told me to to start sucking her again, which I gladly did and she than fucked me again in lazy dog and than flipped me over and fucked me in missionary until she came.

After we calmed down a little Lucy started to split on my cock and slowly jerk me off after a while I just knew I couldn't come and knowing that I was going to have a long night the next night I told Lucy I couldn't take anymore and I happily headed to take a shower and clean up. Lucy greet me after my shower and I got dressed and we headed downstairs and as I was leaving Lucy informed me that she might be coming to Vancouver early next year and I told her if she does I'll be there in a second and hopefully with my favorite  When I left, I decided to walk back to my hotel and was texting my favorite with details of the great evening I had 

Sorry for the long review but I didn't really want to miss anything. In conclusion Lucy exceeded all my expectation of what a date with her would be like. Definitely a repeat if we're in the same town again. Thanks again Lucy 


I first met Lucy about two years ago on a business trip whilst in Toronto. I was curious and set an appointment. Did not have much experience with 'special' ladies and previously had mostly distant, awkward experiences that left me disappointed. Lucy is different. She is truly amazing. I still remember my first experience of her arriving at my hotel room. I remember seeing her walk in the hotel and then greeting her in my room. She smelled amazing and was dressed sexier than any woman I had ever known.

We started by kissing and touching. She was both strong yet delicate. Her skin was soft and smooth. I remember her garter belt and stockings under her skirt, and the suprising bulge hiding below. We soon were undressed - our cocks rubbing up against one other, our tongues deep in each other's mouths, our hands running up and down each other's bodies pulling us closer and closer. I remember going down on her and putting her smooth cock in my mouth and how soft it felt. This was new territory for me and I remember how good, and natural, clean and sexy it felt. I sucked and sucked, working the tip and going down the base, taking it all into my mouth, licking and sucking her balls, and even rimming her tight clean hole. The best part I remember, and it still gets me rock hard just thinking about it, was when she exploded in my mouth. Lucy's cum was so sweet. I tasted it all and swallowed every last drop - licking what was left from my lips and from her cock. Absolutely delicious.

I remember Lucy re-bounding quickly and wanting to take me and fuck me. Again new territory for me. I laid down on the bed, face down and she put on a condom, and applied lube to me and prepared me for what was to come. There was some pressure, slight pain, but Lucy had an artful, easeful way of pushing and sliding inside. And before I knew it, she was deep inside, working me, penetrating me and taking me as her very own. It was amazing. We flipped over and I got on my back and she re-entered me. Fucking me harder, deeper and stroking my cock at the same time. I remember staring up at her amazing beauty - her sexy eyes, hair, those huge round breasts and her hand rubbing up and down on my slippery cock, while she fucked me harder and harder, deeper and deeper. She exploded while inside of me at the same time I had the most incredible, strong orgasm imaginable. Lucy's full load squirting inside of me while my own cum shot up across my chest. It was a moment where I had a near out of body experience, probably the strongest orgasm I have ever experienced.

The whole thing was absolutely amazing. Lucy is a goddess. A very special being that understands men, knows what being sexy and feminine is all about, and most importantly shares all of this with others. I think about Lucy often and since our first fateful meeting have seen her another half dozen times for similar, amazing sessions. I can't wait to see her again and if I had the means would very likely want to make her my own and keep her all to myself.

Love you Lucy... you are magical!

by PB

I had called Lucy and set up a meeting. She greeted me at her door wearing a sexy outfit with the thigh high stockings that I requested. She looked so damn hot. Her pics are hot but she is much better in person.

I followed her upstairs the whole time staring up at Lucy's beautiful ass. She was wearing a nice g string that spread her cheeks beautifully. We entered her room and she had a shemale porn video on the tv. We began to kiss and she reached down to grab my rock hard cock. We move to the bed where Lucy removes her panties and unleashes her smooth hard candy. I begin to suck her beautiful cock looking up at her to see if she is enjoying my wet tongue. I ask her to fuck my virgin mouth. We do a little 69 and Lucy asks me if I wanna fuck her.

She begins to ride my rock hard cock moaning with delight. Looking up at her while she rides me was heavenly, her hard cock rubbing up against my stomach as she took my cock in her tight ass. She pops off my cock and immediatly puts her cock in my wet mouth. After sucking her for a bit she unleashes her sweet cum all in my mouth and face. She tasted so good. She then tells me that she wants to fuck my virgin ass. I wasn't planning on bottoming but how could I say no to such a beautiful women like Lucy. She had me lay on my stomach facing a big mirror. She lubed my ass and began to penetrate me with a dildo widening my tight hole. She then sticks her hard candy in my waiting ass and begins to fuck me. She had me moaning in delight.

Watching her fuck me and talk dirty to me in the mirror is something I will never forget. She is now pounding my ass each stroke going deeper and deeper. She makes me lay on my back at the edge of the bed and begins to fuck my now gapping hole hard and fast the whole time she is jerking my hard cock. She was fucking me so hard my toes were curling up. We both were about to climax. As she came while still inside me I blew my hot load on my stomach. This moment was the culmination of 2 years of fantasies about a night with Lucy.

I am happy to say that I am no virgin anymore, and I can't wait to feel you inside me again.

Thanks for the night of my life.


I have known Lucy for a little while now. We chat from time to time. I have seen her has a client as well. It is an amazing experience. The first time I saw her I was very nervous and excited. My first time with Lucy was similar to most men in the reviews on her site. I was nervous and unsure of myself. She led me to her bedroom and took a dominate role. Made me suck my first cock. It was amazing. Then she lubed my up and fucked me and blew again all over my face.

It was an incredible experience and one I relived in my head for a long time. I finally got a chance to return to Toronto and Lucy and I planned my experience a bit more this time since she knew what I was after.

My job is super stressful. I run a company essentially. Everyone looks towards me to lead. It is something I love but it wears me down. Funny, my relationship is similar with my girlfriend. She needs a strong male gender role to keep her happy and for 99% of the year I can do that. But when I am around Lucy, that completely goes away. I have no desire to be in charge or even be a man. I want to be her girl.

I had asked Lucy many times if she had men asking to fulfill a sissy fantasy with her. And she said she had many men seeking this out. She knew exactly what to do.

I arrived at her beautiful place and she opened the door. She was wearing the very sexy black latex outfit in her new pictures. She looked amazing. (Last year I would have wanted her to wear pink and satin....but that was part of the new changes)

We went upstairs and she asked me if I brought the outfit we planned on. I had it on under my clothes. Lucy had made me go to Yonge street and buy a lingerie outfit and have the sales girl help me pick it out and make sure she knew it was for me. I was SO embarassed. The girl was about 22 and giggled at me like I was a weirdo the whole time in the store.

I had on satin pink panties, garters, stockings, and a satin bra. all pink and frilly and super feminine. Lucy reviewed me as I undressed. "very good sissy girl...."

The embarassment was so arousing my cock was leaking in the panties as Lucy ran her perfect fingernail up my pantied covered cock. I was SO hard I couldn't wait any longer and just sank to my knees. Lucy smiled and lifted up her black skirt and underneath she also had pink satin panties. It was something I wanted to see very badly for the whole year in between visits.

I rubbed my face against the material and felt her hard shecock inside. Lucy is great at humilation and turning you on with it. She looked down and smiled "well sissy fagot...this is the real love cock....I know what you really want....come suck it" OMG, I almost came from her words. I rolled down her panties and took her cock in my mouth....was so good. I love her cock.

I sucked on her with all my heart and very quickly she began to cum. She smiled as I swallowed it down. "how does it feel sissy to be swallowing cum like a girl..???"

Lucy then rolled up her panties again and had me stand up. We rubbed out cocks together, letting the smooth material turn us on. I was leaking so bad and as always, Lucy got hard again in no time.

She then made me beg. "please Lucy, fuck me like a girl....make me your sissy fag" She smiled and put me in front of the she gentlely slide into me..she leaned forward and whispered in my ear "how does it feel sissy. Not such an important man now are you....?? wearing panties, getting fucked in your ass by my hard are such a fag...look in the mirror....."

I was so hot I couldn't take it much longer. Lucy knew what I wanted next. She pulled out after about 10 minutes of sweet humilating whispers...and forced me to my knees and came on my face. she spanked my face with her beautiful cock and kept talking "sissy....loves my cum on her face...." she cleaned my face off with her cock and put the cum in my mouth and made me thank her.

Finally she wanted me to cum. she began to suck me and also press her beautiful breasts on my cock. as I got close, she began to really work with my mind..."telll me you love me sissy.....I want to hear it.....tell me you love me and wish you could be my girlfriend all the time instead of your straight boring life...." I must admit, I began whispering that I did love her and wish I could be her's all the time. Once those words were out of my mouth...I came so hard..I couldn't believe it.

Lucy scooped it up...and made me eat it. "sissies don't waste cum".

After we showered Lucy was in a good mood and laughing. I think she liked this session. As I was leaving....a she-girl friend of her's was arriving and asked how the session was. Lucy smiled and said she had some fun stories to tell. She then patted me on my ass (panties on beneath my pants still) and sent me on my way.




This is the third time I've seen Lucy and the first time at her new place. 

Lets start there- what a fantastic upgrade over her old place. That building is a dump. This is a nice, clean quiet townhouse. A pleasure. This was perhaps my best ever experience. Lucy looks amazing- better that her pics, and those are pretty good.

We started with some prolonged dfk, deep and passionate while whe stroked each others cocks. Then I started to work my way down slowly to her dick. It was hard and ready for attention- which is just what I did. Lots of licking and sucking, from the tip to the shaft. Up and down. She would occaisonally force it deep into my mouth and while I gagged a couple of times, it was hot.

Then I worked my way down and was rimming her and working her dick, up and down. This went on for several minutes and then we moved to 69. She was deep throating me while I sucked her cock and massaged her asshole, gently rubbing it and putting my finger in slightly. After prolonged 69, Lucy pulled out of my mouth, turned around and started jerking herself off. In no time she blew a load right in my mouth. I sucked her dick and rubbed it on my face as she came. There was no taste to her cum, so it was quite delightful.

Then Lucy got on top of me and rode me in multiple cowgirl styles. Up and down she went. I sat up and we were kissing passionately while she rode my cock. After several minutes of thes I felt i was going to come, so I asked her to fuck me. I lay on my stomach as she ready my ass by using a dildo. In and out it went. It hurt, but felt good at the same time. Then she started to fuck me. Amazing that in just a short while she could get it up again. She started slowly at first then increased the pace. Soon she was pounding my ass. Then she'd take her dick out and spread my cheeks and plunge it back in. This went on for several minute. Meanwhile I'm looking at this beauty fucking me in the mirror. What a turn on.

Then of course the big finish. I rolled over onto my back at the edge of the bed and she started fucking away again. This felt so good that I was screaming at her to fuck me harder, and she did. Then she lubed up her hand and while pounding away started jerking me off. After a few minutes as she said she was going to cum again, I exploded a load that sprayed all over my neck and chest. She collapsed into my arms as we both panted away.

Just writing this has me hard again and looking forwrd to seeing her again soon. It was too long between Lucy sessions!


This review is a little old, but I owe it to Lucy for providing me with one of the best experiences I've ever had with a T-girl. I've always been more of a top and have never really had any desire to be a bottom so I'm sure my review with her will be unique in that sense. (I know a lot of you guys out there like being bitched ... but not me! lol)

After seeing Lucy's incredible gyrating dance at Goodhandy's on the previous Thursday (as well as a few flirty smiles from her), I decided to give her a call around 9pm (after being stood up by Alanna Lopez for the 2nd time that week) ... not really expecting her to be available since she is one of the most famous and popular girls in town. Well she answered the phone right away to my surprise, and I just about fainted lol. I asked if I could come over around 10pm and she said she was available.

She lives in a beautiful, renovated town home in Cabbage town. Walking through the gate after letting her know I was there on my cell, she opened the door wearing a stunning see-through nighty and gave me a warm, friendly smile. We hugged and kissed, then she invited me upstairs.

Such a thrill looking up at her curvy bum as I followed her up the stairs (I'm no perv, honest )

A porno was showing on the TV, she offered me a beer. We sat on her bed for a few minutes chatting, then putting our beers down Lucy embraced me and planted a wet one on my lips. I was so hard, I removed my clothes to get more comfortable. My god, kissing that beautiful fashion model face with the high cheek bones, permed blonde hair and perfect features was like heaven.

She was very passionate and was sighing as I kissed her ears, neck, breasts, belly ... then finally her beautiful and very hard cock.

I went down on her for a while then we went into 69 position for several minutes. She asked if I wanted to fuck her ... how could I say no? 

I lay on my back and Lucy gently, slowly pushed her gorgeous ass down on my covered throbbing cock, then rode me for close to 10 minutes. Such an experience, looking up at this perfect woman, huge breasts bouncing, very hard cock flapping on my chest ... I needed to get her to slow down once in a while as I wanted to enjoy my time with this beautiful lady as long as possible.

After a while she said she was going to cum. Lucy began jerking herself off and shot a huge load across my face to my surprise ... 

She gave me a shy "sorry" and I told her it wasn't a problem at all ... not AT ALL!! lol it just took me by surprise but it was an incredible feeling having this incredible looking woman's warm love juices splatted over my face. I've always enjoyed putting a woman's needs ahead of my own and it was absolutely such a pleasure making her cum so much!!

She was still hard as a rock, after wiping my face off Lucy asked if I wanted to doggy style. I put on a new condom and away we went.

I banged her from behind for about 5 minutes. We were both moaning, drenched in sweat and I couldn't hold back any more and had to let loose with a scream. (yeeow!!) 

Flopping back on the bed, drenched in sweat, panting heavily from the incredible experience ... Lucy embraced me, gently pushed her still hard cock against mine kissed me and said "aw, I wanted you to fuck me on the side of the bed next" ... lol my god, this woman could have kept going all night. Next time for sure babe ... thank you so much for the best fuck of my life!

We took separate showers, finished our beers, chatted a bit more then kissed goodnight. 

Totally non-rushed ... Wow. Just wow.


Did my business that day but do not know how as my head was not in it all. The day seemed to drag by as my focus was definitely on my date with Lucy. Since I have been reading her reviews for the past three weeks  I have been ravenous with every thought of her. I was about to knock on her door now, finally and beside myself with eager anticipation. I wonder if she will remember to  wear her sheer black stockings n' heels with her black lacy panties n' bra combined with her see through black sheer dress. Will she be as elegant and beautiful as all others appear to suggest?

I knocked gently and within seconds the door opened, she was before me in all her splendour n' beauty looking even better than I could have imagined. She was stunning and yes she was in the alluring black lace as I had requested. Ushering for me to come in I did so, as she closed the door behind me and wrapped her body around mine giving me a very sensual kiss as she welcomed me. Pushing her magnificent breasts against me her sweet aroma of her perfumed body was intoxicating she began kissing my neck and ears whispering in a seductive voice that she was going to make me her cum slut. Being in there for mere minutes my cock was already gorged n' hard as a rock.

Taking my hand she smiles at me and says come with me which I readily do as I am already under her control. Her residence is exactly as I might have thought it would be. The furniture and setting was perfect she was perfect. Providing her with my gift she asks me to have a seat and glides away in all her splendour. I am totally enamoured with her. She glides effortlessly back into the room bringing a nice glass of wine which I am grateful for as I am already parched. Running her hand over my thigh, her hands are perfectly manicured her nails long and as perfect as you could get. Rubbing my pulsating cock lightly she informs me that I had better not blow my load until she gives me permission.

Her body perfect covered in sheer black lace was so soft and sensual to my touch my fingers lingering over her crotch which was definitely bulging by now. Kissing her neck I slowly make my way down to her perfect breasts, I feel myself getting ravenous as she pulls my head to her  telling me suck on her nipples hard, she is pulling my hair as she informs me in an ultra sexy voice she has been saving a big load of sweet shemale cum especially for me so I had better start making my way down south to work on receiving my nourishment which I immediately start down licking her every inch of the way down. Gently pushing aside her black panties I am now licking the biggest and  most beautiful shemale  clitcock. With one flick of my tongue her pinnacled pillar of delight is hard and long. All the while she is talking to me telling how much of a big load is going to be shooting down my throat making me lick my lips with a hunger never before experienced. This is the hunger I have never experienced. I continue to journey downwards nibbling and sucking on her nutsack  then go totally around caressing her anus with my protruding tongue as she moans with appreciation.

Lucy tells me to fuck her ass with my tongue which I immediately oblige her. While doing so Lucy has been jerking my rock hard cock and I am on the verge of blowing my load. I get her to stop as I want to last for her. She tells me it is time for her to impregnate my mouth and stomach with a load of shemale nourishment and commands me to suck her long and hard. She tastes so sweet, I am so close to having Lucy fill me with her nourishment I suck harder and faster. She stands, her perfect clitcock hard and abrupt glistening with my saliva as she pushes me to my knees tells me to continue. After a period of time Lucy pushed my head away tells me to take a rest as she is almost there and starts to jerk herself furiously. Looking up at her face I can tell she is on the brink of blowing I continue to lick the tip of her cock as she shakes it furiously. All of a sudden she lets out a moan, her eyes roll around in the back of her head as she jams her cock down my throat. It is pulsating and seems like it is growing in my mouth she tells me to  suck hard then suddenly my mouth is being injected with this hot sweet cream. I am ravenous for it I want it all I choke but continue to feel her hot sweetness shoot down my throat and into my tummy. Oh, I feel so good she smiles down at me and says you're all mine now baby. My own cumslut. She seems pleased and tells me she will have more for me which I know I will be craving for having already been baptized with the previous load.

Lying there Lucy is playing with my cock gently stroking it. Having a big head and not having blown my load yet it is glistening with pre-cum. In a very elegant manner Lucy slides down letting her tongue dart out tittilating  my engorged cock with her tongue. Sliding back up she smiles and gives a me a big deep french kiss her tongue darting in and out also depositing the remnants of the pre-cum she had eagerly clean up on my behalf. She whispers to me that now, do I not only have a full load of her nourishment inside of me but also some of my own. Lucy informs she feels she should fuck my virgin ass. I let her know she may be to big for me but am willing to try if she is gentle with me and she uses a whole lot of lube. The next thing I know I am on all fours on her bed as I she lubes me up slowly easing one then two fingers into my ass. Putting a jacket on slowly rubs and gently pushes her big clitcock around my ass. In short strokes Lucy is slowly penetrating she feels large but amazing inside me after awhile she then reaches over me and pulls my hips toward her pelvic thrusting shecock. She is fucking me furiously and hard. I am moaning and groaning, Lucy is  making strange audibles as she continues to thrust her tempo picks up quicker and quicker she asks me if I want her to cum in my ass, I plead with to pull out and give me another load of nourishment down my throat which she quickly does. Pulling the jacket off her engorged clitcock she instructs me to my knees in front of her again and stroke myself as she wants me to to blow my load the same time she shoots another load of sweetness down my throat. No sooner down she jams her clitcock down my throat, I instantly start to blow my load as she unloads down my throat n'face. Smiling with satisfaction Lucy proceeds to clean any excess and runs her fingers over and in my lips telling it is good for me. Unbelievably, I am still craving her and if she was able would be ready for another of her sweet magnificent loads of sweetness.


I have been thinking about trying a she woman for quite some time, and was really impressed by Lucy's reviews and websites. The first couple of times I was planning on being in Toronto I had emailed Lucy and unfortunately, email doesn't really work. We kept missing each other, so this time, I decided to call. She picked up and we made plans for me to call her later that night when I got to Toronto. And I am so glad I did. Didn't get to Toronto until about 9:30, but I had told her I would be in late, and she was very accommodating. Called at around 10:00 and she gave me directions to her townhouse. Very nice house in a very trendy neighborhood in downtown. Called when I got outside and she told me she'd be right down to let me in. The door opened and I could see a beautiful blonde woman in lingerie through the small crack in the door. Non vips, if you have any interest in a beautiful, feminine TS, Lucy is an absolute must see.

After hiking up some very long stair cases, was led by the hand into an incredibly nice room, with a large flat screen with a very hot TS video playing. Lucy told me to relax, and make myself comfortable while she went off to the restroom. Was laying naked on the bed when Lucy came in, her rob open exposing those incredible breasts. She opened the rob a bit more, exposing her half erect cocks, and I couldn't help but get rock hard. She came over and started sucking my cock, getting it even harder. After 5 minutes of this we came up for a breather and laid back against the headboard, and she asked how many she girls I had been with. She chuckled when I mention she was the first, and she asked me to suck her cock.

I have never sucked a cock, so I was a bit nervous, but Lucy was great at giving instructions. Started stroking her cock, and just loved how it felt growing in my hands. Started licking up and down, slowly at first. Got her good and wet and started bobbing up and down faster and getting her harder. Was surprised my throat relaxed enough to take her all in without gagging. Told her I wanted her to fuck my mouth and she had me sit up and stand in front of me. She started fucking my mouth and I told her I wanted to taste her cum. Not a big summer, but I guess that's good for my first time. After a bit of a rest she asked if she could fuck me. Wasn't sure I would go that far, but I said sure. We tried doggy, but that was just not happening so she told me to lay on my back. With the right combination of fingers and lube, it felt incredible when she finally eased inside me. I was surprised; no pain and it felt so good. She started fucking me slowly at first, stroking my hard cock as she began pumping faster. The feeling was incredible and I kept urging her to fuck me harder. She told me to stroke my cock so she could hold my legs and fuck me deeper, commenting on how tight I was. After about 15 minutes of this beauty fucking me while I jacked my cock, I shot the biggest load all over her tits; while she was still fucking me.

After showering one of her she male friends called and while she was talking she told her friend how nice I was and I ended up chatting with her friend and the 3 of us will be getting together the next time I am in Toronto. Can't wait.


She has a new place, at least new to me, and when you enter you'll be pleasantly suprised both by the aesthetic and the woman waiting behind the door. She was wearing a nice short dress and we immediately exchanged a kiss hello. I'd seen her twice before a few years ago, but I'm not sure she remembered, I put on some pounds since then I guess so I can't blame her.

She is just amazingly versatile and if you're into the TS experience you're going to be be blown away. She's easy to talk to and once we climbed into bed I spent a lot of time trying to take her all in while talking a bit about she's been up to. It's all the better when the girl can make great conversation and she delivers in that area as well.

After kissing for a bit I am informed by Lucy that she's going to "fuck me" and that starts taking things from slow and relaxed to a bit more fun and free. After I do some prepwork on Lucy magnicifent cock the raincoat comes out and she positions me off the side of the bed and rides me hard and rough - by my request. She can definitely deliver that experience if it's what you're looking for and you're comfortable (lol) with it. After a bit she pops out, off comes the raincout and she bounces up to deliver a first pop right in my face. 

We actually had a second go of it where she repositioned me into a doggy style and once again after getting close flipped me quickly for a second delivery - it feels intimate but insane.


Lucy had some friends visiting so she came to my hotel. She stayed in contact with me and let me know that she would be running late or should come over without being all dressed up. I said fine as this was my first time and we had emailed many times already. When she arrived I was nervous as this exotic beautiful lady in a dress walked through my door and gave me a hug and big kiss. She said that she read my fantasy and hoped I was ready for her........

What followed was nothing less than magical. I had never been topped and shared with Lucy that I had two fantasies. The first was to be bound and forced to suck on her until she exploded in my throat and the second would be to lose my virginity. Lucy was happy to provide both and told me that she had not cum in the last few days so I was going to provide her relief. So as we are laying down on the bed Lucy tells me to play with her and as she starts getting hard she climbs up on me and pins my shoulders down on the bed with her knees. She shoves her cock in my mouth and it keeps getting harder and longer. She tells me to lick and suck on it and then I feel her hands on my head and she starts fucking my mouth relentlessly. All of a sudden she tenses up and tells me to swallow every drop while she continues to throat fuck me. I am amazed at how sweet she tastes.

She then tells me to lie down on my stomach and she lays on top of me. She is giving me a nice massage and biting my ear while supporting herself with a pillow on my back. They I feel she is hard again. This time she tells me that she loves taking virgins and she is prepared to fuck my brains out. I feel lots of cool lube and she starts fingering me and then I feel the head of her cock penetrate me. At first it really hurts so she just lays there licking and biting my ear then pushes a little more. I really can;t take it but she keeps purring in my ear and telling me how good she feels inside me and that she wants my virginity and keeps pushing more and more but very slowly. Then she just lays there and says relax and I feel pure pleasure. She tells me I am now her cum slave and her bitch and am no longer a virgin. She continues fucking me deeper and deeper and switches positions a few times.

All I know is I am in love and she looks right in my eyes and tells me she loves fucking virgins and asks me if I am ready to belong to her. I say yes and she smiles and cums deep inside me and kisses me. I cannot wait to go back to Toronto again. Thank you Lucy!

by SUB2011

I saw the reviews and despite the high price, I went for it and quality is worth the price....

She was friendly throughout and finding her house was a bit tricky but once inside she was wearing a leather outfit that she has in her pictures and she is stunning. I took my shoes off and followed her upstairs to a very stylish sensual room with a big bed and tv playing porn. 

She kissed me deeply and played with my cock outside my pants and told me to get comfortable. She took off her clothes as well and then we got on the bed. She asked what I like and I said I was submissive and she said good because she is dominant. She opened her legs and told me to suck her cock. Everything was very clean and I worshipped her cock and she got hard. I lick her balls and underneath towards her hole and then she had me lay on my back and she got on top of me facing my feet and she sat on my face. She had me lick her hole and then fed me her cock some more. She started sucking my cock and I had to slow her down. She started throat fucking me and started cumming and I pulled away and she came on my chest. She sat on my face and I rimmed her for a while and then she fed me her cock again and she started getting hard.

Afterwhile she had me lay across the bed on my stomach and I looked up into a mirror and she covered and lubed me and put her cock in my ass. She laid on me and humped me driving her cock deeper into me. Looking in the mirrow was remarkable. After pounding me she then flipped me on my back and fucked mish and started playing with my cock and I couldn't hold back. She helped clean up and then we each showered. It is a very nice place and tasteful. She is first class. 

I will return when I can save enough money!


Met at a hotel, she is a stunner, un rushed, super sexy, she can take charge without being dominant. nice person, super hot looking! If I lived in Toronto I'd spend all my money with her

Met me in thigh high boots, deep kisses, great body, shaved cock, smooth body, smelled great, got into a passionate 69, for a long time, she pulled out and came on my chin and then we started up again. she sucked m cock until I shot my load all over her, very hot session, words cant describe it.


I don't know where to start.

Lucy answered the door and WOW! stunning. She looks even better then the pics (i know everyone has said that but i know it for myself now). We spoke for a bit and Lucy was so sweet and welcoming. we took care of business and started kissing touching and taking our clothes off. It was all very natural.


I was just amazed at her body. Beautiful breasts and soft skin and she smelled just like a lady should. even her hair was perfect. Anyway we went over to the bed and i just had to go for those breasts first. after a while she told me to suck her which i found soo hot...i love it when the lady takes control.

Her cock tasted so good and i felt it get hard in my mouth. i asked her to cum in my mouth which she gladly accepted to do later. after a good suck and she was hard as a rock she told me to get on my belly and she proceeded to top me and lube me up.

I looked over at the mirror and was just amazed by her body again. She entered my ass and gave it to me slow and long for a while. she went on for a while and changing up the pace from hard to soft and deep.

All the while she was comming down and kissing me and talking dirty to me.

I came during that time as it was one of the most amazing feelings ever. I cleaned up and then I came back in the room and Lucy asked me to suck her again. I got so excited it wasn't over. She told me to deep throat her and i did then she asked me to get on the bed and go upside down while she fucked my mouth. I was in heaven. She came right in my mouth...believe me when i say was was actually sweet!...after that she could tell i could take more so she said get on my back and let me fuck you some more....WOW this girl is out of this world!.....she fucked me perfectly as i grabbed her tits and finally busted sooo hard all over myself.

She helped me clean up and offered me a shower which i gladly accepted....

Without a doubt i will be calling you again LUCY that was the best experience in my life with a tgirl and worth every last penny.

by ODUCK31

One of the best i've been with, if you are in toronto look her up, she is better than her pictures.


Well the set up went smoothly, I got to her place, she opened the door wearing sexy green lingerie. She was very friendly and easy to talk to. She led me to the bedroom i looked down and could see that her cock was starting to get hard, She asked if ive ever sucked a cock before, I said yes but only a few times, she then asked me to get on my knees, I did and she pulled out her cock.

I then started sucking, i could feel it growing in my mouth. Her hand was on my head she began thrusting it into my mouth after awhile the asked me to get on the bed in ds position. At first she gently pushed in me gently then after she loosened me up she turned me over and began to rail me. After awhile she pulled out and straddled my face and blew her load into my mouth, it was an amazing time.


it had been a while since I last saw Lucy. her pictures had me itching for another visit so i made the call and drove to her place. As soon as she answered the door the first thought that came to mind was why oh why had i waited so long. she was absolutely stunning and greeted me with a sexy smile that would set the tone for the rest of our time.


Lucy took me by the hand and led me to her bedroom. after some light kissing i started to undress her piece by piece and it was like unwrapping a present at Xmas. when i undid her bra and watched those breasts jump out at me like works of art i was hooked. i worked my way further down and she pulled aside her panties and offered me her clean shaven cock to suck. i devoured it eagerly as she moaned in pleasure. i kept sucking as lucy pushed the back of my head further down on her cock. after a few minutes she moaned "I'm coming" and shot a load of hot cum down my throat and over my lips. it tasted delicious and i continued to suck her tasting her juices as she got hard once again.

Then she had me lay on my stomach as she said "I'm going to fuck you good" and did she ever. Lucy's cock is medium sized but she has a knack for hitting all the right spots and with the force of her thrusts she had me writhing in pleasure in only a few minutes. Lucy kept pounding my ass taking me from ecstasy to bliss and back again. then when i thought i couldn't take it anymore she pulled out and shot a second load across my lips. With her cock in my mouth she began to jerk me off all the while telling me what a good cocksucker i was. it wasn't long before I came as well - shooting a big load onto her stomach.

we both lay back spent and satisfied. Definitely will be coming back again soon

by Unnamed

I had been fantasizing about being with Lucy for a while, like most people I was a little nervous about what to expect. I phoned Lucy in the morning and we had a nice chat and made arrangement to meet later that afternoon. The time started to speed up and then slow done as I waited for out encounter latter that day. Finally the time arrived and I made my way over to her place. I walked inside to see Lucy on top of the stairs, and I felt my heart start to beat faster and faster. She is stunning; absolutely stunning. I made my way up the stairs and we greeted each other. She offered me a drink and as she turned I snuck a peak of her derriere, so hot. She gave me my drink and asked me to follow her, up more stairs we climbed and this time there was no need to sneak a peek, Lucy’s derrière was right in front as we made our way up. We get into her bedroom, and I say how beautiful her place is, she turns and grabs my hips as she pulls herself into me, saying I hope just not my house, and leans in a kisses me.

After a minute or two we make her way over to the bed and Lucy lays down. I climb over top of her and we start to kiss again. Most reviews I read talked about how Lucy is more dominating, but from my experience she was very submissive and sensual. Anyways back the story, I made my way down, further and further, eventually I got to Lucy’s cock. I started to suck on it and what a sensation. I could feel her get bigger and harder in my mouth more and more. She also started to moans a little too, sooo sexy. Even though it was a first time for me I still tried to take Lucy down as far as I could, I gagged a little but it felt good the more I tried it. I made my way back up slowly, and we started kissing again. Lucy rolled onto her side and laid in next to her. My hand was on her cock slowly moving up and down, Lucy pulled herself close and I could feel my rock hard dick in between Lucy bum cheeks. As I moved my hand up and down Lucy was moving her hips around teasing me with her bum.

Lucy the got up and tells me she wants my cock now and climbs over my face. I take her cock back into my mouth but I feel Lucy start to work on mine. Honestly there was nothing better, within a couple of minutes I had to fight off blowing my load early a couple times. We continued for a bit longer and Lucy then sat up and was about to blow, I could tell so I took her into my mouth because I just has to try with all the reviews about it. And the reviews were spot on, Lucy’s juice tasted really good. We cleaned up a bit, and Lucy still hard a rock looks me in the eyes with that cute/naught look that drives me wild and asks if she can fuck me. I agree and move over onto my stomach. I feel Lucy climb over me and lube me up. Gently she slid inside of me, it felt a little weird at first but because Lucy was being so gentle and sensual after a minute or two it started feeling good. More and more I started to move my hips a little and Lucy was moaning too. After a little while Lucy climbs off of me and says come here, I move my hips of the bed and but my legs onto Lucy shoulder’s as she pushes back into me. With this position Lucy was reaching new angles and I was starting to get ready blow. I looked up at Lucy to see her looking at me smiling, she lent forward and we started to kiss as she continued to move her hips.

She leant back up and grabbed my dick and started play with it, after a couple of minutes with both blew. I swear the wave of ecstasy was unreal, I have never experienced such a wave. I took me a little while to gather my thoughts. After which Lucy went and started a shower and I cleaned myself off. Lucy was waiting for me and I changed back into my clothes and sat on the bed.. She is much more than just a beautiful lady, she is also intelligent was we had a good conversation. After a while I had to go, Lucy escorted me to the door, gave me on last kiss and a quick grope of my bum, and I made my way out.

I don’t like to give numbers to things but being an engineer is just sort of happens, so as far as my encounter with Lucy is concerned I give Lucy a 15 out of 10. Honestly it was amazing, but do not take my word for it, try yourself.

by FantasyMan

I'm lying on my back.  My legs are wrapped around Lucy and I pull her closer as she pushes deeper.  I can feel every inch of her sliding in and out and I'm in ecstasy.  "Please come," I beg as she moves faster and faster.  Deeper and deeper.  She's almost ready to explode again, but quickly rolls me over and asks me to sit on top of her.  I can't resist.  I give her all of me and I"m ready to...

Well, perhaps I should start from the beginning.  The most amazing of nights all started several months ago when I woke up in the middle of a dream.  A dream about Lucy.  A dream I was determined to turn from fantasy to reality.

I'm enjoying a quiet glass of wine in the lounge at my hotel.  She walks in, dressed in a tight skirt and blouse.  Her blouse is unbuttoned just enough so everyone can tell her breasts are big, beautiful, and perfect; but her look is both inviting and classy.  There isn't a man who sees her who doesn't instantly want her; but she's walking my way.

She whispers in my ear, "Can I spend some time with you?"  "Please," I say.  It will be my pleasure.  And I immediately feel the desire to make it her pleasure too.  We share a glass of wine; gentle talk; a light touch on the arm.  Our legs brush close.  My hands glide across her thigh.  The yearning I feel overwhelms.  

"Can we go somewhere quieter?" she whispers, kissing me lightly on my ear.  I smile, take her hand, and lead her out of the lounge. The elevator is empty.  And as soon as the doors close, Lucy pulls me close, kissing me longingly.  We are two lovers, aching to be together again.  We are two new loves, burning for more.

We arrive at my door, and I open it, and lead her in.  But we don't get very far inside the room, before I have to pull her close again.  From behind my body finds her curves, and even though we're still fully dressed, it's as if our bodies are already one.  I reach around to caress her from top to bottom, as I lightly kiss her neck.  I can't take the desire I feel much longer; so I turn her around and gently slide her to the wall, where I must kiss and touch and feel her body against mine.  But mostly, I need to be satisfied.  I reach under her skirt to feel what I've longed for and easily fall to my knees to take it in my mouth.  Her big beautiful cock gently filling my mouth as I rub my hands up and down her legs.  I glance up to see her beautiful face, our eyes locking the way lovers do, when one is so happily satisfying the other.  Her big beautiful cock filling my mouth.  "Please come," I beg.  "Please."  And almost immediately, she does.  And I savor it all.

I stand and kiss her deeply.  We move as one toward the bed and begin to take each others clothes off.  She's so beautiful, and I bury myself in her chest as we get under the covers. 

My dream ended at this point.  And every single second of it was made a reality.  A reality so fulfilling, and yet, so wanting for more.  More of her magnificent cock; another amazing climax.  Lucy begging me to give myself to her.  I do.  Her body on top of mine, gently kissing my ear as she fills me in a way I couldn't imagine.  Pushing harder.  Kissing me harder.  Turning me over, so I can kiss her lips and her beautiful breasts as she thrusts deeper and deeper.  I can't get close enough.  Riding her, so we can come together.  And I do, unleashing what seemed to be months of desire and months of fantasy.  Laughing with her and holding her close, a sweet kiss on the lips to bring it all to an end.

My fantasy a reality.  And so much more.

by G

Lucy Bisset: A delight for the body, mind and soul

My jaw literally dropped when she opened the door. If you scan through Lucy’s many photographs in her website’s gallery, you will find several approximating what I saw: Her head turned and tilted ever-so-slightly to one side, peering around a door, her smile both warm and inviting, as if beckoning you to enter. That’s what I saw. I might have stood there at the threshold of her home indefinitely had she not asked me in. My feet moved, but I could have been walking over broken glass and not known it. Somehow, I made it through the door, absolutely hypnotized her beauty.

“I am so happy to finally meet you,” I managed. “Thank you for seeing me on such short notice.” Our first telephone conversation had been, perhaps, ninety-minutes prior. I handed her an envelope containing a greeting card I had picked out for her on the way, and thus dispensed with the business part of our meeting quickly, as she recommends on her site. I was now wishing I had found the time to pick out a nice gift of flowers or something that a lady might like for the bath. She is a warm and cordial hostess, and a gift would have felt like the right thing to do.

Lucy told me that she was happy to accommodate me and returned my smile with her own: Generous, warm, friendly, sexy, intoxicating. In that moment the only apprehension I harbored about meeting her – would I see her as a woman? – evaporated.

Her femininity is stunning. I followed her into her home and marveled not only at her splendid curves, but also at the grace of her movements. Walking behind was as delightful as standing face to face. Lucy could teach women how to walk in heels. Her stride is confident, buoyant, brisk – completely without affectation.

She was dressed – albeit briefly – in lacy black panties and brassiere. Garter-less thigh-high stockings hugged her shapely legs. A tiny piercing in her navel drew my attention to her midriff. Her tummy isn’t merely flat; it’s concave and firm. Her carriage is entirely erect. Gorgeous skin. Feminine but strong muscle tone. This is a woman who takes very good care of herself. I envisioned a strictly adhered-to regimen of exercise and nutrition.

She stepped towards me and slipped her hands under my t-shirt, which hung over my summer shorts. I nearly fainted from excitement and asked if we could sit for a moment at the edge of the bed. For what must have been third time, I enthused, “I cannot get over how beautiful you are.” This was not a flippant comment. She is by no means simply a passable trans-woman. She is a beautiful woman. But I needed that moment just to get used to the idea that I was in the room with her.

We chatted briefly, and she asked, “Have you ever been with a girl like me before?”

“No, but I’ve been with a few guys.”

Her eyebrow raised, and she threw me a sly smile, as she asked what I was looking for. I was surprised at how matter-of-factly I rhymed off my wishlist: Lots of kissing, mutual oral, mutual masturbation, and me on the bottom. This is one of Lucy’s gifts – a pretty regular guy like me can open up to her and feel safe sharing what he wants.

She invited me to undress with her, and we lay down together on the bed facing each other. I asked for a little time to pillow talk, and we discussed my bisexual history and few personal items about me. I also wanted another moment, just to admire her. We held hands while each of us touched and explored with our free hands.

I traced her body with my fingers like I was committing her to memory. Everything felt marvelous: Her bountiful breasts, the smoothness of her skin, the fullness of her lips. We kissed hungrily while my hand lingered on her cock. I had barely touched it before it became engorged and throbbed in my hand like it had its own heartbeat.

“Why don’t you suck my cock, baby?”

She didn’t have to ask me twice. She lay with her head reclining on a pillow. Perfect. I love to be able to gaze up and see my partner enjoy oral sex. With Lucy it was a greater treat – just to watch that exquisite face show pleasure. Again, I commented on her beauty. I tasted every inch of her loins and did my best to swallow her. I was shocked at how deeply I took her in my mouth. She’s quite thick, but not so much that it was uncomfortable to surround her. She gently pushed my head down, so I could enjoy all of her.

“Is there anything else you would enjoy?” I asked her. That’s the other thing. It was a foregone conclusion that she would satisfy me. I wanted to please her. And Lucy does bring out the best in a man.

“Why don’t we sixty-nine,” she suggested. She had me lie on back with my head on a pillow, while she hovered over me. I was pretty hard. Like I said, I’m an average guy. I’m 51, not 21, and my brain sometimes writes checks my libido can’t cash. A little Cialis helps, but a patient, enthusiastic partner Lucy really brought me to life.

We enjoyed each other’s cocks for several minutes more. Lucy deftly pleased me while managing to thrust into my mouth from above. A little reminder that I was the guest, after all. I begged her to stop. I knew I was close, but I wanted to save that climax for later. In the meantime, much to my delight and surprise, she was climaxing.

She knelt over me and cupped her hand below the head of her penis. I leaned back and opened my mouth wide to take it all in, something I’d not done before. I’ll never forget the smile on her beautiful face. She could see what a great time I was having. She wasn’t even touching me at this point, yet my stomach muscles contracted each time she spurted.

“Baby, I’m ready for you to fuck me now.”

She had me lean over the bed. I peeked around to watch her quickly glove up and lube us both. I was curious, as an inexperienced bottom, what she would do to prepare me. I’d had only one dick in my ass, many years before, but I’d played a lot with anal toys in recent months. How was this going to work?

Slowly she parted my ass with a finger, and firmly but gently and began to lube me. I recall that she was also touching me with her other hand. I noted an interesting sensation as her finger went in. It felt like she was tugging gently on the edges of my anus, perhaps prompting it to relax.

In she came. The initial stretching was no problem, but I felt little discomfort after that. She withdrew and pushed in further. A few repetitions of this she was in all the way. It felt very strange. The pain was not worrisome – not burning or tearing – but we both knew I needed a little more time. I asked her to shorten her strokes. In a minute I was rocking in ecstasy. Before I knew it she was pounding the Hell out of me.

This was a breakthrough in pleasure. “I can’t believe I’m taking all of you,” I repeated several times. The sensation was amazing. I looked over my shoulder at her, and she read my mind: “I’m going to flip you over now, baby.” This is what I wanted. The main event. We talked about it earlier. I was going to watch her fuck me.

It was everything I had hoped for and more. Again, that beautiful face. Watching her gratify herself with my ass. As a man, I’ve experienced nothing sexually more potent that being penetrated and fucked. Damn! Lucy was teaching me how to bottom!

My erection was gone, but I did not care. At that moment, it was not my dick that was the barometer of my own pleasure. Then she announced she was coming again. Lucy does this. I had sucked her briefly after she came the first time, and she was hard in a flash. She came in my ass and rammed me while she did. I knew we were both having a great time.

She stood by the night table to dispose of her condom and freshen up. I leaned over and kissed her cock. She invited me to suck it. I could do that all day. Hard again! The stories about Lucy’s libido were all true. This woman is a legend.

“How do you want me to finish you off?”

I asked her to go down on me again. I lay back on my pillow and touched her wherever I could reach. I was a little soft, but I did not mind, and she just wanted to make sure I was happy. She told me she would kiss me while I beat off. That was the ticket. I’d paused several times during our session to enjoy her mouth. I love kissing. To me, it’s not sex without kissing.

Before I came, I got to enjoy that beautiful face and her generous lips. After the amazing ass fucking she gave me, this was the encore. I could not have imagined a better finish.

Lucy had read me like a book, and I mean that in the most flattering way possible. She not only listened to what I what asked for, she took charge when she had to in order to make sure I got it. I came away with a very strong sense that Lucy doesn’t fake anything. She complimented my ass several times while she was fucking me; whereas, I had always assumed my ass was pretty unremarkable. Later when I was dressing after a visit to her shower, I spied her looking my nude body and smiling. She wasn’t trying to butter me up or be disingenuous. Lucy enjoys people in the same way she enjoys sex. She’s a sensual explorer who sees beauty where she finds it.

She walked me to the door in the nude, just like a girlfriend seeing her beau off following a visit. She hugged me and kissed me all over my face and lips, told me how much she enjoyed meeting – not just fucking – me. I reiterated how happy I was to finally meet her. I didn’t just have sex – no make that mind-blowing sex, with an absolute dream girl – I also got to meet wonderful, vibrant, generous soul. I will treasure that experience as much as the sexual pleasure that came with it.

Lucy, you’re the best.

by Ricky73

Folks, this is one review of Lucy that is going to be a bit different than majority of her reviews on this forum. This was my first time ever seeing Lucy. And I gotta say I was absolutely all nerves in the minutes leading up to see her, but once with her, I got to see a totally different side of her than what I read in this forum. And was amazing!!

So let's rewind, I've read most of her reviews and the stories of her cumming multiple times and in guys mouths enamoured me. I love to suck and swallow. But what I am not into is being topped, or any rough handling. I like things to progress sensually and smoothly. So when I read about her taking guys, fucking their asses raw and what not - I get a bit conflicted in wanting to see her.

Now her website says she is versatile. And I read one review of her bottoming only so thought I would take my chance but be clear up front about what I was looking for.

Fast forward to today, I find myself in Tdot on business this week and drummed up the courage to email Lucy with what I was looking for- a slow, sensual session with lots of soft kissing, sucking and swallowing. She replies no problem and we arrange a time to meet.

I make my way to her place, and on the way I nearly bailed 3 times thinking what if she was really going to try topping me. Well I toughed it out and made it to her place, which by the way is absolutely charming!! The interior design - all her! She has impeccable taste and style.

So we make our way to her bedroom. She is walking ahead of me. I had requested a simple, body hugging dress before getting there. Watching her silhouette in that dress as she made her way up the stairs got my heart racing. She has a beautiful, feminine figure.

We get to her entertainment floor, we take care of business and I reiterate what I wanted. I must have been so nervous that she jokes that she is going to rape me..I didn't get it at first but she touched me gently and repeated that she was joking.

What followed was an amazingly relaxed conversation about my prior experiences with she males, school, life, health. I am an egghead (read nerd) so intelligence turns me on. And she did. Well one thing led to another, I reached out to touch her skin and she suggested we get out of our clothes.

When she disrobed, i took it all in. She is absolutely beautiful! I started by kissing her breasts. She loves that btw. I worked my way up to her lips and we ensued in tongue. It was exactly the effect I was going for. This reminded me of that first time you are going past first base with a new girlfriend. It was hot!!

Now comes the amazing part. I slowly work my way down to her now erect cock and take it in my mouth. It has been a long time since I sucked a cock and I had to consciously watch the teeth while reminding myself of some of the old techniques. I get in the groove quickly and am now just enjoying having her hard cock in my mouth. It wasnt long before I felt the familiar twitches and she blows a nice load in my mouth. I swallow all of it, including the little bit that trickled out. At this point Lucybreathes a sigh out of pleasure, which was hot. The image of me pleasing my tgirlfriend to the point of climax was reeling in my head and it was sexxxy. Lucy played the part to the tee.

Next she tells me to lie on my back and we get into a 69 position. She slips on a condom on me, I found out later, that is how good her oral skills were! All the while she slowly and sensually pumps her cock in my mouth. I am loving it. Her sucking brings me to climax and she cums soon after on my chest. The image of her cumming on my chest was unbelievable coz I saw it all - her cumming face, her cock and then the cum! Priceless.

We clean up, chat some more and I leave with a hug and a kiss goodbye. As I make my way back one word kept echoing at the back of my head -enchanting! That is Lucy.

To all the fellas who don't want to be yourselves a favor and dont let all the reviews that project her as a sex crazed top taint your perception of her. She is versatile..Versatile...VERSATILE! Just be clear and upfront with what you want / don't want and then hold on for the experience of a lifetime!!

Lucy - thank you

by LouKing

I have seen Lucy before and certainly since my last review but I wanted to post about this session because it was just so good.

Lucy had been out of town and was arriving back in Toronto about the same time I was and we had been exchanging messages with expressions of mutual horniness. A plan was made and a rendezvous scheduled. I arrived at Lucy's place and was greeted by Lucy in a hot pink, short dress in heels. Wow!. We greet and immediately our lips find each other. A point about the location and comfort for those who don't know Lucy. Great place in a super location, she immediately makes you feel at home and on this night she did so again with hot lips and the offer of a drink. I think she keeps her liquor on the bottom shelf on purpose as I was treated to a great view of her amazing ass as she ran through the spirits on offer. Whiskey, perfect. On we go upstairs.

Lucy has a great bedroom and she immediately strips down and climbs up on the bed and as usual my eyes are glued to her body. I disrobe and climb up on the bed where a few minutes. Lucy is easy to talk to and there was no sense of rush or taking phone calls or texting or any of that stuff. Just old friends catching up. Soon enough though I lean in to taste those lips again. Kissing is a big part of the session for me and Lucy does this extremely well.

We kiss for a while and I have not even looked down at her cock yet but after a few minutes of heaven she says "I am going to fuck you tonight" this point I reach down and her cock is huge and rock hard....and neither of us had even touched it! This was my cue to head south and get to work. Lucy is quite vocal and was extremely responsive to my efforts and in particular when I would deep throat her entire cock (which nearly was the end of me given its size). I was working away and loving every minute when, without warning, she comes all over my face and on her flat belly. Yum. For those who are fans of facials Lucy does not disappoint and whereas some might be done at that point, Lucy looks at me and says "Now I am going to fuck you".

Out come the raincoat and this is where the session took on a new twist...while getting ready Lucy looks at me with those amazing eyes and a sly, knowing smile, and "asks" me "do you want it rough?" I knew at that moment that Lucy wanted it rough and who am I to deny this beauty. I get ready and Lucy jumps on me and immediately plows into my eagerly awaiting hole. I love the fact that there is a mirror opposite the bed and you can watch Lucy in action and boy, was she in action. I have never been ridden as hard as Lucy did that night and in the middle of our first round she bites my ear and whispers "you are sooooo fuckable".....I think I blew my first load right there and then.

Lucy has amazing stamina and kept going with deeper and deeper strokes and I was tempted to scream the safety word (except there was none) but it just felt so good. Eventually Lucy lies down on my back, still deep inside me and I think that she is done, and I have survived. Nope. "Roll over" she says and she starts in on me again....deeper, deeper and all the while with this amazing smile covering her amazing face. Like the Energizer bunny Lucy just keeps going and then she grabs my cock hard and squeezes and rubs, squeezes and rubs. I don't know how she does it but she timed a thrust deep in my ass for just the moment when she pulled a huge second load from me and then pulls out and puts her second load all over my cock. Heaven.

We shower, we dress, we chat some more about things friends speak of and then I am off. I was sore but smiling and later while having drinks with colleagues I get a very discrete text from Lucy that almost got me hard again: "Loved being inside you". Nobody at that table of drinks knew where the smile on my face came from, but I certainly did.

Thanks again Lucy....I can almost walk properly now ;-)

by mtl_bi

OMG!!!! My first time with Lucy...

After spending countless hours on site, reading lot of reviews, debating with my self...m I ready to TAKE it...I finally made up my mind, gathered some courage and called Lucy...I am so glad that I did that..

The whole experience was way better then I thought. Called her about a week ago to set up an appointment, exchanged bunch of emails and sms and gave her an idea of what am I looking for. I told her that even though thsi is my first time I want her to be rough...stupid me…got excited watching some porn and told her to treat me like that...I was lucky that it was Lucy..who knows how to DO it for first time.. Her house is very clean and decor is perfect. She took me to her room and asked me "do you really want it rough”… again stupid me...I was like Yes. Then she explained that porn is diff then reality...I told her that you are the boss and take care of everything. Started sucking her and she got hard pretty soon...told me to bend over and I saw a big mirror showing her on top of was sooo beautiful. Suddenly I realized that I just got dragged from heaven to hell when she put her dick in my ass...I was screaming like anything, she put her hand on my mouth and continued pounding me...the initial pain might have lasted for 5 minutes, but those 5 minutes were the longest ones of my life..After that I wanted her to fuck me and fuck she did..

I couldn’t have hoped fore more…wanted to try this for loooong time, but was not able to gather the guts, and now I feel like I am going to get addicted to it as when the session was over(first time I realized that how short 1 hour is) I asked her if we can continue for another half hour and she agreed...she got hard instantly on the second time as well and sucked her till she came in my mouth..

by Jay

Lucy and Friend? review

Well, I was in TO on business and after a few glasses of wine decided to hunt down Lucy - it has been at least 3 years since I last saw her. This beauty is a flawless, ageless wonder. I am really more into women but in her case - absolutely one of the most beautiful creatures on the planet - male, female, other.

She always remembers me - even after long absences. That in itself is impressive.

The new place is easy to find - once there, she had a sexy female friend in the living room. After a short negotiation we decided on a duo session.

It started with a nice BJ from Natalie? She was blonde and sexy and quite skilled - pretty quick to some nice cowgirl while lucy watch and stroked herself then she stuck her tasty cock in my mouth - she fucked my mouth while I fucked Natalie. Damn. Lucy throat fucked me - she is amazingly skilled and we continued until she couldn't hold on any longer - Lucy blew her load in my face and mouth. Her juices are sweet tasting - that alone is worth the price of admission.

Not sure how she does it but Lucy was hard quickly and I asked to watch her fuck Natalie - they eagerly complied with Doggie while Natalie sucked my cock again.

Really I wanted to fuck Lucy - no problem - we all switched and I fucked Lucy's sexy ass while Natalie sucked on my tongue. I was close to exploding. we switched one more time and Lucy Jerked off in my face for a second time - I sucked back every drop I could.

In her sexy voice Lucy asked "shall I fuck you?" How can you say no? On my back - she slid her cock into my ass and began to fuck. Lucy's cock felt amazing and Natalie sat on my face so I ate her pussy.

Honestly, I couldn't hold out long here. With Lucy fucking my ass and stroking my cock and Natalie's pussy on my face I blew a huge load all over everyone. Amazing and we all laid down and laughed.

A quick shower, hugs and kisses and back to my hotel. What a great night.

by Heaven Again

I don't know what to say that hasn't already been said about Lucy. Her previous reviews have been stellar and mine won't differ.

We talked earlier in the day, her voice was not what I expected at first (she has an amazing accent and a sultry voice). She made me feel at ease as I was looking to be topped. I then sent her an e-mail afterwards confirming our conversation and sent her a few pics so that she knew I was serious about our meeting.

When I got to her place, she was running a bit late but she called me to tell me so. She parked on the street because parking underground would have taken too long, but my now my heart was racing. She got out her car and walked across the street to meet me. Even though it was dark out, her figure was amazing. She greeted me on the sidewalk and we walked into her place together. Her place is stunning!

We then got up to her room, took care of business and she went to change. In my e-mail to her I had asked that she wear the purple sparkly dress and black stay ups in one of her pictures on her SC profile. The dress hugs her body so nicely, it's like it was made for her and only her.

We started to kiss and when she took her dress off, my jaw hit the ground. I immediately started in on her wonderul breasts, worked my way down her stomach and on to that cock that I have read so much about. She got hard in my mouth and she would occassionally pushed my head down until I gagged. She let me do this for about 10 minutes and I enjoyed every minute of it.

She then got me on my stomach and eased into me. It hurt at first and I think she sensed it and took her time getting deep inside of me. Once she thought I was comfortable enough, she started thrusting harder, letting up only before she was to cum. What I loved most about it was that she would occassionally lie on top of me and kiss my ears and neck. She is really passionate! She then stopped and asked where I wanted her to cum. I told her not to stop and just cum when she was ready and while inside of me, which she did.

To my surprise, she was still hard so we went for round 2. This time I was on my back, at the edge of the bed and she started in on my again. This position hurt a little bit more than the first one but I took as much of it as I could. She could see the wincing in my face and she asked if I wanted her to cum in my mouth (I had never had that before). So I sucked until she blew and it was very sweet tasting, I swallowed it all.

Sorry for the long winded review. I'll sum it up as saying that Lucy is the kindest, hottest, sweetest woman I've been with. Her pictures do not do her justice and her personality makes you feel at ease. I loved how she could get aggressive and then pull back a bit. She is a great host! I always wanted to take the plunge and meet with her and now I am so glad I did. I will definitely be back.

Thank you Lucy for an amazing and passionate time.

by TheOne

Well what can I say about Lucy? well She is much more atractive then her pictures. I have read many reviews in choosing my first time with a TS provider.

I would say Lucy guided my through the session and softly directed me into giving her oral, after that she topped me, a bit uncomfortable at first, but then became more enjoyable afterward, I then returned to giving oral. Lucy was not a clock watcher, she made me feel very comfortable. I really enjoyed the session with her. She very stunning . I would recomend her like many others have done.

She also has a beautiful COCK.

by OldBlueEyes

For a first timer with a TS it could not have gone better. I have experienced toy play with my girllfriends in the past but nothing really prepared me for reality.

Lucy was gentle enough until I could take it and boy did she give. I'm not the kind of individual to kiss and tell so I'll spare you all the torrid details. Lucyhowever is a wonderful individual and made me feel completely at ease in her company. She has a beautiful body with very feminine curves. Other than her cock, there's no way I would've thought she was a TS.

Thank you Lucy for the wonderful time, look forward to seeing you again.

by Jake69

Ho Hum Just another 10/10 session with Lucy. I have seen Lucy a number of times throughout the past five years. Most members on this forum are aware of her stellar reputation so there really is no need for me to give her another excellent review. The reason that I am posting this review is to accentuate how truly versatile she really is. Recently Lucy has developed a reputation for being a dominant top but she really is much more than that.

In the past we have experimented with a number of role-playing scenarios where each of us has been mildly dominant or submissive. Lately at my request she has taken on more of a dominant role in our sessions (I do not bottom so it is not real dominant) I was not in the mood for that last night so instead we had a love making session but here is where it gets remarkable at least in my mind. I did not request it Lucy just sensed it and adapted and that is what I love about this Lady. She has the uncanny ability to recognize what you want and then adapt. The other thing that I find remarkable is that she has that abilty to make you feel that you are special. So once again Lucy thanks for a remarkable time

FYI I am on the latter side of being middle aged and if I ever was "hot" it was a long time ago

For those that need some "dirty details", there was lots of kissing, Lucy gave me an outstanding bbbj. As the saying goes "She could suck the chrome off a trailer hitch." Within 30 minutes she had come in my mouth twice and then I topped her well actually she got on top and rode my cock like there was no tomorrow

by 1st timer in heaven

Like many men who have visited Lucy, I had never been with a "special girl" like her before.

I had fantasized dozens of times on-line looking at her web page but never had summoned up the courage to actually visit her when I was in Toronto.

This time it was different.  I actually had the nerve to call her and she was so reassuring on the phone that I made the appointment to come see her. I was so nervous.

She was sweet enough to let me request her outfit and I requested the green bra/ garters she has in her web page gallery.

When she answered the door she was wearing the outfit and I could not believe how beautiful and sexy she looked.  She is 99% girl for sure.  Her pictures aren't as good as the real thing.  She smells really good. Her skin is very soft. There is no hair anywhere. And she is an amazing kisser.

I think she could tell I was very nervous.  She led me to her bedroom and started kissing me. I took off me clothes and we stood still kissing.  My penis was getting harder and I felt it touch something hard underneath her garter belt.  I looked down at what I can only describe as a beautiful penis. And amazingly, it was actually feminine. It was very pretty.

Lucy asked me "are you ready to suck your first cock?"  and gave me a really good kiss. I was ready.

I got down on my knees in front of her and kissed the tip of her cock and then let it slide into my mouth. It tasted so good.  I loved it.  No hair at all.  The satin green garters rubbing my cheeks.  Her pretty face looking down at me. I was in heaven.  And I kept sucking.

Lucy is amazing and can cum fast and often.  And after a bit of time she was ready to cum and let out a nice load into my waiting mouth.  It tasted really good.

She then got on the bed and started to suck on me. She is talented with her mouth and had me close to cumming too.  But she held back and rolled on condom on and flipped me on to my stomach.  "I want your virgin ass".  And with a gentle push she entered me as we faced her full length mirror.

It hurt a bit and then I relaxed and it felt really good.  Lucy knows how to do this without just hurting the hell out of you.  After a bit I wanted to see her better so I went on my back and she got on top of me.  It was hot.  It was sexy/loving type kissing as she laid right on top of me and worked her cock in and out of my ass. Was so sexy feeling her breasts on my chest and smelling her perfume.

After a bit I wanted her cock in my mouth again.  She pulled off the condom and straddled my face and I sucked her again and then she came.  All over my face. I was in heaven. I wanted to be her girl and she slapped her cock on my chin and wiped her cum over my face. I was so turned on.

She then grabbed my cock.  Sucked it quickly and put it between her breasts.  I came so hard it was incredible.

After we cleaned up we chatted a bit and I had to go.  But ever since I've been masturbating every night thinking of her beautiful cock in my mouth and being her fuck toy.

I got to get back to Toronto soon.

Amazing.  Xoxo.  Thank you Lucy.


This was the second time that I had met Lucy ........ I was downtown not expecting to run into her  and there she was with a few of her friends ,Lucy looked absolutely stunning as always.

She was wearing a tight black dress that showed of all her curves with a nice pair of high heels that accented those well shaped legs that she posses. I knew underneath it all was that nice thick eight inches of delight, and at that time I was craving for.

As Lucy mingled with her friends ,she looked around ,I knew she saw me. I went and ordered myself a drink, and as I walked back I could see Lucy slowly made her way towards me ,As she approached me I could see that big smile come on her face. I can honestly say I just froze in place ,as she came up to me she reached out and put her hand on my arm. I could feel her touch. She pulled me down to her and said hello and asked when were we going to get together.

I could not even think straight, all I could smell was her perfume and that sweet scent from her skin as she came in  close, and the touch of  her long hair brush up against my face as she pushed in close, caressing  me with those firm breasts of her. All I could think of was that  it was so nice to see her.

I was as hard as a rock and she knew it, In a very caring tone of voice  she put me at ease right away. Lucy slipped her hand up behind my neck and said I had nothing to worry about, and that I should  just  relax and that everthing would be just fine . Without hesitation I whispered in her ear, How about tonight?

Lucy looked up and just smiled and said OK . Lucy excused herself for a moment to talk to her friends, as I waited for her to come back I had a millon thoughts going through my head, not knowing what it would be like. Lucy came back and asked me to meet her  back at her place in about an hour. As she walked out the door she looked back and gave me a big smile and a wink and off she went.

I just stood there for a minute thinking about what had just happened ,and then snapped to, and realized I had better get going. I had to pick up my car and then make one stop before I arrived at Lucy's place. Before I knew it, I was on my way to Lucy's place and with so many thoughts going through my head and a cock that was as hard as a rock, and before I knew it  I was sitting out side of Lucy's condo.

I walked up to her door and rang the door bell and  I waited for a few seconds, the door opened and in I walked as soon as the door closed there Lucy stood as beautiful and sweet smelling as any one could ever imagine.

When Lucy greets you at the door it is a real treat  Lucy put her arms out and welcomed me with a smile a big hug and a kiss. Lucy stood back and as she looked up, she offered me a drink and very slowly slid her hand into mine . As Lucy walked me into her very tastefully decorated condo ,I glanced at her as she kept two steps in front of me. She was wearing a short black dress with black nylons and garters that slipped down past the edge of her dress I could see those firm breasts with their nipples erect, as I could see into the plunge line of her dress.

As Lucy proceeded to pour me a drink I could see the tip of her love rod protruding passed the edge of her skirt. Lucy had caught me making a quick glance downward, and assured me that I would have lots of opportunity to satisfy my craving. Within seconds I was at ease, Lucy and I had gone to her living room to sit  for a few minutes after she handed me my drink and had some small talk. She got up  and  gently slid her hand across my shoulder and asked me to join her upstairs.

As I walked up behind her, without even looking she put her hand out for mine and we both went into the bedroom. There was a huge TV  on, with two shemale both locked together enjoying themselves and Lucy had turned on some music for both of us as she walked into the huge bedroom. Lucy walked into her huge bathroom and politely asked me to get undressed and to relax. As I started to get undressed I looked around in amazement, her bedroom was very tastefully decorated with a huge mirror on the wall and lots of pillows on the bed. Just as I was taking everything in Lucy walked out and started to get undressed. I just watched as she slipped her dress of ,she was wearing a very nice pair of black lace panties with a BULGE in the front that stretched them to their limit for sure!!!! WHAT A PACKAGE !!!!!!! I thought (more than a mouth full for sure )

Lucy glanced over as I finished to get undressed, she reached inside her panties to pull out her half erected love stick  she turned  and walked towards the bed. I was laying on the bed as Lucy laid down beside me, Lucy moved in close as I could feel her soft skin touch me and that sweet scent that she posses, before I knew it  everything just started to happen. I reached in and started to tease those perfectly erected nipples, sliding my tongue over each one working my way down to her firm, but sweet tasting abs. Everthing was going like a row of dominos being knocked down one at a time. Before I knew it I could feel Lucy's cock brushing up the side of my chin, very gently and without hesistation Lucy placed her hand on  top of my head while placing the other hand under my chin and with one fluid motion she opened my mouth pushing her cock deep inside. What a surprise! I could feel her cock grow and get harder as Lucy slowly stroked my mouth in and out without missing a beat, each time her cock getting larger with each stroke, before I knew it, I had much more than a mouth full, Now fully erected I could feel the tip of her cock touch the back of my throat with each thrust, after several minutes of stroking her cock in and out of  my mouth Lucy pushed down on the back of my head until I touched her ball sac with my chin.

I could feel jets of Lucy's cream strike the back of my throat and fill the inside of my mouth, almost gagging on her cock I came up to take a short breath. Lucy had her rod slip out with strings of juice dripping of my chin and running back to her cock. Lucy looked at me and smiled as she ran her thumb across the bottom of my chin to catch the excess cum that ran down and dripped on to her jewels, slipping her thumb inside of my mouth to lick the cream off it.

Lucy looked at me and asked if I would like to take care of the rest? As I placed my head down I could feel Lucy's hand on top of my head as she gently pushed downward, with her stiff wet rod sliding along my cheek bone. I slowly began to lick the cream off the outside of Lucy's hot wet jewels .With each stroke of my tongue Lucy became more and more ralaxed enjoying the sensation of having her jewels massaged. As I went in closer teasing her pulsating sack with the tip of my tongue, Lucy asked me to open wide and before I knew it  she had placed her hot wet ball sac into my mouth and with one gulp, I could  barely breathe, gasping for air while  her jewels were rolling around like two marbles, immediately I started  to massage her balls with my tongue, I could hear Lucy say what a good boy pushing down on the back of my head.

For several minutes I continued  to slurp and rotate her velvet sack around inside my mouth with my tongue  until all of a sudden with one full sucking motion her sack of jewels popped out of my lips like two pin balls. I looked down and there was Lucy's lady boy toy just glistening from the wetness of passion cream and tongue juice. I rolled my tongue around while being reminded of how sweet Lucy tasted.

Laying of to one side Lucy made her way up over me at the same caressing her body across mine and slowly whispering to me to roll back on my stomach and face the huge mirror on the wall. I could see her smile as she reached for some lube cream as she held her power tool in her hand, Lucy moved in closer pushing her knees up between my legs spreading me apart like a wish bone (what a feeling ) Itold Lucy that I was going to be tight ,but she replied not to worry, just relax and everthing would be fine.

I could feel her come over the top of me her wet jewels making contact ,Lucy slid both her hands up my back and out to my hands. Locking her fingers in to mine Lucy gently pushed her self up inside of me, I could feel it hurt at first as I tried to squirm away, but Lucy held on tight. She whispered in my ear not to move, but just to relax. With each stroke Lucy slowly penetrated further and further inside of me, before I knew it she was fully buried inside. With the sweet smell of her long blonde hair draped all over me, Lucy positioned herself on me  and reset her hold on me, and with each stroke Lucy very slowly and without missing a beat started to  penetrate me deeper and deeper, before I knew it  ..I was completely under Lucy,s control and what a pounding she was giving me. Without breaking stride Lucy pulled me backed towards her a few times as I was literally being pushed across the bed with each thrust. I could see Lucy enjoying herself as she delivered each thrust at full extension, completly drawing herself out of me and without hesisatation pounding herself back inside, with the sweet scent of Lucy's hair all around and the sensation of being jack hammered relentlessly, I thought she would never stop.

I could feel Lucy,s grip tighten the sweat build up in the small of my back where Lucy's abs were pressed up against me. In the heat of passion Lucy stopped for only a minute, long enogh to give me a short time to catch my breath as she placed a firm grip around my hips pulling me in while arching me upward and placing two pillows beneath my mid section. I was panting like a race horse. As I reached for a bottle of water on the night stand. After rehydrating from the work out Lucy was putting me through . Lucy penetrated me again. Just when I thought Lucy could not go any deeper  Lucy ,slid one hand down the center of my back  positioning a firm grip on my left shoulder and one on my right  hip, I could feel  Lucy's rock hard power tool bottomed out inside of me  to the point that Lucy's hot moist jewels felt like they were actually spreading me apart inside, causing the excess lube that was displaced when Lucy entered me , allowing it to flow downward and trickle along  the back side of my ball sack.Lucy placed her knees between my legs spreading them as far a part as possible and leaning over me, Lucy penetrated and without wasting any time  started pounding me non stop, in the time of pounding me senseless and enjoying herself Lucy placed her hand on the back of my head holding me in position  so there was no getting away, each stroke felt like being hit with a Mack Truck from behind as Lucy came to the end of each stroke, with her ball sack slapping me from behind with  the sound of a wet leather whip ,I just layed there bent over and trying to wipe the sweat out of my eyes all I could think of was WHAT A POUNDING Lucy was giving me ..before I knew it I was being pounded so fast and hard it felt like there was no relief between each stroke Lucy leaned over without missing a beat and whispered in my ear that  I would make a great FUCK DOLL for somebody when she was done with me, as she smiled in the mirror and brushed back her hair.

After being fucked senseless and with the sensation of sweat between our two bodies Lucy asked me if I wanted my face filled with cum, I asked if I could have it on my front and very gently Lucy pulled out of me and asked me to turn over. I was  slumped over and virtually as lifeless as a fish out of water as I tried to catch my breath, Lucy reached in underneath my right leg and turned me over on my back. Lucy passed me a towel to wipe towel the sweat off. Lucy reached in and with one fluid motion pulled me across the bed towards her . Before I knew it my legs were resting on her shoulders and Lucy reached in and closing her hand around my shaft started stroking my cock like it was her own personal little play toy, each time getting faster and harder, before I knew it she was almost pulling my sack right out of me, feeling like it was being stretched to the maximum with each stroke.

Lucy then grabbed my hand and without stopping placed it around her hand ,as we both stroked together, she then reached down slipping her hand from under mine and at the same time telling me not to stop  she then reached down and grabbed her 8 inch power tool and started stroking herself and with each stroke I could feel myself starting to climax. Lucy knew I was ready to climax and with one full stroke Lucy was Cumming all over me I could not believe it there was just no end to this girl ,at the same time she placed  a firm grip on my rod and all I could see was streams of cream CUMMING at me.

I could not tell from whom, one of them hit dead center on the bottom of my chin. I could also feel the hot streams of cum land on my chest and mid section without letting go Lucy maintained her firm grip on my rod until every last drop of juice was drained out of me, as I looked up I could see the last few shots let go and run down over the top of her hand and at the same time finishing her self off Lucy made sure nothing was to be wasted as she pushed my legs back and climbed over me to make sure I was completely covered in cum. As the last few ropes of cum landed on me.

Lucy then came towards me pushing my legs aside at the same time running her index finger up the center of my chest filling it with cum and bending down to kiss my cheek and then whispering in my ear How was that sweetie?

I wanted to tell her she was fantastic but just then she slipped her finger between my lips gently running the cum off, on to my tongue as she just looked and smiled. Lucy made her way to the shower, I picked my head up as I watched, Lucy disappeared into her bathroom. Laying on her bed like a snow angel I was totally exhausted from my experience. I could feel my heart rate coming down to the point that I could  finally catch my breath. I looked to see Lucy step out of the shower, watching her I could see the streams of cream pooling on my mid section like small river streams all running into one another, along with the sweat.

Lucy then walked out and put out her hand and led me to the shower she, checked the temperature  to make sure it was ok and let me step in. I showered and before I stepped out, Lucy reached in and passed me a towel . Drying myself off, I glanced over at Lucy, just to catch her smiling at me .She said not to worry everthing will return to it's natural shape in a few days  as she slapped me on the ass with her towel. I then got dressed and Lucy walked me to the door and gave me a kiss and a hug, and I said thank you.

I mentioned that maybe next time we got together she would unexpectently have one of her t-girl friends there when I walked into the bedroom. I had come prepared this time $$ not sure of what was going to happen .Thanks Lucy until next time what an AWESOME !!!!! expierence . 

by I Love Lucy

My girlfriend has always had a fantasy about me getting fucked.  She has me tell her dirty stories about it all the time, it turns her on, then I fuck her brains out.  I told her I would agree to try a mutual fantasy for real - but only if the conditions were right.

We looked everywhere, until we came upon Lucy Bisset's blistering-hot website.  We searched everywhere in the world just for the hell of it, and I would have to say that Lucy is hands down the absolute hottest TS on the entire planet! My girlfriend was out of town for the weekend on the day I made the call.  I told Lucy what I had in mind, and that I was pretty nervous about the whole thing.  "Don't worry", she said in her sexy European accent, "I'll ease you down, honey..."  A few hours later, I arrived at her place in downtown Toronto.  She let me in, and when she opened the door, my heart literally skipped a beat.  She was wearing a black and pink pinstriped one-piece that could barely contain her perfect DD breasts.  She gave me a hug and kiss, then led me down the hall to her room.  As she sauntered in front of me, I just had to check out her fabulous ass that couldn't help being exposed from under her sexy attire.

We went to her room and Lucy undressed right away, then instructed me to get naked and join her on the bed.  "Suck my tits hard, baby", she commanded, then pulled my face into her cleavage.  I kissed her flawless skin, holding her sexy body close to me as I worked my mouth closer to her perfect nipples, making sure to give each one equal attention before I felt her hands on the top of my head, pushing me to go lower.  She looked down upon me with her beautiful face and said, "Now I want you to lick my balls honey."  I kissed my way down from her heaving breasts, across Lucy's tight midsection, giving her belly ring some kisses on the way down.  I felt her hand move to the back of my head.  Lucy pulled my face right where she wanted it, and stuffed her balls in my mouth.  "Oh yeah, right there baby," she told me while I was sucking her.  I must have been doing a good job, because her cock was growing larger until it reached it's full potential.  Lucy looked so stunning gazing down at me.

She took her dick in her hand and laughed as it smacked me in the face.  "Now you can suck my cock," she remarked.  I tried to do the best as I could to please her, working my mouth up and down the shaft. I am not experienced doing this, and couldn't help from gagging and choking a few times; especially when she held my head down and forced her throbbing cock into the back of my throat.  She seemed to be enjoying it though, and after some time, she told me she was going to fuck me.

Lucy stood up by the side of the bed, and looked upon me with such radiant beauty in her eyes, then kissed me deeply on the lips, holding me in a warm embrace.  She said that she wanted me to lay on my stomach, face down, so I could look at the mirror on the wall if I wanted.  Lucy then mounted me from behind, and slipped on a condom.  She proceeded to lube my ass and her cock, asking me if I was ready to be fucked.  I told her to take it easy on me, and that I didn't know what I could handle.  Lucy reassured me of this, then placed her cock in my ass gently.  I was instantly overwhelmed.  I started moaning, and tried to wriggle away from it, as her hard cock split my tight ass.  Lucy obviously didn't want to let me get away quite that easy.  She laid down on top of me, grinding her sexy figure onto my back, grabbed onto my shoulders, and slid her huge cock into my ass in one slow motion without stopping.  She held her cock deep inside of me for a moment, stretching my ass to it's maximum capacity, before starting to fuck me.  She was going slow, but I was still barely able to take it because her dick was so big, and my ass was so tight.  "You can take it honey", she said as she put her face next to mine.  "You can take it", she whispered softly in my ear while filling my ass with slow, deep strokes, "Oh yeah, baby, take it."  Lucy must have thought I needed a break, so she propped herself up with her arms, and began railing me with fast, shallow thrusts.  She then put her body back on top of mine, and resumed the deep pounding, holding me captive so that I couldn't get away.  "Oh look, I'm all the way in your ass baby," she told me.  She must have felt me relax a little bit, because she shifted in such a way that she was able to plunge at least another two hard, thick inches into my ass, making me scream.

Lucy looked so hot in the mirror, doing whatever she wanted with me, using me as her personal fuck toy.  She moved her hands down my body, grabbed my hips tightly, and impaled me with her thick, hard cock over and over, fucking me like she owned me.  All the while, I was hanging by a string, getting fucked senseless, moaning like a cheap slut.  I really enjoyed the way that she was so close to me, abusing me how she wanted, and talking dirty to me in my ear with her sweet, sweet voice.  Lucy took me that way for quite some time, then pulled out and motioned for me to lay on my back at the side of the bed.  She is very strong, and pulled my legs to position me right where she wanted.  She lubed herself again, and squeezed her cock back into my ass.  This position made me tighter once more, but Lucy didn't seem to mind, and began to hammer away at me relentlessly.  Her face looked SO beautiful, and I loved the way her bosom heaved as she was ramming me over and over, fucking me like her slave, crushing me into a totally helpless submission.  She began to pick up the pace. Lucy held me down tightly as she pounded me, until I could feel her cock thrust all the way deep in my ass, hitting my bladder, and making me scream for mercy.  She held her cock deep inside and I felt it begin to pulse repeatedly while she was moaning and cumming.  She left her cock all the way inside for a minute, and bent down to kiss me. Then she slammed me deep a few more strokes, pulled out, and spanked me hard on the ass a few times with a smile on her face.

WOW!  Sadly, it was time to bid her farewell after I got out of the shower.  I asked her for a favor before I left, so I could prove to my girlfriend that I had the balls to actually go through with this.  Lucy giggled and agreed to my request, saying that it was a first for her too.  She yanked my pants down, took the black permanent marker I brought, and wrote in big letters across my freshly-initiated bottom:


What a mind blowing experience from such an amazing and wonderful person!

by Ray

A Day to Remember

A couple of days ago I received an email from Asia Missy. We talk from time to time so this is not unusual. However, her email was a little different. She said she was very horny to have a 3some possibly with a European Shemale. So I immediately suggested Lucy. She was not real familar with Lucy so after checking out her ad on SMC she was hot to trot as they say. I contacted Lucy and she was eager as well so I set up the appointment for noon today, Saturday, at Lucy's place.

I arrived at Asia's around 11:00 and we fooled around a little bit before we took off for Lucy's. Now one of the best parts of the day was the ride to Lucy's in Asia's Corvette Convertible. Now I thought I had a fairly fast car but I had never been in a Vette before and OMG, Asia drives like I did when I was a teenager. So as to not get messed up we had the top up for the ride there. We arrived just about noon and Lucy was waiting for us dressed in a beautiful black negligee. Asia BTW was dressed in a white halter top and a white thong under a very tiny white skirt. Both girls were hot as hell.

We climbed the stairs to the bedroom and proceeded to have a great time by all. We started with Asia sucking me while Lucy was kissing me. I can't think of anything much better than that, can you? I then started to suck Lucy while Asia continued to do the same for me. Then Lucy started fooling around with my asshole and proceeded to fuck me for awhile but Lucy's tool is very thick and it hurt a lot so I asked her to stop. A little while later Asia took her turn to do the deed and that was much more comfortable for me. I was sucking Lucy while Asia fucked me. There was a lot of kissing going on by everyone which I really like. At some point, I forget exactly when, I fucked Asia while she was sucking Lucy. Then I asked Lucy to fuck Asia and she did while I was watching and occasionally fondling one of her breasts. Lucy came while fucking Asia. We then proceeded to my sucking Lucy's cock again while Asia was sucking mine and Lucy came again on my chest, which was my request. Time was almost up so I tried to cum but was unsuccessful.

I wanted to buy Asia lunch but she insisted on taking me to lunch. We went to O'Grady's on Church St. and had a great lunch sitting at an outside table. The weather was perfect and I had a nice time. We then went back to Asia's condo this time with the top down. The car's top, not Asia's. When we got back to her place I got down on one knee and said, with this car and the way you drive, will you marry me,LOL. I was in no hurry to leave for Buffalo because the traffic going that way had been really bad in the morning so I hoped if I waited a little longer that it wouldn't be so bad. And it wasn't bad at all. Anyway, Asia and I were talking while sitting on her couch and after awhile I asked if she would like to go to the bedroom for a little more action. She readily agreed and we had another great time kissing and hugging and she fucked me again and she came while fucking me. It didn't take her long to get hard again but as much as we tried, she is not Lucy and another cum shot was not meant to be. I however did manage to have a happy ending before leaving.

So, all in all this was one fine day. Earlier this year I mentioned to one of our board members that I am going to have to slow down a little for various reasons, money not being the least. Since April I have seen Lucy twice, Asia twice, I was lucky to see Kitty in between boyfriends, Lisa once and Tamtam once. I guess I don't know the meaning of slowing down, LOL.


by Dale

When I visited downtown Toronto, Lucy was the first TS girl I had ever been with and she made a lasting impression upon me. When I returned to Toronto having now seen her three times of which once was with her female girlfriend I expressed to Lucy the fantasy of seeing her with another TS girl for a mild dom session. Lucy was delighted with the idea and immediately suggested Suzie. This allowed me to look at her website before the meeting and I was so pleased with Lucy’s choice. However like Lucy the photos of Suzie did not do her justice. She is stunning with beautiful eyes, full lips, a sexy Norwegian accent, not to mention huge great tits and a 9” cock. I arrived to be greeted by both Lucy and Suzie in sexy underwear and sat between them on the couch whilst I sipped my welcome drink. Lucy makes you feel so easy in her company it is a delight and any first time nerves soon disappear.

It wasn’t long however before Suzie led me to the bedroom where she undressed to reveal those gorgeous tits. She helped me undress, gave me a sensuous kiss and led me by the hand to the bed where she invited me to suck her cock. I soon discovered that Suzie really did have a full 9” which was starting to fill my mouth. She kept saying “Suck me dry darling” when I became aware Lucy had joined us and was caressing my arse. It wasn’t long before Suzie was almost making me gag as she pulled me down on her hard cock when Lucy then decided to put on a condom and enter me from behind. The sensation of Lucy fucking my arse as I sucked Suzie’s cock was incredible. Now Lucy can fuck well at the best of times but the sight of me sucking Suzie’s cock seemed to urge her on as she really did long and deep thrusts. Lucy complimented me on having a tight arse and she was enjoying it. I was being used and abused but didn’t care and was carried away with the thought of being with two of the most beautiful and amazing T girls around. Lucy laughed with Suzie and said I was their sex toy for the night. Suzie was begging me to suck her dry and promised me she was going to destroy my arse later when Lucy cried out she was going to cum and did up my arse. I was working hard on Suzie’s cock when she came in my mouth and I was so pleased to have satisfied two special looking T girls.

However there was no rest for the wicked and Suzie said, “Now it’s my turn darling” and told me to get on all fours and face the wall mirror. Having put a condom her erect 9” cock I braced myself for what I thought might be too much for me to take. I need not have worried as Suzie was both gentle and experienced enough to ease her cock inside me. She started off slow but built up to a speed I knew I was being fucked by one of the best around. She then turned me over on my back, lifted my legs in the air and fucked me hard again whilst Lucy stood over me and guided her cock into my mouth. When Lucy came in my mouth and told me to swallow it I just did it. I was theirs now to do with me what they wanted and they both knew that and loved it.

There was a brief break for me to have a drink and we three chatted on the bed before Suzie with that gorgeous voice had invited me to lie on my back and do a 69 with her sucking my cock from above. I was already near the edge of the bed before Lucy dragged me even further and started to fuck my arse again. My cock was so hard when we changed positions again, me standing facing Suzie on the bed whilst she suck my cock and Lucy fucking my arse from behind. The sight of looking into Suzie’s eyes as she licked and sucked my cock whilst seeing Lucy in the mirror as she fucked me caused me to explode and I came into Suzie’s mouth. Suzie said my cum tasted good, I wouldn’t know but I do know I had just fulfilled a fantasy that was never likely to be repeated. Well maybe not until my next visit to Toronto.

By InkMan


By InkMan


Read some positive reviews of this girl before a business trip to Toronto, my first. She seemed to be just what I was looking for so I called her up when I arrived to set a date. Something cropped up and couldn't make it, but got the urge very early the next morning as I was up still jet-lagged, and I was happy she picked up, and told me to come on over.

Boy was I relieved to see that her looks did no disappoint, as I've been duped in the past. She warmly greeted me, offered a drink and showed me to her restroom to wash up.and then here is the details..:)

She asked me what kind of service I would be interested.I told her that It would be my first time, be agressif dominant girl and take control,she smiled at me and came close to me and I started to kiss her lips, slide my tongue into her mouth and tasted her.  Slided my hands over her soft silky body and sliding them under your blouse to caress her aching nipples.  I moved down from her hungry mouth wet mouth to her erect nipples. I licked and bit them, I felt her thrusted her hard cock thrusted against my body. 

I couldn't wait to slide down to my knees and take her engorged member into my mouth, but I waited.  I wanted more than just her cock, I told her that I wanted her to dominate me.  I would do anything for her... I pulled away from her and begged her to lay down on the bed on your belly with you gorgeous ass raised.  I hiked up her skirt and slided down between her legs and kissed her thighs, moving slowly to her hot waiting ass I licked her, tasted her. I coldn't control mysef, I plunged my tongue deep inside her while I stroked her hard cock and balls.she flipped over and grabbed me and pushd me on my back onto the bed and straddled my face ramming her thick cock down my throat and drove my head down into the mattress fucking my face hard...  I taste her delicious pre-cum as she let me breathe and then she started rhythmically pumped into my face as she holded the back of head.

She was Pushing her cock all the way to the balls, over nd over again... she pulled out finally, ready to burst, but not wanting to cum yet... she slided up and grind her pussy into my mouth and told me to eat her..  'Eat my ass you bitch' she said; ' fuck me with your tongue'.... pushed it into her and 'taste my pussy cock'... I loved your aggression, I am been completely at her mercy, I wanted her to fuck me, but I was a virgin and afraid.   I told her so...  she told me that she would be gentle but that she was going to fuck me whether I like it or not. 

I told her I wanted it, but was just afraid.she pulled away and slided down off the bed and pulled me to the edge and raised my knees and pushed the tip of her pulsing cock into me... I gasped in pain, and gently pumped the tip of herself in and out of me. I relaxed and felt her slided into me... oh my god the feeling of pleasure and pain as she pump into me... I begged her to fuck me hard, rammed her cock into me.  I couldn't believe the feeling, my cock was rock hard, I wished she could suck it, but I wanted her cock inside me.

She told me that when she cum she was going to pull out, made me take her load in my mouth and didn't want me to miss a drop.  I saw her over me, driving into me.. her eyes were glazed and somewhere else, her breasts were heaving, her hips were rolling into me, joining me.. I could feel her building, I was stroking myself as she rammed me, fucked me, abused me, I started to cum, squirting my hot cum all over my chest from my thick cock.  As I cum she pulled out and quickly slided up and shoved her cock down my throat yelling at me to pump my mouth over it, I  felt her balls tighten against my chin and her entire body tense and I could almost felt the hot waves of orgasm built in her, radiating into the base of her belly, and exploding out of her cock and  into my mouth...  I felt the hot ropes on cum hit the back of my throat and filledl my mouth with her delicious juice...   Over and over I feltl the cum squirting out of her as I pump my mouth and tongue over her, not letting out a drop, I had to swallow over and over as she gush groaning and screaming into my hungry mouth.

She finally finished and I continued to suck the cum out of her, massaging her balls....    I pulled off her and licked the sweat of her, off the inside of her thighs, her glorious pussycock and stomach and breasts... what a wonderful time, what a wonderful lady, I am so glad that I chose you for my first experience.thank you for making  My fantasy an unforgettable reality.

Can't wait to come to Toronto again

by Curious Newbie

This was a first time experience for me, one I wondered about but doubted I would ever experience.

When I visited Toronto I checked the TER reviews and clicked on Lucy's highly rated reviews.  This led me to her website with pages of very detailed reviews and pictures which looked like no other TS I had ever seen before.  Countless reviewers confirmed how accurate the photos were.  I emailed Lucy and set up an appointment which I confirmed over the phone the day of our date.  She lives in a very nice neighborhood in a beautiful townhouse which is very well furnished.

After a reassuring kiss at the door, I took in how lovely and sexy she looked.  After some nervous conversation on my part, she led me upstairs to her comfortable bedroom where she gently talked to me and made me feel comfortable.  She was very beautiful, with a great figure, nice smile and great hair.  I felt like I was with a georgeous model!  After I placed my donation next to her large flat screen TV that was playing a porn movie that I never looked at again, we disrobed and laid on her bed, kissing gently. Her kisses were soft as was her skin and hair.  I told her I was game to try everything, as long as it felt good.

She had a great sense of humor and after joking she was going to rape me, she reassured me that she loved first timers and would take care of me.  Lucy likes to direct a willing partner and she asked me if I'd like to suck her cock.  Up till now it was soft and shaved smooth, but it soon grew to it's full 7 inches in my mouth and never went down for the next 60 minutes!  I did to her what I enjoyed on myself and she responded with encouragement.  She really likes to be deep throated and without much difficulty I was able to take her deep.  She spun around to reciprocate and her tongue was talented. She came while I had her deep and she tasted good. She then asked me if I wanted her to top me.  I agreed to try, so she had me lay on my stomach facing a full length mirror while she put on a condom and lubed me and herself.

The view of her behind me with her large spectacular breasts and angelic face was such a turn on, but I had trouble relaxing and didnt think it was going to happen.  We eventually moved to me on my back  and she lifted my legs and tried again.  This time she slipped in and after gently probing she was able to pick up her pace.  Although it initially hurt and felt strange the sensation began to feel good and watching Lucy fuck me was very exciting. After about 5 minutes she told me she going to cum again and asked me if she could cum in my mouth again.  I readily agreed and she whipped off her condom and climbed my body to place her rigid cock back in throat as she blew a second time.  I then asked her if I could fuck her and she said, of course!  We went at it K9 and she loved my big cock in her sweet ass as I pounded away at her.  We then moved to CG, with her cock accessible to stroke.  She came for the third time on my stomach, then we rested for a few minutes kissing and caressing.  Still hard she put another condom on and pulled me back to the edge of the bed and fucked me again with me legs on her shoulders.  This time as she really picked up her pace and depth of penetration she reached for my oozing cock and began stroking it.  I felt my orgasm building and exploded as intensely as I've ever done in the past.  Lucy smiled, pleased with herself.  As I stood next to the bed complimenting her on how great she made me feel I began stroking her still hard cock and asked her if she could cum again.  She asked me to suck her nipples hard and soon filled my hand with her fourth explosion!

She offered me a shower and I asked her to join me, which she gladly did.  The shower was very sensual and unhurried.  After we dressed she led me downstairs, I thanked her once again for a wonderful experience, then she kissed me goodbye as I left.

I watched a fair share of TS porn and never seen anyone as feminine and beautiful as Lucy.  Usually the "girl" has a hard time staying hard and we're lucky to see a scant cum shot.  Lucy stayed rigid the entire time, had 4 generous pops.  She was incredible for my first experience and I cant imagine any one else coming close to duplicating it.

by Bottomless Pitt

I had to do my homework before I had gone to see Lucy. I had read her forums, browsed her pictures, and called her, just to hear her voice. I had also wanted to meet her in person before anything happend. Even if it was for 5 minutes. I had approached her place and she let me in. And we gave each other a kiss.

She was exactly what the pictures had looked like. Her voice was just that of a woman. And her body....well I really couldn't keep my eyes off her. Her breasts were perfect. Her ass looked very, very nice. However I could not exactly see what she was packin below. And her face was flawless. I was there for at least ten minutes and told her I would come see her one day when I returned to Toronto. For several months I had emailed her and told her of the fantsies that I have had of her and what I would be willing to let her do with me. She had said " I would do anything you would like". After hearing that I knew she was gonna be fun.

A few of the emails I had sent to her included a few pictures of myself jerking off to her pictures on her website. She returned the message. " That was hot ". I told her I enjoyed giving oral sex, and love to deepthroat. Not to mention that I do enjoy a toy once and awhile. She responded that "I have lots of toy's, that I could try with you". Little did she know what I could do with one. I took a picture of myself, taking a 12" double ended dildo and leaving nothing out. She liked that alot she said. And she cant wait to get a hold of my ass. I told her she could have it any way she wanted. I also informed her of a particular fantasy of herself and a friend having there way with me. She had said "I would be willing to bring a friend, however she is well endowed" I told her that would be fine.

She out right asked me "do you like to swallow cum"? I told her that I would. And she told me she would love to watch her friend cum in my mouth. I have fantasized about Lucy for several years. I have seen and met others which did not impress me at all. And not to mention, poorly advertised their assets. Some will lie to you, and some will rush you! Over time I had experimented with toys. And by the time I was finished I was able to take 12". I told Lucy I would take a quick video of it and send it to her. She responded " you took that easily ". And I did shoot a big load of cum to.

Lucy wanted to see me soon. She thought I was hot. And willing to do anything with her. And of course I told her she could. I also said that she could have a friend with her aswell. A few weeks had gone by and by this time I was ready for her. I made sure I was clean and shaved above and below. I dont mind my ass being licked. Let alone filled with a stiff cock.

I called her and told her I would be over on a particular day and she said that would be fine. It was early around 10:30 AM when I had arrived. She opened the door for me and told me to come in. She quickly locked the door. Then she turned to me and kissed my lips, and put her hands on my shoulders and slowly started pushing me to my knees in front of her. I got on my knees, and there I was facing her crotch. And behind the fleece track pants she was wearing was a nice cock that was gona be well taken care of. I slowly pulled them down and noticed she had no panties on. Her cock was starting to get hard. She looked down to me and said " Now do what you did in the videos you sent to me " I opened my mouth and took her cock slowly.

She said " I haven't cum in a few days, and I got a big load for your throat". Her hands then went to the back of my head and she slowly pulled my head more towards her body, taking a few more inches of her cock. She looked down and watched me, as I looked up at her and she the spoke up, and said " was this what you wanted "? I took her out of my mouth and grabbed the bag that I had brought. I opened it up and showed her my camera. She looked down and said " you want pictures " I said to her " yes, and a video of me deepthroating you and you cumming in my mouth". She smiled and said " where the on button " I turned it on for her and set the camera to take pictures. I said " there ya go ".

I took her cock back in my mouth, and slowly took her deeper. I could hear she was taking a few pictures already. I slowly started to pick up the pace in massaging her cock with my mouth, and taking it easily. She told me to go to the living room with her. I followed her to the couch where she told me to take a seat. I did so with a very uncomfortable hardon in my jeans. She even noticed. She said " get out of those and get comfortable ". I removed my clothes and there I was rock hard sitting on the couch in front of her. She was still in her tight fitting t-shirt in which presented her tits beautifully. I helped her out of her shirt and she was not even wearing a bra, and those tits looked very very nice! I cant remember how many times in the past I jerked off looking at her pictures.

There she was standing totally naked in front of me. She told me to lay on my back, with my head over the arm rest. She then moved herself bhind my head and slowly gudied her cock in my mouth, while still taking pictures. I gagged a little. But she did not stop. She slowly started to pick up the pace and going in deeper. Saliva was starting to spill out of my mouth and she used that to her advantage. She put the camera down after taking pictures of her cock in my mouth. She put one hand on her hip, and the other on the back of my neck and continued plunging in and out of my mouth like she didnt care! And I was loving it. She talked dirty to me as she continued and said " You like big toys, you like deepthroating, and you want me to abuse your mouth and ass "!

She didn't need a response. She knew from the emails thats what I said she could do. She eventually pulled her cock out from my mouth and she turned around and bent over and backed up, spreading her ass apart and telling me to lick. I did so, and slowly concentrated on penetrating her ass with my tongue. She moaned a little. My hands went to her waste to pull her down harder on my tongue. I told her I would like to dothis while in a 69 postion with you on top. She like the idea. And quickly got up, and had me lay on the couch. She then got top, and took my cock in her mouth. Wow, what a mouth. I did the same for her cock. Her nut sack was pretty swollen, and I had a feeling I was gonna get a big load or two later. I deepthroated her for a bit, tongue fucked her ass. And she has a lovely ass. I was looking forward to penetrating it with my cock.

We were in that position for a good 10 minutes. She eventually got up and told me to get on the couch and get on my knees facing the wall. and hold the back cushions. I could sense she wanted to fill my ass with her cock. And thats what she did. She lubbed my ass very well, and she put a condom on. She put her one leg on one side of me, and the the other on the other side of me. She guided the tip of her cock only with her hands, and then grabbed both sides of my waist. She slowly went in. She knew what I was capable of handling. She did not stop. She put every inch of her cock in my ass easily and with non stop action. She pulled back, to where she was about to pull out from my ass, and then right back in. She did this, and said to me, " I am gonna work your ass really good and slow for a bit, then I'm gonna pound it hard and deep " I turned around as best as I could, and looked at her and said " be my guest and fuck it, like you own it "

She then said " your not going to take just my cock, your going to take a 12" dildo to " I smiled and said " well you better get me horny and started working on it " She then picked up the camera and started taking more pictures of her cock deep in my well lubbed and wet ass. She told me that my ass is deep. I said it was. And it was tight. She liked my ass and I knew she was going to have fun with it. She eventually stopped taking pictures and put the cmera down. She withdrew from my ass and removed her condom. Her cock was still rock hard. She told me to turn around. I did so. She told me to suck her cock more. " I want to cum in your mouth like you wanted me to " She picked up the camera and asked, " how do I turn on video mode "? I turned it on for her and she quickly pointed it down on my mouth and her cock entering. She told me "  work it hard, and deepthroat it good, and I will jerk it off in your mouth " She filmed for like 5 minutes, I massaged her cock deep in my mouth, and again saliva was coming out of my mouth. She then all of a sudden pulled out of my mouth and jerked her cock vigourisly for me. I opened my mouth and she, with in a few seconds started coming in a big stream directly to the back of my throat, and eventually getting on my face. She took her cock and rubbed my face with the warm cum that was there and then, putting her cock in my mouth again. She told me " Lick it all clean, and then its your turn "

I didn't know what she really meant. She left the room for a minute and returned, and in her hand she had a dildo. I couldnt really see how big it was till she got closer to me. It looked like the same size that I had once before. She looked at me and smiled and said " this is a little bigger in length and around then the one I saw in the video you sent ". I was surprised she remembered I was willing to try 14".

She lubbed the dildo with more than enough, and then told me to lay back and spread my legs wide. She lubbed my ass genoursily. She proceeded to put the tip of this huge dildo in my ass. She pulled out. And then put it back in. I was extremely horny and was determined to let her play with me. I had never taken 14" before. She pushed a little further, and pulled back. Each time she went in, she went further. I was getting so horny that I told her I could take it all if I squated on it. She then asked " how can we film this "? I told her to get the camera and I would set it up for her. I turned it on, and pressed the button to start. I got on the floor with this 14"er and squated slowly on it, and slowly pushing it in my ass. I could feel my ass opening up and hungry for it.

I got most of it in my ass, and then all of a sudden Lucy stood in front of me with a raging hard on, and started feeding my throat again. She looked down at me and said " well, this is what you wanted " And I looked up at her and smiled. Soon as I could feel her all the way in my throat, I lost all control and started pounding my ass straight up and down with that dildo. I could not even tell if I was taking it all. but I could tell my ass was extremely wet and I could feel alot of juices covering my hand.

We were at it for a good 10-15 minutes, I finally removed her cock from my mouth and told her I was gonna cum. She sat on the couch and told me to jerk my cock and cum on her tits, while she jerked her cock and was going to do the same. Within seconds I blew a very huge load directly at those beautiful tits, and it slowly trickled down to her stomach. She then also blew another genourous load of cum on her stomach and almost reaching her tits. She looked at me and said " Now suck all the cum off my tits and stomach, and pay close attention to my cock "! I like how demanding she can be. Her cock was still hard so I figured I would start there and work my way up!

She then said to me " you can fuck, and suck very well " I then told her " I like to go on adventures, and you can cum anytime, like I said you can do what you want with me " She then responded " would you try another shemale "? I said " definately with you " I asked if she would like to watch the video, and see the pictures. She said she would love to. She got her laptop and there we were watching eachother fuck and suck and then she got hard one more time. She watched, and I sucked her off one more time. And she blew every last drop in my mouth this time. I love swallowing her cum, and I know now she loves to play with me. She can fuck very well.

If you want a fun time with a hot woman with something that can be proven, and keeps her word, then give Lucy a call. Well worth the time!

by rrobbie

I first met Lucy almost 6 years ago (Parliament & Bloor) after several awful experiences with other shemale escorts. Like many of you reading this, I fantasized about shemale for years, as long as i could remember. Then when i finally worked up the courage to meet an escort the first time, she (and i use the word 'she' liberally) was hardly what i'd call attractive.. It lasted 5 minutes and cost me $100 lol. Put me off trying again for years. Then the 2nd was a bit better, but hardly what I'd call feminine. After several more dissapointments, I met Lucy rather by mistake. I had her number in my pocket for a while, but never called because I was sure her pictures were photoshopped, or jusk fake.. Surely this is some picture from an old playboy magazine i though... she cant have a cock!?!

Fortunately for me, after another dissapointment (had to walk out of a session after another tgirl refused to wear an condom) I called Lucy with some time to spare. Thank god i did. When she answered the phone she had such a soft feminine voice (good start i though) and was very pleasant. Her building back then was easy to find, although her new place is impossible to miss... I remember my heart pounding as the elevator rose, then walking down the hall wondering what i would find on the other side of the door- dry mouth and sweaty palms by now... I rang her doorbell, nice touch i thought as opposed to banging on an apartment door for any shy guys like me who dont want the extra attention ;). When the door opened, i honestly felt my insides do somersaults! You know that feeling you get when that youre in a shop and the attendant who walks up to you is just unbelievably attractive? Out of your league maybe, but youre still dead nervous thinking how you wish you could ask her out- but your mouth wont work :p.... That is exactly what Lucy looks like, an absolute 11! The first thing I saw were her beautiful eyes. She has great big bambi eyes, which almost look  cleopatara ish. She smiled and asked me in. I quickly looked her up and down and just couldnt believe it. She was wearing a see through neglege, with lingere underneath. Straight out of a victoria's secret catalogue!  The first though was why couldnt I have met her when I was 18???

I walked in feeling like I had won the lottery. She kissed me on the cheek, and asked me if I'd like a drink while she hung up my jacket. I took the chance to scan her apartment. After some horror stories i wont repeat here, I was again was in disbelief at how perfect her apartment was. Everything was spotless and brand new. We sat in her living room and chatted for a while, as it was our first time meeting, which made me feel very comfortable... as comfortable as a guy can be sitting across from such a gorgeous girl. Her face was flawless. Aside from eyes that could stop a man faster than a geisha, she has a cute little nose, sultry high cheekbones that Kate Moss would envy and lips that are full and luscious. I honeslty dont think she needs any make up to look stunning.. But she was wearing some, very little but perfectly. She looked so petite and femine, her shoulders are small and narrow, and thin elegant arms with small hands.. She was wearing incredibly sexy platform high heel shoes with perfectly manicured toes.. long smooth legs and the best ass I think Ive ever seen.. Tiny waist like a barbie doll, then lovliest tits I have ever had the pleasure of touching. Her skin is so soft and fragrant, i just wanted to kiss and lick every inch of her. To this day I dont believe Lucy is a shemale, or tgirl... theres no way she was born a boy, no surgeon is that good- rather i think she must be a hermaphrodite with a microscopic vagina, invisible to the naked eye, lol. After what seemed like 30 minutes, we made our way to the bedroom. She even said, 'look at the clock, your hour starts now and not when you came in.. not like the some girls' and winked. If she only knew!

She came up to me and started kissing me, while she undid my belt and started rubbing my cock. Now, this is important: I never even managed to get hard with another shemale before as they were, not my type shall we say; but with Lucy, as soon as she touched me I wanted to top her. After my pants came down she took off my shirt as she kissed my chest still rubbing my cock.. When I was fully undressed and aroused she offered that I lay down on the bed while she undressed for me. She even asked me if i wanted to watch a shemale dvd from her 'collection', but she outshines any actress Ive seen so I focused on her instead. As her neglege came off i noticed the small bulge in her panties.. she took her bra off and, leaving her panties on crawled up the bed toward me and kissed my cock, before she slip up and we stared passionately kissing while she moved my hand down to her cock which was starting to grow now. I couldnt wait any longer to see it, so i pulled her panties down and started to kiss her down there.

She was shaved clean, and smelled nice and fresh. Her cock got bigger slowly, which was nice as i could take it all in my mouth at first.. then it got to where i was choking on it!  After a few minutes she asked me if we could 69 so she could suck me off too. A first for me with a shemale, and I loved it. The only problem is Lucy is far too talented with her tongue and I had to keep telling her to stop as I wanted to make it last as long as possible. After 10 minutes I could hardly keep from cumming, so I asked her to fuck me. She laid me face down, and started to put lube all over my ass and her cock. She slowly played with her cock, rubbing around my ass.. to the point where i wasnt scared it would hurt, instead i was dying to feel it inside me. When she did start to go inside me, she was so slow and gentle it couldnt have been better.

After a few half starts she managed to push her hard cock deep inside me. She keeps getting bigger for ages, so at this point she could fit all the way in and it was heaven. It was so satisfying to feel her fill up my ass, while she was kissing my neck and my ear.. it was almost all too much! She fucked me for about 30 minutes, in 3 different positions. By the end her cock was so big I couldnt take it and almost squirming to back up from her, but I cant say i didnt enjoy it. Finally when she had me in the missionary position, she started to stroke my cock and I had, at the time, the best orgasm Ive ever had. Actually saw black and white for 20 seconds! I say at the time, because in the 6 years since, I have made sure I meet Lucy at least once every time Im in town, and every time I meet her it gets better. Unbelievably, even after I came once, I was horny again straight away. That never happened with another shemale escort before, and not for most girls either lol. A testament to how attactive and sexy Lucy is no doubt. 

The best advice I can give is to just try her... And make sure you allow for extra time, or you may regret it- an hour might not be enough! Lucy is everything you want and more. There's very little that she wont do, and will keep you coming back for more. She also makes a great dinner date and can hold a conversation on any subject. And for you lucky guys who can afford it, she does overnights and getaways.

by snafu4363

OH MY GOODNESS!!!! Met Lucy this morning just before lunch!!!!

I know there are a plethera of Lucy reviews but I just wanted to add that IF you have never done this and have always wanted to ..... DO IT and MAKE SURE that Lucy is the lady you meet. Before I met Lucy I wasn't 100% sure if it was going to be her or one or two others who was going to take my Cherry .... Go with your gut feeling man, go with your gut!

I met Lucy at her lovely home and when I walked in the door I almost dropped to my knees and came in my pants ... that's before I even touched her! We went upstairs to her room, I won't go into the specifics (unless she would like me to) but every inch of her body smelled and tasted amazing. Our time together was a total blur but I am proud to say that I took it ALL in every orifice!

As every other reviews says ...and its 100% true ... Lucy is a fantastic person with a body, personality and smile to die for! Being my first time, I was like a nervous little school kid but she made me feel at ease right off the bat and was very caring and interested in my well being. She made an old feller like me (44) feel good about myself and was kind enough to pay me compliments throughout our time together.

Unlike some who like to mix it up and try out others, when i do this again it will most definitely be with Lucy!

After I left her place, I walked to my car with a big fat smile on my face, sat in the car for at least 10 minutes smiling and then drove to Hamilton and back with that same big fat smile still pasted on my face!

Lucy, my dear I know you hear it from everyone that you meet but you were amazing and gauranteed there is now an imprint of you forever in my mind. You're the best, thank you for being such a friendly person! Oh yeah, and for rocking my freakin world and taking me to places that I have never been before!

Still with a foolish grin on my face!

by Kris25

For those who like first-timer stories with a Transsexual, I hope you enjoy this.

I've stared at the pictures on her website for a couple of years, and finally yesterday, I said to myself, "I'm going to do this." This beautiful 26yo goddesss out of Toronto answered the phone in such a soothing way that I knew immediately that it was going to be a good experience. Any nerves that I may have had were extinguished with the sound of her voice. Living two hours from Toronto, I headed out early afternoon to arrive for 3:30pm. Lucy answered the door wearing a red corset and her jaw-dropping beauty blew me away. Believe it or not, she's even more beautiful in person than in her pictures. She was bare-footed which showed her true height of 5 foot 8 inches, three inches shorter than me. I like that ratio. Heading upstairs to the second of four levels in her tastefully decorated new townhouse, I traded hellos with another cute transsexual amusing herself on a laptop. Climbing to the third level, she led me into the bedroom where TS porn was playing on the TV, a familiar scene with Vicki Richter. We did some small chat as she took off that single piece of clothing revealing a stunning body highlighted by perfect breasts, the only thing fake about this woman.

Fully naked, she jumped on the bed and asked me to quickly disrobe and join her, which I did with a hardon becoming visible. Lucy is a busy woman and the amount of phone calls indicated just that, but she was very good at quickly taking care of them without really losing focus on me. Upon hanging up the phone, she gazed at me with those big beautiful dark eyes and said, "Suck me, baby," which I did. Taking that sweet cock in my mouth and feeling it harden to it's full large state was heaven. If I had ever doubted this meeting, that was completely put to rest at this point. Her cock was harder than any cock I had seen with great length and incredible thickness. Suprisingly, I was able to take her to the balls. Lucy shuffled her body around to move us into a sixty-nine and she proceeded to work her magic on my throbbing cock. I felt it slide completely down her throat as I was doing the same to her. She complimented me about my looks, scent and personality several times throughout the session which put me at ease.

When I rolled off of her wanting to try something different, she gave me a wicked gaze and said, "Do you want me to fuck you?" I thought we would eventually get to that but not so soon. Catching me off guard, I said sure. She quickly lubed up her stiff prick and instructed me to lay on the bed facing a mirror. She mounted me and found my opening, and as I expected a slow transition to entering my ass since I told her I was a newbie, she quickly put that to rest and thrust her big cock deep inside me. Suprised? Yes!! Pain? Absolutely! I informed her that this may not work and then I felt her warm breath in my ear assuring me that the pain would be temporary and to bear with it, and she was right. And man, did this girl know how to work her cock. Thrusting in so many different speeds and depths she informed me that my ass was now gaping and that she enjoyed fucking my sweet ass. She would pull out and thrust back in with vigor and I began to love every moment of it. Just when I thought she was as deep as she could get, she would move a certain way and I would feel her go a couple inches deeper in me. She felt huge up inside me. I was off in another world.

After several minutes of being faced down, I turned over and she entered me missionary style and fucked me while we kissed passionately. Her lips are so soft and her tongue is magical. My comfort level had increased and after fucking my ass so good, I announced that I wanted her to blow a load on my face. The glimmer in her eye was one of approval as she began to thrust harder before pulling out, tearing off the condom and straddling my chest, stroking in a fury. Thrusting her dick in my mouth, she jammed it down my throat as far as possible causing me to gag before jerking off on my face. I then took her dick in my mouth and sucked her off completely. Just when I thought it was going to be a small resting period, she hopped off and asked if I wanted to ride her. "I'm still hard," she said sporting her wonderful dick. Lying down on the bed I proceeded to straddle her magnificent body and guide her shaft into my now cooperative asshole. The feeling was incredible as I rode her dick while she jacked me off. When I announced that I was about to cum, she just kept on stroking as I came a huge load all over her perfect tits. She was impressed by the volume of the load I launched.

From here, I laid beside her on the bed and we began to chit chat about anything and everything. We talked about her short and long term plans and she told me about a couple of very interesting projects she had in the works. I enjoyed this bit of pillow talk as much as the sex itself. She really proved to me how genuine she is and like I said earlier, the only thing fake about Lucy is her breasts. She gave me the true girlfriend experience and offered me a shower and even went as far as to turn the water on for me, test the temperature and supply me with a towel. After I completed my refreshing cleansing, Lucy came bounding into the bathroom, still naked with her cock wagging from side to side and hopped into the shower behind me.

She led me back downstairs where we made some small chat with the cute transsexual that I saw upon arriving. She asked Lucy how things were and specifically, "How is his cock?" which I got a chuckle from. Lucy replied by saying that I'm a good size. The girl then asked to see it and, no longer being shy, I dropped my pants to show her. She liked it very much and took it into her hand causing me to start to harden. She dropped to her knees and gave it and my balls a few licks and kisses. She stood back up and said something to the effect of, "Next time all three of us together." These girls really know how to sell their services.

Heading to ground level, Lucy proceeded to tell me about some of the renovations that she plans on doing (she's only owned the house for three weeks) and that the next time I'm there I will see a big difference. She's done her homework on repeat selling, obviously. With one last kiss, I was out the door and feeling absolutely wonderful and revitalized from the experience. For those who live in Toronto or the outskirts, I recommend visiting Lucy. One can't let this opportunity pass by. She's down to earth, doesn't rush you at all and really seizes the moment with you. The only thing I didn't suggest we do is for me to fuck her. That will be on the agenda next time.

By davidmiscavige

After a year or so of checking out tgirl porn and a month of research on these very forums, I made contact with Lucy in November. After some flirtatious emails back and forth, I finally made the decision a week before Christmas to see this highly-recommended GFE provider. I called her up and set a date for a Wednesday afternoon.

I met her at her place and the instant she opened her door I knew I had made the right decision. Before me was the very model of seductive femininity -- her frame was oozing a raw sexuality that her corset could not contain. She greeted me warmly, wrapping her arms around me and planting a kiss full on the lips. Already I was getting a stirring in the trousers just from feeling her against me.

We went to her room and had a nice chat to get acquainted with each other. After a few minutes I leaned in and began kissing her gently, which grew more and more passionate and intense with each peck, I just had to verify she was a tgirl -- she is just so feminine and womanly I couldn't tell by looking at her with her clothes on! I stroked her shoulder and my hand went down her side, feeling every inch of her soft, scented skin, before reaching her panties. I felt through them what I had come for -- and it was growing with my touch. It was on.

I slipped off her panties, laid her down on her bed, and kissed her cock, starting slowly with the tip then all down the shaft, before taking her into my mouth. I sucked her felt her reach her maximum size in my mouth, and absolutely nothing was more heavenly. After awhile I asked her to turn over, whereupon I began eating out her ass and jerking her off. Somehow we wound up on my back with her straddling my upper chest while I delightfully partook of her full-size yet somehow feminine cock. Then, with a surprise that I found very enjoyable, she pulled out and came on my face and chest.

We rolled over and rested a bit, having a nice conversation involving a lot of cuddling, though it only lasted about five minutes before I started kissing her neck and making my way down to her breasts. Lucy's breasts are the first enhanced breasts I had ever felt, and had I not known they were enhanced I would have assumed they were real. I used to oppose breast implants as they never were convincing to me -- Lucy singlehandedly turned me around on this. They came off just as natural as the rest of her womanly charms.

At one point I looked down and I saw her massive cock near to mine. I took her cock and my cock in my hand, and held them together as I mutually jerked us off. The sensation of her cock against mine was absolutely mindblowing -- the feel of our shafts grinding and tips stroking against each other I am surprised I did not come right then and there.

Since anal sex is my favourite, I asked Lucy if she'd be game. She put a condom on me with her mouth, lubed up her tight, inviting asshole, and guided me in. Once I was in, it was as though a chorus of angels descended and started singing Hallelujah. She started on her knees but worked her way down to lying on her stomach, as I whispered in her ear how much I enjoyed fucking her tight ass. I fucked her ass for a good 10-15 minutes, and it was without a doubt the best assfucking I ever had. This lady is dynamite.

As our hour was winding down, I wanted her cock back in my mouth. She happily obliged and we got back into the chest-straddle position and she fucked my mouth as she jerked me off behind her back. When she was starting to come, I wasn't going to let that delicious juice go to waste on my face -- I kept her cock in my mouth as she came and swallowed every last drop. We didn't come together but I wasn't far behind. I erupted in her hand as I softly held her freshly-spent wet cock head between my lips.

After I had a quick shower and dressed up, I came out of her bedroom and she was waiting in her living room in a cute little red dress that left nothing to the imagination... as her dick was just poking out ever so slightly! It was so cute and simply god damned hot. I didn't think it was possible, but she was looking more and more gorgeous by the second. We had an embrace; a close hug and some kisses. "You were so loving and passionate," she said. A fine lady such as her deserves nothing less!

I wanted to get one last taste of her cock in -- I got on one knee, lifted up her dress and kissed it right on the head. It stirred a little, and she giggled.

I got up and kissed her on the lips again, as I gave her cock a gentle tug. She returned the favour feeling my bulge as we tasted each others lips. "Please call me again," she said.

I most definitely will!

By Tim from the Maritimes

I happened to be in Toronto for an emergency meeting with my boss and tried to see if Lucy could fit me in at the last minute.  My luck was in as I caught her late in the evening and she was definitely willing to see me.  As I hung up on her after arranging the time, I told her to “not be wearing too many clothes when she opened the door”, as one of my great pleasures in life is seeing her luscious, desirable body in all its glory.

I rang her door bell, and wow!!! She wasn’t wearing too many clothes!!  She had on a see-through top, no bra and a very tiny g-string which barely covered her love equipment and covered absolutely nothing of that sexy ass.  My cock just swelled at the sight.  I got a great welcome kiss, a hand fondling my crotch, and then my love tool swelled even more when she hauled me into the bedroom, fell to her knees, opened up my fly and proceeded to suck me to the consistency of an iron bar.  Wow again!!  What did I do to deserve this fabulous welcome!  A visit with Lucy is always great, but this was beyond my usual experience!

After a couple minutes, I had to have her stop as I was going to blow and that definitely wouldn’t do.  I started kicking off my pants and shoes, and Lucy got up and stood behind me helping take my shirt off.  Oh!  That was hot!  I could feel her hard girlie cock pushing and sliding in my ass crack, while she was unbuttoning my shirt, taking time to tease my nipples along the way.  When I was naked, we dove onto the bed and got into a 69 position, because I also had a great need to suck on her girlie meat.  It wasn’t long before she untangled herself, turned around and fed me her cock, she on her knees, me on my back.  I could tell that she was going to blow her load and I was looking forward to it.  Two stokes on her pole, my lips and tongue encircling the head, and then splash, splash, splash into my mouth.  Ah, Lucy elixir!  I swallowed and slowly, lovingly cleaned her cockette for a while and then let her fall out of my mouth.

“Thank god you’re here” she told me.  “I hadn’t come all day and I was extremely horny”.  No kidding.  I think that I hit the Perfect Cum Storm that night, because she definitively wasn’t done.  A minute later, after catching her breath, she sucked me hard again, covered my cock, greased her ass and sat down on me all the way!!!  I was in a Lucy heaven!  Up and down she went until I had to stop her again.  “I’m going to cum right now if you don’t stop that” I told her.  She didn’t want me to do that, so we turned so that I got on top.  I waited for a minute or so, my cock deep in her twitching ass, until I regained control of myself.

I then restarted slowly fucking her ass.  I got her legs up on my shoulders and looked down on the incredibly sensual sight of Lucy stroking her cock again, my fuck pole moving in and out of her love hole.  “Oh Tim, I really needed this tonight” she told me.   This time, I was able to better control myself and we fucked in all sorts of variations of the missionary position.  I held her legs wide apart for a while, then had her bent in two exposing her cock-filled hole and then covered her with my body, trying to get as deep as I could.  All this time, she was playing with her girlie cock and balls, teasing my nips and encouraging me to fuck her deeper.  I really couldn’t take much more of this.  I just told her I was going to come deep into her ass, and she stroked herself a bit faster and as I went wild, she also started spurting her love cream between our two bodies. 

I’ve been visiting with Lucy for a while now and this was by far the shortest time I ever took between entering the door and blowing my load.  But, wow!! It was also the most intense and one of the most exhilarating.  After we both recovered a bit, I rolled off her, we lay on our sides talking and feeling each other up a bit.  I just adore looking at Lucy’s body.  She is curvy, smooth, feminine, but with a big surprise between her legs.  I know where my version of heaven on earth is located! 

By Kirk44

Ok here we go again, I know reviews get posted about Lucy all the time and I have done one previously but I have to share this with you all.

I called up Lucy and made an arrangement to see her in the morning and got there before noon. Her place is as clean as it gets and very nicely decorated. I am usually very nervous when I see the girls but I now only see Lucy so, I am not as nervous for my visits.

She invites me in and she is dressed in a nice black lingerie and looks exactly like her photos. She smiles and we begin to make out by the door, then we head to the bedroom. We take care of donation and get back to making out on the bed. I slip my clothes off and she pulls her dick out for me to suck. I suck that beautiful cock for at least 15 minutes and enjoy a little deepthroating, playing with her tits etc. I settle back on her cock and it is so hard in my mouth, Lucy is starting to tense up on the bed. I can tell she is ready to blow so she pushes my face deep on her cock and I feel the first and second blast down my throat. I gasp for air and take the rest of her cum into my mouth without swallowing. I continue to suck on her cock slowly letting the cum drip down the shaft. I then use my fingers to scoop up some of the cum and slide my fingers into her ass. This was fucking incredible.

Now she says its time to fuck me. She starts by placing me on my stomach and entering, but it is hurting too much so I ask her to go missionary so I can watch her hammer me. She does just that and fucks my ass for at least 15-20 minutes. We make out during this time she slaps my ass some. Unbelievable. She then is ready to come again and kneels over my face and shoots a load on my face and drips the rest into my mouth. Tastes fuckin great! We then make out while her cum is in my mouth.

She then asks if I want to fuck her. OMG I am ready to die. I enter her first in missionary so I can watch her while I fuck her ...gotta switch to doggy where I get ready to explode...I hold off, pull out, rip off my rubber and explode over Lucy and myself. I am exhausted and out of breath.

I have been at this for 15 years or so, have seen around 20 different girls, but I can no longer see anyone but Lucy...She is that good! See you soon Lucy!

By Pat

Well the planets aligned and I finally met the fabulous Lucy.

My one and only regret was that I did not meet her a hell of a lot sooner. I was initially surprised at how tall she was but she said she was 5'7 and had these killer heels on, which added to her stature. She chatted for a while and made me feel exceedingly welcome, extending her hospitality to any type of beverage I wanted. Not only charming, but a superb hostess to boot.

Her place is immaculate and I was delighted, as she is also a clean freak like yours truly. The amenities in her vanity included mouthwash which was indeed thoughtful. Now I know why she loves to kiss !!!

She immdeiately invited me into her boudoir which had a large screen playing TG porn and a huge comfortable bed. In a heartbeat she had me disrobing in the sexiest way. She immediately dropped her own negliege and lept on to this magnificent bed. Her body is absolutely stunning, her milky white skin is akin to porcelain and her breasts to die for.

She was erect in a heartbeat, with little prompting from me, however I was unable to contain myself and devoured her in an instant. Orally gifted I am not, but oral sex with her was what heaven must be like. She was wildly enthusiastic and rammed it down my throat like there was no tomorrow.

I indicated to her that I wanted to be topped and after what seemed like an eternity of oral bliss, she had me on my stomach. I advised her that this was a new experience for me and to be gentle. She warmed me up with a well lubed dildo.

As she initially entered me, it hurt like hell and I was ready to throw in the towel, however she encouraged me to relax and proceeded to fuck my brains out. The initial pain was discomforting but I hung in and then she came for the first time, and I swallowed every drop.

I felt I needed to use the head during the first intermission, so I got up and excused myself. When I returned she positioned me right by the edge of the bed and we went right back at it and this time no pain whatsoever and she must have banged my tight ass(Quote her) for 15 plus minutes solid. Away I went again, this woman has boundless energy. Then she rolls me over on my back, has my legs in the air and onto her shoulders and goes for another 15 minutes minimum.

I believe I indicated to her, that if I died at that moment, I would die a happy man. As an aside when we spoke on the phone she asked my age and I responded by saying I was a 39 year old lesbian trapped in a man's body. After she came again in my mouth with an even larger load that the huge load she delivered initially, I said to her, that she had fulfilled my lesbian dreams and caviar wishes.

I finished up with a shower, the third of the day and we chatted there after. She respected me as a client in my opinion, because the phone rang off the hook, and not once did she answer. She is the consumate courtesan in my opinion, professional in her manner and treatment of her clients. She is discreet and accommodating, no wonder so many CEO's executives and celebrities count on her services. She connects the dots, she is a beautiful talented and sexually gifted woman, who has the capacity at least in my case, to make you feel like you are the only man alive on the planet when you are with her.But better still, she is also a skilled and gifted business woman who knows about and values repeat business and delivers superb customer service. She may be higher priced than many other SP's but she is the quintessential example of the adage" You only get what you pay for".

As I said at the beginnig, I just wished the hell I had taken the plunge much sooner. She may not be for everybody, but for me, she is simply amazing.

Would I see her again Hell Ya.

By HoleInOne

I wasn't sure what to do.

I was pissed with my wife after I found out she had an affair behind my back. I told her once that if she could do it so could I. And I would let her know after the fact I did. I took the Now magazine from the table beside the couch and marched out the door.

I went right to the back and started to explore the escort section. I wasnt sure what I was looking for. However I had noticed a few shemales. And the one that caught my attention was Lucy.

I was kinda skeptical about this prospect. But I was curious, yet nervous at the same time. And I wasn't even in her presence. I didnt know what to do.

I waited a few more days. I was kinda interested in meeting Lucy. I finally gave her a call and explained to her what happened. I told her that I was looking for an encounter but I was kinda nervous and shy. I was a family man.

She told me she would be discrete, and she would also guide me through any fantasy I would think of. I didn't know what she meant by that. I had a feeling she knew what she was going to do.

I told her I would be over in an hour and she had said she would be home. I had asked one request of having her wear tight jeans and a sweatshirt. She told me that would not be a problem.

I arrived at her place and she opened the door. And with my amazement she looked hot. I couldn't believe she had something packed in those jeans.

She took my hand, and gave me a kiss which was soft. I followed her to the couch and she told me to take a seat. I did so. She stood 5 feet away and turned around, and she had one hell of an ass in those jeans. I was getting excited. I was also very nervous. I seen her hands move to her waist and infront of her and could here her undo her zipper. She turned around, and undid the button and walked closer to me.

She told me not to be nervous. I looked at her, and she slowly pulled her cock out of her jeans. I opened my eyes wider. She was slowly getting hard. She looked down to me and said " do you want to take me in your mouth"? I looked up at her and said "this is all new to me".

She said " it will be fine, I wont hurt you" I looked back at her now hard cock and took my hand and slowly reached for her cock and took it in my hand and she slowly moved closer to me, as I opened my mouth. I could not believe I was taking a cock in my mouth. Her hands slowly went to the back of my head, and she slowly started to push her cock back and forth in my mouth. And every time going in a little further. She looked down at me as I looked up to her and she said " i think you like it" I didnt want to stop and reply, but she started to pick up the pace. She said to me " would you like me to cum in your mouth"? I took her out of my mouth and looked up and said " you can cum any where you like" She smiled and said "ok then"

It felt like 15-20 minutes had gone by, and I feel her nut sack against my chin. She was telling me " your deepthroating my cock, are you sure you havent done this before"? I shook my head no.

She pulled out of my mouth and told me to lay on the couch. She started to remove my jeans, and I noticed my cock getting harder. She took my underwear off and my cock sprung free. Her hand had grabbed my cock and she started to stroke me. I started to moan a little and started to enjoy it. She looked at me and asked if I want to feel her cock in my ass. I told her I was nervous and unsure. She reassured me it would be fine and if I didnt want any more she would stop. I said I would try for a little.

She put a condom on and took some lube and spread it around my ass, and put some on my cock. And when she did that it felt so slippery, I kinda liked her hand on my cock stroking me. I could of setled for that. She positioned her self in front of me, and her cock rock hard inches away from my virgin ass. She kept stroking me and slowly entered me. I could feel a "pop" and I could feel her slowly going in. She said to me " your ass is tight" and stroked my cock more and started moving her hips in and out.

I started to moan. She looked at me, and said " should I go deeper"? I said to her " I will let you go as far as it hurts" she slowly went in a little more and then started to jerk my cock faster. I was kind of liking all what she was doing with me. She looked at me and said " not only that you took my cock down your throat, now your taking all of me in your ass, do you like"? I took her free hand and squeezed and said I did. I told her she can try a little faster. She then stroked me faster, and started fucking my ass a little more quicker.

She released my hand that was holding her and grabbed the lube and squeezed more on to her cock and mine. She started going faster in my ass. I was moaning and I could hear her sack slapping my ass. She asked me if I was ok. I looked at her and smiled, and said " I feel good, you can take me"

When she heard that she took both of her hands and grabbed my waist and started fucking my ass like I fuck my wifes. She started pounding me. I was enjoying it and moaning louder then ever. I grabbed my cock and started to jerk off while she was fucking me vigourisly. She told me to jerk off till I cum. I started fisting my cock hard, and she pounded me endlessly with her fucking tool really deep. I told her I was ready to explode. She told me she was near to. She told me she loved my ass ans was gong to cum. All of a sudden she started fucking me harder and harder and I could feel her cumming. I started to cum to. I stroked my cock so hard and fast, I gave myself a facial!

She kept pumping my ass deep and finally collapsed on top of me and began to kiss me. she looked at me and said " now you got one better then your wife"!

I looked at her and said "well, maybe we can do this again"?

By dan_calgary

well, I was on vacation in the southwest USA, and time to book my flight home, i found it was $550 to fly back to Calgary, hhmmmm, well it is stampede so its usually a little more expensive, so I check out a flight to Toronto instead and its $219, and then toronto-calgary $259, hhhmmm I save $70 by stopping in Toronto, hmmmm, phone phone phone ...

So I call the beautiful Lucy Bisset, and she is excited to hear from me, and says she is definitely available, (ok even if she wasn't she made it sound like she was excited), so i book to Toronto with a one day layover, so I arrive in Toronto the next day, and call her, and make arrangements to head on over to her place,

I arrive, and she opens the door, DROP DEAD GORGEOUS as always, beautiful blank/pink neglicee, fishnet stockings, high heels, all done up, absolutely gorgeous, so we chat for awhile have a couple drinks, catch up a bit, since I've have been out of the loop for almost a year ..... (yep, I took a 10-month break, saw no-one, kept contact with a few t-girls, but just took a break and was dating a GG, and had no intention of messing around on her, that is now over),

God I missed Lucy, wow, still as hot as ever, and as nice as ever, so we finally head into the bedroom, had some great laughs, which I cannot mention, god it was funny, and just chatted and caught up so more, finally the clothes come off, and she is still beautiful as ever, tits, face, legs, butt, lips, c--k, so after going at each other for a bit she says those 5 words, that can put the fear of God in you, or send you in total exstacy,

Now, I don't care what your hang-ups are, or what you prefer in the bedroom, or what things you say you will NEVER do, but trust me, when she looks at you with those big beautiful eyes (does she not have the most gorgeous eyes ever, t-girl or gg) and that killer smile of hers and she says "I really wanna f--k you", I don't care who you are, you are NOT going to say NO, god she likes to f--k, that is for sure, she just kept going & going, the more she did the more she wanted and the faster she went, So while Spain was scoring on the Netherlands, Lucy was scoring big time on me, we both ended up exploding several times, and well, just another great time with her,

Now one word of advice, and I learned the HARD way, if you take a year off like I did, certain body parts are going to tighten up, shall we say, and tighten up a lot, I thought she was going to break me in half, but how can i say No, lets just say, it was a long flight home sitting down, lol

I first saw Lucy back in 2006, and left reviews on her in 2008, 2009 and now 2010, so will I have a review on her for 2011? - well, duh, of course and 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 ..... 2099.

luv ya girl, and thnx as always, you are always fun & entertaining

and btw, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, I wouldn't forget that

take care,


By volvhalla

Well, well, what can I say about Lucy Bissett that has not been said already? Perhaps that her level of professionalism, courtesy and respect for the visitor is such that just about every GG escort I've ever seen (and, from what I often read here, many TGirls) should book a session to find out what it's like to spend time with a truly classy lady -- and polish up their game.

It was my first time. And, let's just say no one is likely to fantasize about seeing me naked, when they meet me fully clothed LOL ...

When Lucy opened the door, I actually felt my breath leave me. I had meant to ask her to wear some of the lovely lingerie I had seen in her pics, but I forgot. No matter, there she was, all lingeried up with a bewitching little smile, beckoning me into the room.

I won't go into details. I enjoyed myself immensely, except that I was not able to top her. But that had to do with my being at the end of a round of antibiotics for a sinus infection, which left me a bit, err, off my game.

Lucy, I should have told you, but you had me so tongue-tied I was probably babbling like an idiot. My lack of a full stiffie was nothing to do with you, it was a pharmaceutical issue. SIGH. I should have waited until the final day of your visit to see you.

Yes, Lucy, two Cancers in a bed is delightful. I can't wait to see you again, you saucy angel. You taste good, so good, all over. I can't decide what part of you I want to kiss first, next time.


By ottawajohn

I got lucky this afternoon I called Lucy and she had an opening. I arrived at her hotel room and was met by a beautiful lady in stockings and garters. After some kissing and fondeling we removed each others clothes. I started kissing and sucking her breasts and proceded to suck her hard cock. After a mins. of this we got into a 69 and brought each other off.

We rested and talked and then Lucy had me roll on my stomach and she lubed me up and entered me for the 1st time. She took her time and after a while she had me roll on my back where she re-entered me and it was not long before we both came again.

Thanks Lucy and I hope to see you again.

If you get a chance guys try her you wont regret it.

Can't wait to see the new photo's.

By rickthedick

meet her at the hotel ...knock at door and wow she was wearing a nice little black dress ...we start to talk about many things then things start up.

she give me a cbj, wow she knows how things work ...then she lay down on bed and ask me to do the same - awesome to feel it getting bigger and bigger - then thing getting hotter and hotter she decide she would want to top me

she start doing doggie mmmmm she was so sweet and freaking me out how sweet she was ...then turn me on back and well ill let u dream on it but i cannot take that out of my brain lol.

thnx to u again lucy xoxoxo

By tgirluvr

What can I say about Lucy that hasn't been said. She is a Greek Goddess. She's like a fine wine where you want to take it in slowly and appreciate each breathtaking sip at a time.

I was in Toronto this past weekend for a wedding. The last time I saw Lucy was around the summer of 2007 so it had been awhile since I got a chance to see her again. I thought about going with another provider but no one in TO, in my opinion, matches her style, sophistication or looks. The girl is stunning and completely passable. She puts genetic girls to shame.

I called her up in the morning and met up with her in the afternoon. Surprisingly, even though she sees alot of clients especially within the past 3 years, she remembered me and our late night tryst the last time I was in town. She welcomed me with a hug and a kiss when I entered her apartment and looked so sexy wearing fish net stockings and heels. She looked just as beautiful as the last time I saw her. Her skin was silky soft and smooth and her body was amazing! She is petite but lean and very well and has beautifully french manicured toes and hands. It was clear that she takes very good care of herself! She also came across as very health conscious.

She offered me a drink and we chatted for a few minutes on her couch before she led me to the boudoir for some day time fun. She has nice apartment in a very posh area of downtown Toronto. Her bedroom screams sex and sensuality. There are two TVs playing porn. It's dimly lit and had some cool, sensual, loungy music playing...sounded like a Bhudda Bar album.

We started by sharing some passionate kisses as she slowly undressed me. When we were both naked we continued kissing while snoodling and tugging on each other's penises which was pretty hot. She asked me what I enjoyed doing then she had me lay on my stomach on her bed. We started off with some nice 69 action where I licked and sucked on her cute and hairless cock and balls. After a few minutes of some nice mutual oral action she then lubed me up to prepare for rear entry. There's a full length mirror in her bedroom by the bed so I got to see her penetrating me from behind. It was quite the sight to behold!

After awhile she had me lay on my back and fucked me while stroking my cock. She then moved in and we made out passionately sharing some deep french kisses. She told me I was a good kisser which I'll take as a compliment, assuming she doesn't say that to all the guys ;)

She was about ready to cum and asked me where she should unload. I told her on my stomach so she did and I rubbed it all over my stomach. It was pretty hot! After cleaning up I fucked her from behind as she bent over a chair in her bedroom facing a mirror so we could both watch ourselves. I couldn't hold my load much longer after that so after just a few minutes I told her I was going to cum. She then ripped off my condom, kneeled before me and I came all over he amazing D size boobies. Afterwards she complemented me on how nice of a cock I have, which again hopefully she doesn't just say to all the guys, lol.

After we both came she suggested that we shower so we showered together afterwards before I left. It was a beautiful experience I will definitely see her again. I'm warning you guys...Lucy can be an addiction! Thankfully I don't live in Toronto!

All in all I highly recommend her! Not only because of her drop dead gorgeous looks but she's got a personality that's even more beautiful and charming. You won't be disappointed so give her a call and prepare for a highly erotic and sensual experience!

By Lannie

I visited Lucy a few weeks ago and due to circumstances I am now only able to post a review. But, I've thought about it quite a bit mainly because of a fantastic session!

I was in Toronto for the day and managed to get a couple of hours away to do something I've wanted to do for quite a while. Namely, have a session with beautiful Lucy. I hadn't had the pleasure of meeting her before, let alone talking to her, but from her pictures on Shemale Canada and the numerous positive posts on tgirlforums I felt safe contacting her.

I gave her a call on the spur of the moment expecting her to tell me she didn't have time to meet on short notice. WELLl! As luck would have it she invited me over right away and also I was only 5 minutes away. VROOMMM! and I was parked in front of her place in lightning speed.

Okay, now I'm at her door and knocking. She opens the door and invites me in and I'm really impressed by her looks and to top it off she's wearing a little sexy outfit. After a nice kiss and hug I asked her if I could shower and that is no problem. Man, what a body as I follow her around the place. After a quick shower I'm out, refreshed and she beckons me to follow her into her bedroom This room looked like it was made for sex! She complimented me on my physique which I thought was great. Compared to her though, hah!

The next hour was tremendous. I did not feel rushed one little bit. I asked Lucy to do a bit of posing for me and she did. Wow. And wow again. She laid down on the bed and we cuddled for a bit then the first thing I know I'm looking at her semi-hardon. With only a few touches and kisses to it it grew hard and fairly big. Way bigger than mine that's for sure. Oh, oh, I thought. How am I going to be able to handle this up my butt. But by now I was really turned on and I figured if I'm going to get fucked properly now's the time and she's the babe to do it.

Before too long Lucy asks if I want her to fuck me. I let her know then that I was a virgin that way and I'm somewhat nervous. She had me lie on my stomach and she sat on my legs. No roblem she tells me and prepares a small dildo which she used on me for a minute or so. Then it was time for the main event. Of course, I asked her to take it easy which she did. Holy cow: what a feeling as she put her dick into me. For the next 15 minutes or so she had her way with me as I moaned and groaned constantly. I tried to wriggle out from under a few times when I thought I couldn't handle it anymore but she being the expert managed to keep me in my place until she decided it was time to change positions. What a sight as well to see our reflections in the mirror; her fantastic body glued to mine. She kissed me a lot as well which definately added to the experience.

She allowed me to roll over and then had me that way. I remember being very surprised as I enjoyed it much more. She ws able to penetrate me fully. Now that's a sight; her on top of me pounding away. As I was in dreamland somewhere, suddenly she pulled out and put her cock into my mouth in a fluid motion. The next thing I know she is coming in my mouth; that was definately a first for me. She remarked that she had shot a big load and I'd have to agree with her.

That wasn't the end of it: after kissing and sucking on her tits, encouraged by her, she was ready again. This time it was to the edge of the bed where she had me again, on my back. Holy man. After a period of this she came again; what a cumming face!

I then asked her if I could fuck her. No problemo. She expertly applied a condom on me, then bent over a chair right in front of her mirrors and guided me in. What a sight! For you guys who have been there, you know what I mean.

I wasn't able to come that way. I let her know that and I figured she'll just jack me off. Wrong. She asked me to help her get hard again and then she fucked me while she stood at the edge of the bed. She jerked my cock lie there was no tomorrow; I was so delerious or sensitive or whatever that I still couldn't come. Taking my self into my own hands I used my many years of experience with my dick and relieved myself. How shit. I thought my balls went out the end of my cock when I came (and she's still pounding me as well).

We both showered which was a great idea as being covered in come and sweat...Then when it was time to leave she changed into another sexy outfit. Good thing, I guess, that I was totally spent.

In summary, a great time which I would love to repeat. Good, no, a great looking babe, excellent attitude, nice apartment and bedroom, plays safe and knows the reasons why. Also, she sure knows what she's doing, enjoys herself, and wants to be sure you come back again. I've read other reviews where guys may have trouble being addicted and I can safely say I fully understand why.

Lucy: you can have me again!

By Kirk44

Ok, so here it goes. I went for my yearly visit and decided on Lucy. I have seen her before about 5 years ago and thought it would be fun to pay another visit.

Anyway, I attend her apartment which is very nice and clean well decorated etc. She greets me at the door in nice lingerie with fishnet stockings and high heels. Absolutely stunning. Donation is taken care of and drinks are offered.

She takes my hand and walks me to the bedroom, she turns and we immediately start making out. During this make out session she pulls down the top of her lingerie to expose her breasts. I attack.

After a few minutes she tells me to take off my clothes and get on the bed. She does the same. We lay together on the bed and continue making out. I explore her cock and it is getting hard. I begin sucking, deep-throaing and licking. She then ask if she can fuck me. I tell her sure and she directs me to lie on my stomach. She enters slowly until her hard cock is comfortably inside. She picks up the pace. I am able to see everything as there are mirrors on the wall in the bedroom. So hot. I tell her to go harder and she did not disappoint. I couldn't take it any more. I asked her to take a break so she tells me to lie on my back and she stands and fucks my mouth. She does and pounds my mouth so I am gagging. I remove her as she begins to cum. She squirts a bit on my face and then I quickly insert her back into my mouth. She tastes great. She then removes her cock and slides forward, I spit up her juice all over her ass as I lick her asshole, cum is everywhere. What a mess but fucking erotic.

At this point I think she is done. Well think again. She begins fucking me again until I cant stand it anymore. She then says she wants me to fuck her. She gets on top and rides me. I tell her I am going to come and she stops and begs me not to yet. I relax. We make out, she rides. She then gets off and inserts her cock in my mouth again and she cums again!!! wtf twice?. She is awesome. Lucy then gets back on my throbbing cock and rides until I cum. What a fuckin explosion.

This was the best tgirl experience ever. And worth every penny.

Lucy is a true professional, has a good personality and is fun to be with. Not to mention absolutely stunning. Do not miss your chance!

By fortunato

I have seen Lucy multiple times since my last review, and I'm too lazy to write a review every time LOL, but I thought I would write one down for the record books. I wasn't sure when I was gonna become available after business in Toronto, so I headed downtown and called Lucy to leave a message.

I was in her neighbourhood when she called me back, and she said she could see me (yay!), so I said I would wait for her. She said she was only a little way away, so I could wait in the lobby if I wanted. I said OK. Then she asked me if I would do her a favour - I said hell yes! (to be honest, I would've done almost anything she asked - I am totally smitten). Anyway she wanted a coffee from the Mcd's in the lobby. I got right to it, and waited in line. With the hot coffee in my hand, I waited in the lobby, and a couple of minutes later, there she was. Guys, she was dressed in a sexy black dress with heels and stockings on, just friggin beautiful, and she walked right up to me and kissed me. I was in total heaven. It was a huge turn on to see her like that, and she said 'ummm you get to see me in my regular clothes', Gawd. Oh Gawd, she is so hot, and I was in public with her (for like 2 minutes).

She kissed me in the elevator. Was this really happening? We walked to her apartment, and I have to be honest, I've never felt like that. I was so excited to be with her. Inside, she excused herself to get changed, and I freshened up. OMG she re-appeared with those fishnet stockings...whoa she has nice legs, what a body. I typically like to kiss her, but since we already did that in the lobby and the elevator, I got right to my knees. With my face I pushed her to the bed and within seconds I was all over her delicious cock. Please lord let me finish this before I have to whack off.

I had made my mind up that I was gonna suck her off until she either stopped me or she came, so I really gave her the business. After some amazing head (if I do say so myself), she pushed me off, onto my back, and came in my face. I had already thought I was in heaven, but this pushed me into second heaven. I think you know where this is going - to seventh heaven. The girl stays hard, what can I say. Almost immediately she had me on my stomach and was on top of me. I'm comfortable with her, so I was ready.

She layed on top of me and entered me, and started to fuck me while kissing my neck and blowing in my ear (my ears are my secret spot). Lucy really started to get into it. She ended up kinda kneeling up perched on me, and just making wild love to me. I looked in the mirror and swooned, honestly. The girl got it up again - amazingly, and rolled me over to cum on me again. By this time I was in fifth heaven for sure. Then she moves me to the side of the bed, on my back, and (still hard) starts to give me a little more. She knows I like a nice HJ while getting fucked on my back. Kabang what an orgasm.

I've said it before but it's worth repeating, when you look at her, no matter what you're doing together, you are just amazed because she is so beautiful. We cleaned up a bit and talked. And this is the seventh heaven part guys. She is such a nice person, so great talk to, so awesome to be around. Great sex and great personality is rare and beautiful, and as always I am excited and honourd to have the opportunity to be intimate with Lucy.

And now, I must go release the pressure that writing this has made in my balls, there's a whole website of hot pics to choose from on - but the best pictures are in my head.

By Tim Clark

I lay down on the bed, on my front and tilted my hips up.  I felt Lucy kneel on the bed behind me, straddling my legs.  I then sensed that she was pulling a condom on her love pole and then felt a cool sensation on my anus as she lubricated me.  She knee-walked closer to me and I then felt her cock probing at my hole.  I brought my hands back and spread my ass cheeks, exposing myself further, giving her an easier target to aim at.  Her first push was repelled by my uptight ass, but her second one popped through my sphincter.  She stopped for a moment, letting me get adjusted to the intruder and then she started pushing again until I could feel the front of her thighs on my ass.

Man, I felt full just then!  I felt that I was her fuck toy and totally at her mercy.  I just loved that feeling!  She started sawing in and out of my ass getting more and more vigorous, and all I could do was hold on and take it like the submissive slut I had just become.  After several minutes of being fucked, I decided that I wanted to show her how much I wanted her in me.  I asked her to stop and started backing myself up onto her cock, filling my man love canal.  Then I started fucking myself on her tool.  She knew I wanted it then and that I needed it badly.

I wanted to experience it all!  I asked to turn around so that I could see her face and her lovely tits while she was pounding into me.  I got on my back and got my ankles around my ears, exposing myself to her cock.  This wasn’t a very dignified position, but clearly conveyed the message that I was open for pleasure.  She took the hint and quickly popped her love stick into my now enthusiastic asshole.  There was no hesitation by my ass this time, as I encouraged her to go faster and deeper. 

“I’m going to come too soon”, she gasped!

“Go for it!  In my mouth!” I insisted.

Once she got to the point of no return, she pulled out of my ass and yanked her condom off her large clittie.  I quickly sat up and clamped my mouth over the end of the stick and cheerfully showed my submission to her by sucking the cream out of her cock as it spurted out.  Yum!!

Lucy collapsed on the bed and I lay next to her, stroking her thighs.  After she had recovered a bit, I started kissing her luscious breasts and nipples and slowly worked my way down her tummy to her cock and cute, shaved balls, where I gently licked her clean.  Coincidentally, as I knew that Lucy bounced back very quickly, I teased her genitals, working to get her hard again.  That didn’t take too much work on my part (though getting Lucy erect, isn’t what I’d call work).  When I had her hard again, I lay on my side and presented my ass to her. 

This time, there was no hesitation.  My asshole cheerfully opened itself up when Lucy probed and she spent the next 10-15 minutes reaming my needy tunnel.   I particularly liked it when she would pull all the way out, and would then push it back in.  I loved the temporary emptiness being filled by her hot tool, over and over again.  Being more comfortable and relaxed now, I also started flexing my anal muscles, teasing Lucy, to the point where she couldn’t hold back any more.

“In my mouth, baby, I need more of your come!” I moaned.

She got me on my back, and straddled my head and fed her cock to my willing mouth.  Her spurts were weaker than the first ones, but they were just as tasty, and satisfied my need of her girly juice.

I hadn’t come yet and I now badly needed to do so.  Her mouth was heavenly as it sucked up my member.  When I was good and hard, she got over my cock, aimed it at her hole and sank down on it.  Ooh god!!!  Days after the event, I still can feel her sphincter tightening around the base of my cock as she lifted and sank herself on me.  It didn’t take long – I just wanted to blow, and so I did!  Her warm ass cheeks rubbed my thighs as her ass milked me dry.  Life was good!  Lucy was fabulous!

I work at a job where I have to be on top of things all the time.  I coordinate the activities of lots of people and have a very good, but very eventful personal life.  Once in a while I need to escape and let someone use me.  So, I visit Lucy 2 or 3 times a year when I am in need of stress release and when things around me are spinning out of control.  When I walk into her apartment, run my eyes over that sexily undressed goddess with the bulging pouch, I forget everything else going on in my life.  I know that I will be in a parallel universe for the next two hours, where all normal rules are suspended.  When I unfortunately have to leave, I nevertheless do so with a light step, a relaxed asshole, and with a new frame of mind.  What could be better?  An afternoon of raunch, fantasy fulfilment and fun with one of the nicest people I know.  It just can’t be beat.  Long live Lucy!


Gone to Lucy's in the evening after dinner time. I was looking forward to seeing her again. I had knocked on her door and a few minutes had gone by and the door opened. She took my hand and pulled me close to her and gave me a kiss and told me to follow her.

I took my shoes off and proceeded to follow her, and not help noticing how tight her jeans were. Her ass is beautiful. On the couch I had noticed ever so quickly, a woman sitting down naked and wearing nothing but a strap on with at least 10".

She looked at me and smiled and told me to get undressed, and also directed Lucy to remove her clothes too. Within a few seconds I had my clothes off, and aswell as Lucy. She introduced herself as Mistress Orabella.

She directed me to get on my knees and start sucking Lucy's cock. Lucy had slowly pushed me down to her semi erect cock. I opened my mouth and she plunged right in. She told Lucy to "fuck his throat deep". Seconds had gone by and I was getting used to it. Her cock is thick and hard. She knew I could deepthroat from the times before. After a few more minutes of the deepthroating, Mistress Orabella had directed me to suck her strap-on. I looked up at her, and she took both her hands and put them on the back of my head and started to push down on her strap on. It was thick. I wasnt sure if I was going to be able to take it all. She kept pushing down on my head, and by now I could almost touch her belly with my nose.

I was deepthroating a 10" dildo. Within a few seconds she pulled my head up, and then straight back down. I was also starting to feel Lucy's hand massging my ass with some lube. All I heard from Lucy was "he can take all of it and more " I got hard real fast. Mistress Orabella then started to pick up the pace. Lucy then got behind me and started to penetrate me with her hard cock. She didnt hesitate to stop at all. She drove her cock all the way in. She knew from before she had an ass that can take her and more.

Mistress Orabella took my head off her strap-on. She began watching Lucy fuck my ass, and coninued to add more lube on her cock and my ass. Mistress Orabella the directed Lucy to remove her cock. She then looked at me and told me to get on the couch and face her and squat above the strap-on. I did what she wanted. She told me to take the 10" and ride it all. I proceeded to go down and taking this thick dildo in my ass. All of a sudden Lucy's hands had went on my shoulders and pushed down hard on me, and I taking the 10" strap-on all at once. I was full. My cock was hard and with pre cum oozing out, I touched my cock, and Mistress Orabella slapped my hand.

I started to go up on this didlo and then back down.Mistress Orabella got in with the pace and started moving her hips up and down. Holding my head firmly in her hands. Lucy got on the side of me and turned my head and grabbed the back of my head and front of my throat and drove her cock in my mouth vigourisly.

She looked down on me and I looked up at her and she asked if I wanted to lick Mistress Orabella's pussy. I nodded yes. I was being fed Lucy's cock in my throat and Mistress Orabellas strap-on in my ass. All of a sudden they had both stopped and Mistress Orabella pushed me off. She told Lucy to sit on the couch, and told me to continue sucking her cock. She left the room. Within a few seconds I could see her coming back to the living room with a much larger dildo in her hand. And just as thick. I was on my knees sucking Lucy's cock. Her hands were on my head and then she grabbed for my hands and firmly took a grip hard. I could feel another dildo and more lube on my ass.

Mistress Orabella started to slowly hand feed another dildo in my ass. She made me take all of it. I could feel everything. She slowly pulled out all the way and then in one motion all the way back in. It was longer then the strap-on she was still wearing. She plunged in and out of my ass for mere minutes. Stretching my hole. The she stopped and took the lube and poured it directly in my ass. She then took the bigger dildo and went back all the way in. She told Lucy to hold it all the way in. Mistress Orabella then said " hes gona get double dildo fucked"

She took the strap-on and proceeded to enter slowly and stretch my ass. Lucy told her " he can do it" keep going. She didnt hesitate. She pushed the 10" deep. There I was with 22" of dildo in my ass. Lucy's cock in my mouth. I felt as if I was getting gangbanged. And loving it! This continued for what felt like hours. I was wondering when I was gona lick Mistress Orabella's pussy. They had both stopped. Mistress Orabella had laid on the floor spread eagle and looked at Lucy and told her to stroke her cock and cum on her pussy. She did what she was told. And all of a sudden she was blowing a massive load on her beautiful pussy as I watch. She looked at me and told me to clean it all up. I didnt hesitate. I went down on all fours and she pulled face into her snatch and told me to suck the cum out. I was loving it.

Lucy then got behind me again and started pounding my ass hard. I finished licking Mistress Orabella clean and Lucy then withdrew her cock, and grabbed my head and started fucking my throat and again......blowing another big load down my throat. Mistress Orabella had gotten up, dressed and she had left. Leaving me there cleaning Lucy's tool.

by FirstTime40

My time with Lucy was exdrodinary. She was very gentle with me as I am in my mid 40's, and being my first time was an experience all together. I have never been with a shemale, never had a cock in my mouth until I met her. Nor have I had one put a toy in me from behind to get me familiar to what I was to excpect.

I picked up a copy of Now magazine downtown Toronto and found myself at a coffee shop to sit and read the paper. I had finished and got to the end to where the classifieds are and noticed escorts, male, female and shemales. I had noticed Lucy standing sexy, and a beautiful face. I started to get turned on by the thought of being with her. I had browsed similar ads, but my eyes kept glancing at Lucy. I decided to give her a call and explore a side of me that I did not know I could even think I would.

I decided to give her a call and ask what she could and would do for a first time person at my age. She explained to me she would be patient unless I decided otherwise. When I heard that, I almost came in my pants. I didnt know what to say.

She had asked if I would like to come over. I had told her I was nervous but yet curious at the same time. She assured me that she would be gentle and easy going. My thought was that I could be making love to her, and she would enjoy the time as being a woman in my arms.

I had said I would like to meet her. I wasnt sure if I wanted to explore my options just yet. I had told her I would come over in an hour. I had finished my coffee and departed the shop. She didnt live to far from downtown. Yet I felt I was earlier than an hour.

All the way there, I was curious to what she was going to be wearing,what she smelt like, her atmosphere to how she lives. I found myself sure enough at her place. She had greeted me at the door with a smile and looked at me, and said "I didnt think you would cum"

She invited me in to her place. I smelt an aroma that I have never smelt before. And I started to have a flash of making love to her. She was absolutely gorgeous. She was wearing very tight jeans, and a nice blowse with a pair of high heels that made her legs look very long.

I was liking what I was seeing. I could only think of making love to her like I would to a woman. Yet I knew she had something more. Yet I took the wild side of my life to give myself an experience, and maybe Lucy too.

Her appearance was more than what I had seen in the paper. I was impressed by her looks. She was turning me on. She led me to the living room and had told me to make myself at home. I looked at her and smiled, and took a seat on the couch. I was hoping she would sit beside me.

She went to the kitchen for a bit then returned shortly after. She stood right in front of me and looked down at me and asked "what is it you would like to try"? Her crotch was inches away from my face. I didnt know what to do. She started to undo her zipper from her jeans, then her button, and then her hand went down and pulled her semi erect cock out. I looked up at her and she said "its ok, I wont hurt you"

I raised my hand and felt her cock, and opened my mouth for her. She was getting hard in my hand. I took the head of her cock in my mouth slowly and she then put her hand on the back of my head. I started to stroke her cock with her cock head in my mouth.

I looked up at her and she looked down on me, and told me I was doing good. I didnt know what more to do, but I took her deeper in my mouth and she began to moan. I started to get the feeling she was liking what she was feeling. I started to like what I was doing for her.

It didnt take her long to put her hands on the back of my head and pulling me to take her all in my mouth. I started to gag a little, but I was beginning to like what she was doing. I undid my pants and started to stroke my cock and I could feel the precum on my cock oozing out. I helped lube my cock and my hand slid with ease up and down my cock.

She started moving her hips in and out. The feeling of her cock in my mouth was interesting. I was getting very excited. I looked up at her and she looked down on me and asked " do you want to feel my cock in your ass"? I had told her I have never had a cock, nor anything in my ass. She smiled, and said she would be gentle.

she pulled her cock from my mouth and motioned me to lay on my back. I did what she asked. She stood in front of me while putting a condom on looking at me with a smile on her face. She had taken some lube and spread it on my ass and on her cock, and slowly put the tip of her cock in my ass. She took my hips in her hands and slowly inched her cock more in my ass, and pulled out a little and back in. She was not going all the way in with her cock. She was preping my ass to get the feel of her.

She went a little further. She opened her mouth to let me know she like my ass.Her cock was getting harder. I was enjoying her inside me. She was not hurting me. I grabbed the edge of her bed and pulled myself a little into her to let her know she could go a little deeper.She did so. I could feel her deep in my ass. Her pace had picked up a little. My cock was really hard and I started to stroke my cock while she was in my ass. I began vigoursly pulling my cock. She picked up the pace a little more, and was going deeper now. I could feel her nut sack slapping my ass. I knew she was going in all the way now. She looked at me and said "do you like my cock in your ass"? I had told her I did, she began going faster. I was liking the feeling. She looked like she wanted to cum. I wanted to cum. I could feel her getting bigger in my ass which told me she was ready to cum. I asked her where she wanted to cum. She told me "I will cum where ever you want"! She then said "do you want me to cum in your face, or on your stomach, or in your mouth"? I said " Surprise me.

All of a sudden she started pumping my ass like a wild rabbit, for a good 5 minutes and then pulled her cock out, took the condom off and crawled on top of my chest grabbed the back of my head, and shoved her cock in my throat, and started fucking my mouth. Within a few seconds her cum was shooting right in my mouth. I didnt know what was happening. I started to gag a little, I swalled some of her cum, some came out of my mouth. And she pullled her cock out of my mouth and she was covered with cum still. I couldnt help myself, but I raised my head to her cock and stuck out my tongue and started to lick her clean.

We spent a little over an hour together that was very interesting for myself as a first timer. I must say Lucy is a very intriguing woman. With something more to offer one whom may be curious as I.

Give her a call, you wont be disappointed! I wasnt.

by massagist

There are dozens of well-written reviews of Lucy here so instead of focusing on who stuck what where, I'm going to talk about the smaller things, which often out-weigh the larger ones.

So I hadn't seen Lucy since September of '08 and figured it was about time I make the trip from Hamilton again. I was never a frequent visitor and although we hadn't seen each other for almost two years, it was like we got right back into our groove. Lucy has a great memory and it was a nice touch when she remembered where I'm from, my tgirlforums handle and my profession!

I've had girls that I've seen twice in a week ask me the same questions about where I'm from on the second visit because they have completely forgotten me. This makes me think about how many guys must have come through in that time, which puts a damper on things. Not so with Lucy, who also offered me drinks, a shower and a genuinely clean towel for a change.

Another thing that I don't enjoy about some of the other girls is momentary lapses in femininity. I've been with almost every girl in the GTA, Hamilton and yes Lisa I've even been out to Brantford too, but Lucy still strikes me as the most genuinely feminine as well as the friendliest. I've had everything from burps to low voices to veiny and muscly arms break the tgirl fantasy, but Lucy seems to actually be a girl with a little extra, not a boy with a little makeup.

I guess the message that I'm trying to convey is sometimes a guy can feel badly about himself for seeing a prostitute, and that's why the term "girlfriend experience" was coined. Lucy is the only shemale I know that provides a GFE. And yes she fucked the shit out of me to boot.

by bigbunny

"All our words, from loose using, have lost their edge" ~ Ernest Hemingway

I open with that as a warning that it will be impossible to capture the wonder and fun my wife and I experienced with Lucy this past Friday night.

A little background:

Married for 20 years, late 40s, and we are having a great time re-connecting sexually. About 5 or 6 weeks ago during a particularly lusty lovemaking session, (talking dirty and exploring our fantasies) she asks me about my deepest held fantasy, "shemales". Trips a switch in her libido, rustle up some shemale porn, she's watching it all the time, wants to experience a shemale with me, see me do all sorts of things, she wants to as well... fast forward... Sunday morning, lying in the same bed where we reveled for 3 hours 2 nights ago and I must try to capture this for Lucy's benefit and interested connoisseurs.

Lucy had been recommended to me by another beauty on this forum and we made an appt for late Friday night for her to join us in our suite downtown. The anticipation was electric, she is so beautiful on her website and judging from other reviews the real thing is even better. Speechless... her face, her eyes, her smile, her skin, radiant and flawless. Her body, just a knockout, draped in a little black dress with spaghetti straps and deep tanned cleavage showing, legs in beautiful stockings and knee high boots. My wife and I gaze at her, admiring her beauty and thinking of how we hope to devour her. The thing that's strikes me most about seeing her in the flesh is her petite frame. God, words really don't do justice to her beauty. Candle light, champagne, shemale porn on both TVs, light conversation, how did you find me? (Shemale Canada) have you done this before (no)... My heart is beating through my chest. I can't wait any longer and my wife smiles knowingly as I sit at Lucy's feet and unzip her boots, massage her feet, work my way up her legs, I stop before touching her cock, I want to draw this out. Lucy stands up and I take off her dress and bra ... and most is revealed, she is perfect. One last surprise to unwrap, I wish I could capture the look on Lucy's face, like she was half taunting me, are you ready? We pulled down her panties and g-string and there was a prettiest cock waiting to be sucked.. I sat Lucy on the couch and knelt at her cock while my wife ran her fingers across Lucy's beautiful body as she started kissing Lucy's breasts (did I say they were perfect?). Took her cock in my mouth, Lucy says something like "Suck my cock and make it hard" and I swallow it down and start working it in and out. She starts to get hard and starts pulling my head down on her cock hard with my wife's encouragement.

Hey, I've watched a lot of porn, seen a lot of girls get face fucked, I know what to do, relax and let her have her way. God, it was unbelievable, Lucy holding me down on her cock, pushing very deep, me gagging a little, tears in my eyes.. I come off her cock., my wife is looking at me with love and lust asking, "look how wet you made her cock, did you love that?", then she bends down to take Lucy in her mouth and starts sucking noisily, Lucy moans, (my wife is very good, loves cock in her mouth and down her throat), I move up to straddle Lucy's face with my cock and slide it into her mouth. I realize at that point a couple of things: 1. this won't be the last time we see Lucy, 2. there's going to be a lot of cocksucking going on tonight. Lucy was swallowing me down, her wet tongue swirling around my cock head, hot mouth and throat taking my thrusts; all this while my wife is sucking on her cock making her moan.

"Hey, lets head to the bedroom"

I lie down on the bed, cock rock hard, my wife starts deepthroating me, Lucy straddles my chest, feeding me her cock, fucks my mouth for what may have been 5 minutes or 50, I was in another world. NOTE TO SELF: open your eyes: I would and there leaning over me is this Venus like creature smiling down at me as she fucks my mouth. I take her balls and cock in my mouth at the same time, she likes that. She starts fucking me again, and I'm loving it, lost in a visual and mental and sexual haze, when she pulls her cock out of my mouth and starts jerking her cum over my mouth and face. I'm a little surprisd. Hey, this is my first adult "bi" experience. Lucy smiles apologetically, "I recover quickly" she says. I think back to past reviews and I know that's true. I am thrilled by the prospect of making her come again. My wife is amazed, tells Lucy that next time she comes, she wants to watch Lucy come on my face... she missed the first one because she was camped out on my cock.

Let's see... what happened next.

Right, it was time for my wife to get some attention.

I went down on her beautiful bald pussy, licking and fingering it. I asked Lucy to join me in fingering my wife, she put a couple of fingers in her pussy... I whispered into Lucy's ear, "My wife loves to be fisted. Slide your hand into her pussy, she's ready for you". I can't speak for Lucy's deepest thoughts but I believe she liked fisting my honey. It was a beautiful sight to watch her hand slowly open her pussy up and enter it. Lucy was so cute and considerate; she would ask "are you ok?" "how deep can I go?" (answer: as deep as possible). She certainly did a good job of it and would return to it a few times over the course of the evening. I do remember later on in the evening Lucy bringing my wife to several crashing orgasms, she was plunging her fist in my wife's pussy while sucking and biting on her nipples (something my wife loves), incredibly hot! At one point, I'm not sure which hour it happened in, Lucy is fisting my wife and I slid my cock in alongside her fist. Lucy's eyes widen in amazement, my cock throbs as I feel Lucy's hand and my wife's soft, pliant pussy take me. This is a first for Lucy, we are so happy to add to her experiences.

I think I was camped back on Lucy's cock at this time. Not sure, we were in such a sexual haze. We would take a break for a few minutes, have a cigarette, a drink, clean up a little and then go back to the bedroom. At one point, I am back to fisting my wife while she is sucking on Lucy who is straddling her head. And I mean she is sucking on her for dear life, Lucy's enjoying it too, I decide to go in for a closer look as I hear Lucy start to moan like she is approaching orgasm. My head over her right thigh I watch as she pumps her cock in my wife's mouth, pulls out and comes on my wife's lips and outstretched tongue.

God, could anything be hotter? Apparently, YES. My wife swallows Lucy's cum and puts her cock right back in her mouth and starts sucking with the same wild abandon. God, what else happened? Lucy and I in 69 with my wife rimming her and fingering her ass. Lucy sucking me so softly and wetly into her mouth and occasionally down her throat, while she fucked my mouth with her nicely curved cock. I remember lying there and telling my wife that she had to watch Lucy suck my cock because I couldn't believe how it was feeling and I needed her to tell me how it looked... my wife responds, "I'm busy playing with her ass". BTW, that's a new one for her, until Lucy she was not really into anal play, fingering and rimming, but now she is! She really enjoyed tending to Lucy's ass, I did too, and would take turns rimming her with my wife. What a beautiful ass. Lucy tops me, the first time I've been fucked by a real cock. She had suggested that we start with a dildo, but the toys we brought with us were too big! I lay on my back and my wife fingers my ass while Lucy gets hard and puts on her condom. She enters me hard! GOD! It hurt at first but then started feeling really good as she pumped my ass. She was stroking hard, my wife was watching closely, I was taking it all in, what a sight. Lucy fucked me for several minutes, I asked her if she was going to come again, a third time, and she answered by thrusting harder, groaning and coming. It felt awesome feeling her cock throb in my ass.

We took another break after that, had a drink, Lucy had some texts to answer and my wife returned to the bedroom. Lucy, looking so cute in one of the white hotel bathrobes against her tanned skin, standing in the living room, I had to have more of her. I got on my knees and sucked her cock. My wife eventually calls from the bedroom, "c'mon Lucy and Tony, lets keep playing". We enter the bedroom and my honey is on the bed with this big dildo in her pussy fucking herself hard. Another wonderful sight. Time for me to cum... my idea was to get back into a 69 w/ Lucy and she would get me hard with her mouth (hey, after three hours its kinda tough to maintain a constant hard-on) and then I would top her. Not to be... damn. Her mouth felt so good, and she was fucking me so well with her throat, I couldn't help it, I came in her mouth. One thing I regret was that I didn't make her come a fourth time, that and not topping her. What a wonderful experience. Lucy is a class act all the way, but naughty as well. She is generous with her time and with her body. At one point I exclaimed, quite sincerely, "Lucy, you're a woman, a beautiful woman". And its true. My wife and I will definitely connect with Lucy again. She dropped us a lovely note the next morning, saying how she thought we were the best sexually matched couple she's met. In fact we want to experience two beautiful women like this. Plans are in the works!

Thanks to TGirl Forums for the great resources and the great girls that participate. I am a bonafide convert to your unique beauty. Lucy, a huge heartfelt thanks to your generous spirit and playful and professional attitude, and of course, your beauty. I hope you enjoyed yourself in some small way, we sure had an awesome time. BTW, my baby let me top her in the ass last night, she told me to fantasize that it was you I was fucking. What a wife, what a girl, what a riot!

All our love.

by Hung8

I don't know where to start.

Lucy answered the door and WOW! stunning. She looks even better then the pics (i know everyone has said that but i know it for myself now). We spoke for a bit and Lucy was so sweet and welcoming. we took care of business and started kissing touching and taking our clothes off. It was all very natural.

I was just amazed at her body. Beautiful breasts and soft skin and she smelled just like a lady should. even her hair was perfect. Anyway we went over to the bed and i just had to go for those breasts first. after a while she told me to "suck her" which i found soo hot...i love it when the lady takes control.

Her cock tasted so good and i felt it get hard in my mouth. i asked her to cum in my mouth which she gladly accepted to do later. after a good suck and she was hard as a rock she told me to get on my belly and she proceeded to top me and lube me up.

I looked over at the mirror and was just amazed by her body again. She entered my ass and gave it to me slow and long for a while. she went on for a while and changing up the pace from hard to soft and deep.

All the while she was comming down and kissing me and talking dirty to me.

I came during that time as it was one of the most amazing feelings ever. I cleaned up and then I came back in the room and Lucy asked me to suck her again. I got so excited it wasn't over. She told me to deep throat her and i did then she asked me to get on the bed and go upside down while she fucked my mouth. I was in heaven. She came right in my mouth...believe me when i say was was actually sweet!...after that she could tell i could take more so she said get on my back and let me fuck you some more....WOW this girl is out of this world!.....she fucked me perfectly as i grabbed her tits and finally busted sooo hard all over myself.

She helped me clean up and offered me a shower which i gladly accepted....There has been soo many reviews of Lucy and they are all confirmed true for me after tonight....honestly i can say that there is no reason for me to see anyone else from now on....i think anyone else from here would be a dissapointment...and i have seen 4 other girls from shemalecanada and they were definitly the more "popular ones" i won't say names b.c its not necessary.

Without a doubt i will be calling you again LUCY that was the best experience in my life with a tgirl and worth every last penny.

You are truley AMAZING!

by FreedCouple

My wife's birthday was coming up. So I didnt know what to do for her. I thought of many gifts. But did not even think of trying something out of the ordinary. I decided to call Lucy and talk to her about my idea. Lucy had said that she would be interested in a threesome.

I had told my wife that we had plans the night of her birthday and that we would be going out. She smiled at me and said ok. She tried to get me to give her hints on what was up my sleeve. I did not give in, but I had told her that she would be blind folded all the way until a specific time. I had aksed if she was ok with that and she had said she would try her best.

The day of her birthday I had dressed, and aswell as her. When we got in the car, I told her I was going to blind fold her now, and that she must not take it off until I decide. Shortly after we had arrived at Lucy's place in Toronto. I rang the bell. Within a few minutes Lucy had opend the door, and she had a smile on her face, and did not say a word. We had this planned for a little bit. I took my wife to Lucy's couch and directed my wife to sit down and Lucy had handed me a glass of wine to gove to my wife. I told her to have a glass of wine, and wished her a happy birthday. I then stood up, and gave Lucy a kiss, and slowly rubbed her cock which was hidden behind a nice short skirt.

Lucy began to undress a few feet from my wife, as I sat back down to watch. Lucy was standing there a few seconds later, in a really hot looking garter and stockings outfit. I was getting hard. I took Lucy's hand, and pulled her closer to my wife where she was sitting. Lucy was standing before my wife with a semi erect cock, and my wife had no idea.

I kissed my wife, and slowly nibbled her ear. She began to moan. I slowly carressed my wifes tits, and I could feel her mouth open. As soon as her mouth opened, I slowly pulled Lucy in closer with my hand on Lucy's ass. And she proceeded to push the tip of her cock in my wifes mouth. I think my wife was starting to enjoy this. She opened her mouth a little wider, and Lucy went in a little deeper.

My cock was starting to get hard. I decided to stand before my wife and beside Lucy, and remove my clothes. Lucy, put her other hand around my waist, and pulled my beside her.

My wife didnt know that there was now two hard cocks in front of her waiting to cum. In her pussy, or where ever she wanted. I had asked my wife if I should remove the blindfold. She had said if I wanted to. I wasnt sure what to do. Lucy smiled and opened her mouth and said. " Happy Birthday " while removing the blindfold from my wifes eyes. My wife looked up, and noticed that my cock was not in her mouth, but Lucy was smiling at her. My wife didnt move. She continued to suck Lucy's swollen cock. I was getting hotter.

I asked my wife if she was ok. And all of a sudden she took my cock in her hand and started to stroke me. She then took Lucy deeper in her mouth. And then suddenly pulled Lucy's cock out and looked up at me and winked, and said " I love you " and took my cock in her mouth and none stop right to the base. Lucy looked at me and pulled me closer, and began to kiss me. She put her hand on my shoulder, and asked my wife if she wanted to see me suck her cock. My wife looked up at Lucy, and said. Not only I wanna see him suck it, but I would like us all, to get naughty". My wife looked at me, grabbed my hand and pulled me down, and told me to open my mouth, and she pulled Lucy closer to me, and took Lucy's cock, and guided it to my mouth. And looked back at Lucy, and said " I wanna watch you fuck his mouth " and then I want to feel your cock in my pussy, when hes got all his saliva on your cock. Lucy then took her hands, and put them on the back of my head and proceeded to pump away at my mouth. My wife took all her clothes off and started fingering her pussy while she watch a hard cock going down my throat. She got back on the couch on her knees, and looked back and told Lucy to put a condom on and fuck her cunt. Lucy pulled out and put the condom on her cock. And within seconds, Lucy had both her hands on my wifes waist fucking her wet pussy with her cock. I stood up behind Lucy, and slowly carressed her tits with my hands wrapped around her and my hard cock pressing against her ass.

I asked my wife if she wanted to feel Lucy's cock in her ass. She opened her mouth with a moan and said " I wanna feel you in my cunt too, while she is in my ass" I thought I was going to blow right there. I told her I am going to lay on the floor, and Lucy had withdrawn from my wife and guided her to where I was, and helped her get on my cock. My wife leaned in to kiss me passionately, and I looked at her, and asked if she was mad?

She said that she was not. But next time, we do this, its gonna be my way. I looked at her and said " Happy Birthday " and began kissing her again. Lucy squated behind my wife, and slowly pushed her cock in my wifes ass and pulled out, and then in as I was pulling out. We continued doing this for several minutes. My wife was getting into it, cause of the movement she was getting in to. I was nearing to cum. And I think Lucy was to. I asked wife if she wanted to swallow shemale cum, and my cum together? She said she wanted to be naughty. I looked at Lucy, and she looked back at me, and Lucy said, " why dont you both share my cum"? My wife had agreed to that. Lucy had then pulled her cock from my wife, and my wife got off my cock and got on her knees, while Lucy removed her condom and started stroking her cock inches from my wifes mouth. I got up and stood beside Lucy, and started to stroke my cock aswell.

My wife slapped my hand and told me not to cum. She said " I have an idea for you bad boy" I smiled, and I watched Lucy stroke her cock for my wife. Lucy moaned and all of a sudden my wife opened her mouth, and took her cock and jerked her cock hard, and Lucy was cumming directly down her throat. When Lucy had finished, my wife took Lucy in her mouth one more time and cleaned her cock. She looked up at Lucy, and told her to get a condom and said, " now my husband is going fuck your cock. She was hard again in no time. She put the condom on.

My wife told me to get on all fours. I did so. My wife positioned her well used pussy to my mouth and took her hands and putting them on the back of my head, and told me to eat her out. She looked at Lucy, and said " now you can have his ass, and when your ready to cum, pull the condom off and blow you load on my pussy, and my husband is going to clean me up" Lucy squated behind me and started filling my hole. Within a few minutes she pulled out and pulled the condom off, my wife pushed me aside and spread her box so wide, that Lucy was cumming all over her legs, and then directly in to her hole. Lucy finished cumming. My wife then pulled forcefully my head down to her pussy and told me to eat. I lapped up all Lucy's cum from my wifes pussy. My wife released my head, and I looked at her and she had said "I love you". I said " I love you, Happy Birthday".

Lucy got down on the floor, and looked at my wife, and gave her a kiss, and said " Happy Birthday, hope you had a good time"? My wife looked at me, and said " yes I had a good time, I wish my husband would have done this sooner" I was surprised she said that. Lucy had then offered her service if we wanted again. My wife smiled. We had gotten dressed, and finally had returned home to where my wife and I made love again. My wife told me, that she has something up her sleeve for my birthday.

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